Lighting Science Durabulb 10pack 60W LED Bulbs Soft White

[Music] lowest price ever the best-selling LED bulb in America today is durable and the folks at Dora bulb have agreed to give us these 3 dollars and 49 cents each they even developed a new package just for our host pick because you're not getting 4 you're not getting 6 they are sending a 6 with for free so you get a whopping 10 pack for the same price that we would do a six pack guys a couple of quick things back in the holiday season of last year durable sold 13 million of their light bulbs in the biggest home store in America it is and was the best seller this is going to save you a fortune on electricity costs and this durable bulb is so darn clever that mr.

Peter Kilcullen can even play tennis with it that's true I mean this is a durable light bulb you lost your mind no because what's so great about this is that they're going to work they're going to work all the time so I was just hitting that with the tennis racket and I'm going to put it in here for you and you're going to see it's going to work and it's not going to work just now over nine years 9.

1 years for each one of these 10 bulbs with that LED technology that you're going to love and what's most important about this this whole set of 10 lights that we're giving you right now this is truly an investment and you have to look it that way because what's going to happen with these bulbs is that you're going to 10 bulbs they're going to last over nine years but most importantly when you look at that incandescent bulb they hit earlier so we have one right here yes these bulbs is 60 watt bulb it uses 60 watts when you turn it on you know it's funny about this bulb this bulb looks exactly like the bulb that we had when I was a child not sure it looks like the bulb when our parents were kids here right it's the same inefficient bulb that is costing you money so now you can switch that to our soft white LED bulb and you're going to be able to save as much as 80% when it comes to your energy bill because this bulb a 60 watt equivalent uses seven-and-a-half watts so a typical energy bill right here right $500 a year comes becomes $100 $400 in savings in a year and you got nine more years to go but psy is an investment Adam really is amazing they stopped making these so we have to do something we have to change something why do they stop making them exactly we want to stop making them but you got to change it to something else that's going to be better for you so you got to go led because obviously that is the way everybody's going the reason why I switched out to Dora bulb is because they made it easy and simple it's the right amount of light it's a beautiful warm color and it's 60 watts so I changed the entire house the savings per month Arps not only significant they are noticeable you save a fortune you don't touch them for nearly ten years and they are the most durable in America today with everyone on the phone line I have about 1600 left before they're gone we will always stock durable certainly for the next foreseeable future but we go back to the six or eight pack if you can order for my host pick we give you four extra at no charge if you break it down normally when we're on the air it's about $5 per LED bulb if you order our jumbo set tonight it's 3.

49 cents which has got to be one of the lowest prices in America remember there are many different brands Pete and this is something you and I touched on earlier with some of these led brands they've been around two minutes yeah and this is and you're thinking what what bulb am I going to get you've got some of these bulbs that if you break them I mean there's a lot of you know issues with this as is mercury in that Bowl you've got some of the others you thinking well which LED bulb do I want why do I want this why do they look like that durables been able to give you a bulb that looks just like your typical light bulb that's great but it's going to save you energy but I want you to understand if you start adding these to the house and you're not going to say oh I've got these weird LED bulbs take a look right here you're looking at these two lamps will bring the lights down right one has our typical incandescent bulb those energy inefficient bulbs yeah and one has our durable but one atom you might new couple no you can't exactly it's that same warm glow but so I'll take that off and you'll see this this is our dirt bulb and check that out you can touch that exactly 80 degrees now this bulb it's been on a while since you and I have been talking it's going to get up over 200 degrees and that's what's happening it is such an inefficient bulb most of that energy that you're using that's 60 much of it yep it's gone lost inefficient lost in just the heat of that alone but if you can have a bulb that's going to only use seven and a half Watts versus this sixty watt bulb but look at what you're getting you're getting the same light but you know if you go if even look a little closer look at look at the difference in the bulb you're getting a beautiful light with that LED it's tremendous what you get it truly is an investment you're making the investment right now if someone said there was an easier way to not only save energy but to save that money you would do it this one as simple as you know you could wait for those bulbs to burn out because that's happening all the time so for the kids and the pets they're knocking over lamps they're breaking bulbs that can be dangerous and also it's a hassle to replace those as well but here you're getting ten bulbs that right away immediately are going to look amazing just like your current light bulbs and they're going to save you energy I mean it's such an easy switch they're durable they save you energy they look great and they certainly look like your regular light bulbs but they are far better than that regular light bulb that's so it's just old the technology's old the energy efficiency is terrible this is the way to go hey you know me tonight because we have great things earlier today you see so many things for host pick that you're gonna want that you're going to like they're going to be really compelling the thing with this is we want it but we need it we've got to have it so we have to change out the incandescent that's not an option and these are no good to Pete's point they waste a lot of energy they're too expensive in the very fragile so we need to buy these it just so happens that you're buying them for the best price in our 40-year history in fact when we when we came in earlier today I was like wait wait wait where are the boxes because I was already in set I was going to pile up the boxes of the doora bulbs and say look he here are the regular ones and you get the extra two boxes free Dora bulb did the special packaging just for my host pick because they increased their from six to ten of the bulbs and the reason why I thought to do a ten pack would be good was because for a lot of us yes there's the nightstand lights but then there's the living room there's the kids room there's the guest room maybe there's the office maybe does all around the house or the spaces that you need to do careful there good job it's adorable those other spaces that you need to replace but the money is even irrelevant I mean 34 44 54 forget the price you save that in a heartbeat when you use these that you know this isn't gobbledygook Pete this isn't just hype the savings are real when you use LED exactly I mean we're you're telling everyone exactly right that these bulbs are going away for the very fact that they're just inefficient we're losing all that energy simply through the heat that they're giving off but now you can have this durable that immediately is going to save you energy and when I screw that in it's going to work you're going to be able to use this for example if you're using this in a work light it's terrific because it's durable think about your garage door opener if you're like me you're constantly saying why are those light bulbs out remember this all that heavy vibration as that garage door is opening and those bulbs they suffer so you're changing them all the time but now you're not going to have to so you're getting energy-efficient you're getting a bulb that you're not going to have to change we're over nine years do the math for me we won't have to change our lightbulbs till 2026 you'll be retired by them probably rocky 2026 I mean look at this bowl of a bowl this bowl of bulbs this is what you're doing you're changing them constantly these are lasting about a year or less each one of your dur bulbs is going to immediately start saving you energy it's can immediately mean you're not gonna have to change those bulbs they're going to stay lit all the time they're going to look great and for the time being they look just like your regular light bulbs but I know that once you start using the derma but you're gonna come back and say I've got to get the entire cells you've got to get rid of those incandescent bulbs with everyone on the phone is about 1200 left remember there's only 2, 000 last I looked we're at 500 I think over at 600 now so last call we're going to put our clock on the screen the other thing as well when I was looking and shopping for different LED bulbs excuse me you go to the home store and you go to the LED aisle and there's a lot of different ones out there the thing that convinced me on durable is that they sold more than anybody in in the fourth quarter of last year in the holiday season of all in the holiday weekends they sold 13 million of these light bulbs from the big home store this this brand it's a brand that actually helped pioneer a lot of the LED lighting technology so there's a lot of substance and quality that goes behind it a lot of companies now are just you know bringing to market these LED bulbs and they make these big claims of how long it's going to last and a lot of people are being let down so even if you don't buy these that this you know buy six get four free offer tonight do remember the name durable so when you do buy an LED bulb search outdoor bulb because the reviews on adorabl are better than any other brand that we've done on the network and obviously price wise they are a little bit more except for tonight because they're not six dollars per pack or it well per bulb this is three dollars and forty nine cents which is a record low peak we've never been that low it's amazing and I love that you said you used to go out and try to find those LEDs maybe you're interested in those energy savings you're saying well which one do I get how do I know what I'm getting here you know sometimes technology is just something this simple they've put that LED technology into this bulb that looks exactly like your regular bulbs even in the way the light looks that you're getting that soft white but you're getting amazing performance bulbs that are going to last longer use less energy but still give you that beautiful look that you're used to you don't have to suddenly switch the whole house out to a light bulb that just that doesn't fit you anymore it doesn't it's not something that your eyes are used to that you're comfortable having in your bedroom at your bedside table but now you do you have that 60 watt soft white bulb but this is LED this isn't 60 watts of energy it's seven and a half watts it's going to last over nine years so the very first thing I said that this really look at this as an investment and it truly is it's going to save you 80 percent on your energy bill compared to those incandescent bulbs and you're going to love it you're going to love the look and you can just getting away from just even that heat that those light bulbs give off I mean this really is the future of your lighting and it looks exactly the same where you're used to but it costs less there's no nerves about it because it is the exact same true there's no difference it costs less there's no heat they're more durable is brilliant nine hundred now remain with all the calls being processed no sorry eight hundred I've been told by our producer Allison folks we are five minutes away from our grand finale item the amazing brenda dygraf is live in the studio for a big launch for us here on HSN it's from perfect pressure mattresses their brand-new topper for just over a hundred dollars we will make sure you have the best nights Thank You Pete the best night sleep possible more elimination best night's sleep possible so get excited about that and no one else in the world has the pricing that we do on perfect pressure that's on the way after this is all done and dusted peed in terms of these in terms of the quality it's a 60 what not a 40 what we always get those questions it is 61 equivalent right so recalling it is 60 why because I looks exactly like yours but the real fact is that this is using seven and a half watts I can touch this bulb I could put this bulb in those places where I'm using is where I'm gonna hang this under the hood to work on the car I'm gonna put it on those the garage door openers but I'm also going to be feeling really great about using this bulb on the bedside table using this in a kitchen and a living room in the family room in the kids rooms it's that soft white that we love but finally it's technology I mean this bulb has been around as long as mayor a long time you can now have new technology but it really is comfortable it's as you said you feel good about this because it's exactly what you used to but you're going to start the savings immediately so remember a typical energy bill for a year with these type of light bulbs can be about five hundred dollars with the dura bulb it'll be $100 so think about that not for one year though I for nine years each bulb will last nine years you are going to love the savings you're going to love the light and you're gonna love the durability these bulbs honestly amazing just to reiterate for dramatic effect what people said because this is really real a five hundred dollar bill to try and give you some idea a five hundred dollar bill would become a one hundred dollar bill genuine gimmick free genuine savings so even the full price these are worth every single penny I mean we should fall head-over-heels to get something like this because the savings are there and it's not just today and tomorrow and this month or next month it's year after year after year no more changing them no more worrying about how much we spent on electricity did we leave the light on I mean obviously it's always great to conserve energy and turn the lights off when you're not in the room but folks you're never ever worried about how much that bills going to be folks up and down the country who check out LED and try them they say the same thing I'd never use anything else this is the last chance I'm going to get to say it so folks I do want to thank the folks adorable for doing it we are now over 60% sold out with everybody on the phone line it is a sorry 70% sold out with everybody on the phone line final two minutes we took away the boxes the game is a bucket of bulbs because it's basically like by six and getting for free it's a 10 pack it really isn't and if you're like a lot of people out there you have all these think investing bulbs burning right now so how long are you going to wait burning these inefficient bulbs until really let's say it adds up to 30 4.

95 it won't be long burning these bulbs so here you go go with this same light that you're used to the same light that you love seven and a half watts per bulb so that's 80% less energy and 80% less on your your energy bill which i think is terrific so it's time to just unload these stop changing them stop watching them break oh and here's the thing we all do it's not work I don't know you put it in a doesn't work to work and you're looking for the other one is this one good after time they break while they're sitting on the shelf and the pantry that happens to me but not anymore this durable will amaze you it'll amaze you amaze you how much it looks just like the bowl of you're used to but then thinking about those energy savings is really great number one bulb price ever best value ever and only smiles ahead how's it amazing because you are going to save a fortune maybe we should end the way we started with you playing tennis P why not because I have to tell you this I was I was playing around backstage and I hit it with the racquet and went flying on the floor bounce all around and I popped it in there and it worked so I will tell you that it was unintentional but it worked just fine they really are durable so pets and kids and husbands never play tennis with a regular bulb just as we say goodbye we just had a request so we will do it one last real fast folks there's only about 400 now left that when we lower the lights down right just so you can see it is a beautiful soft white light which is the most popular choice in a matter of days let's see so you can see it uncovered remember there's our bulb that's the LED bulb gets to about 80 degrees here this is going to be real hot now gets over 200 degrees so you're not giving up anything but that wasted heat and energy and look at that they look almost identical they look fantastic when covered by the lampshades you are going to love this light because you're comfortable with it it's what you're used to give up all that excess energy save the money mr.

Pico thanks it's been really fun and humor a host pick are you back later I am not oh I feel very I only do your show that's all the right things I'll bring you back next time I promise stay they stay on the phone line for yours do you see a.

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