Lighting Science 8pk LED Bulbs 40W Equivalent Soft

okay this is a product from lightning science it's an eight pack and these are LED bulbs that are the 40 watt equivalent these have a very special feature they are dimmable so if you have light bulbs in your house and you wanted to switch from the traditional incandescent bulb to the LED bulb and you're saying gosh but I've got this dimmer switch on you know that on my lamp or wherever you have these then these are dimmable now let me tell you one thing one light bulb this is how long it's going to last you 22.

8 years per bulb just this one bulb lasts you 22.

8 years do you know how much it costs a year to light this 84 cents so I'll tell you a little story about my house I have a big row of lights in my bathroom my vanity where I get ready so I blow drying heating up the room turn on those incandescent lights warm the rune up and I start sweating do any of you come out of the shower and you're going to put your makeup on and maybe you've got your own personal summer and you start sweating and then your lights and then the whole bathroom turns into a hot house so what I did is I took out all the incandescent bulbs and I replace them with LED bulbs now it's dimmable and I love that I love that warm color I love that but one of the things that is my favorite about it is that it doesn't heat it up whether you have it in the kitchen or the bedroom out you know you're not warming and it does they don't become like little fire you ever take try to take a light bulb out if you just shut it off and you burn your hand these will be cool to the touch 480 lumens and they are cool to the touch each bulb lasts 22.

8 years now in the past you may say well I don't want to switch over all my bulbs because the LED bulbs are so expensive not at the birthday price twenty dollars off so for forty dollars thirty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents free shipping you're getting one two three four we're doubling the offer five six seven eight so you're getting enough bulbs and it's like 2 4 6 8 10 20 40 it over a hundred and sixty years of light bulbs for your house for 3995 that's pretty good so if you change the light bulb and put this in you know the next time you're going to have to change it in 22.

8 years I can't tell you how many times I gone to the grocery store years ago all right I got to find a light bulb oh I forgot the light bulb okay it light bulbs out you know that's one of those things that you don't you know don't need to worry about really for years and years and years and years and years you can change out probably your whole house with just this offer because we're doubling it you're getting a four pack and another extra four pack this is the best deal anywhere and it's from a company called lighting science these are special bulbs because they're not only LED they are dimmable and be really careful if you want a dimmable bulb they're not all dimmable this one will last you 22.

8 years this one will last you 22.

8 years this one will last you 22.

8 years and each one of them only takes 84 cents to light it for the entire year based on usage of about three hours a day it's really an exciting offer and I really hope that everyone changes over now unlike the old kind of incandescent light bulbs if you accidentally drop this one it's plastic so you don't have to worry about smashing the bulb like okay well there's money down the drains i accidentally know i'm changing a bulb accidentally dropped one these are plastic and 22.

8 years and one of the things you're going to notice is that they are less expensive to light they will not heat up your house so it I really had to I tell you I'm changing them over all throughout my house my favorite place that I've changed them over again is the bathroom where I get ready in the morning where the incandescent life light bulbs we're heating it up so much that when I put my makeup on I'd be like okay I've got to cool down I've got to cool down you know you got the blow dryer going the shower going it's already too hot and steamy in there you turn on all these light bulbs I like to have a lot of light so I can see what I'm doing I put my makeup on it just becomes wait hot now if you want to see a full presentation of these guys you got to turn in at ten a.


but i would get mine now under twenty dollars in free shipping and handling 160 years of life for your house I'd remember 498.

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