Lighting Science Durabulb 10pack 60W LED Bulbs Soft White

all right well I'm very excited because and I said it just a moment ago imagine if we could save you hundreds of dollars on your electric bill and you're like wha and it's as simple as changing your light bulb out oh I did drop it and it didn't break which is pretty cool I don't how are you so you're playing a little tennis with the light bulb you drop the balls and play tennis with the balls this is true the world's most durable I chairs you ever picked up a light bulb and did that little shake test and you hear something going on well it doesn't work it's bust to this we're dropping in we're hitting with the tennis racket and as Susan insert it into another light it works every single time because it truly is the world's most durable light bulb so we were just playing around this one it works perfectly the reason why is that this was invented by lighting science really tire company has been around for over thirty years they wanted to create a light bulb that is gonna be super durable for you so what we have I have these bulbs I can't believe we gave you so many bulbs we actually give you a bucket of bulbs today ten bulbs that you're getting but most light bulbs that last about a year this is not on the incandescent technology this is LED this lasts over nine years so you're not gonna have to change these light bulbs until the year 2026 plus we're gonna be saving you a tremendous amount of money because when you're paying that electric bill you're paying per watt and the government says we have to stop manufacturing these and these 260 watts of power because you're not paying for light bulb you're paying per watt so then they came out these little curlicue guys have you ever seen these he's taking about three minutes to fully illuminate and if you break it has mercury on the inside you're supposed to get a hazardous kick so then they came out all these crazy looking LEDs you're like why does this one have a yellow dome why is that one vented do you want this sticking out on your ceiling fan it's an ugly light bulb so then lighting science came out with a light bulb that looks like a light bulb it's gonna work with every single existing fixture you have it's gonna work with all the lamps all the ceiling fans all your different light bulb connections you have but this one uses 60 watts of power your lighting science only uses 7.

5 watts of power more than 80% less energy so what does that mean for you well the average home in America has 40 lightbulbs in it and when you look at the electro bill over the course of a year it's just around $500 to illuminate your house well that's using the old 60 watt bulbs when you switch over to lighting science that $500 year bill now goes down to $100 $400 worth of savings this is an investment truly in your future but when you're looking the price per bulb this is less than $4 a bulb you can go to the big-box stores and see light bulbs that are 10 15 $20 you have no idea what color you're getting what shade you're getting what type of energy it is we teamed up with lighting science to truly give you one of the most popular bulbs in America because in one day last year one of the big hardware stores they sold 30 million of these light bulbs at a higher price HSN now has the best price because they're truly going to give you a bucket of light bulbs they're gonna save you a tremendous amount of money now you're probably thinking okay I want to save money I need to have light we all do but Desa looks just like my original light well absolutely this is gonna work with every shade that you have this isn't work every lamp every garage door doesn't matter what happens to be and when you look at these two lamps you can't tell which one is which until you actually take the lamp shades off and realize that this is that light that's almost 200 degrees it's that old incandescent my daughter actually has one of those Easy Bake Ovens where she makes brownies off of the heat just off of that I can't even touch how it this is your lighting science light bulb that's cool to the touch that is truly room temperature you can't tell which one is the difference now while I'll also notice when you put the shade back on the lighting science gives you full lumination where a traditional incandescent just kind of a lights up right in the middle so not always gonna give you a better light it's gonna save you a tremendous amount of money and you don't have to go up and down that ladder for the next nine years think about it the year 2026 is the next time you're gonna have to change your light bulbs so for the next time years it's 9 less trips you have to go back and forth to the hardware store 9 less times you have to ask your grandkids to come help you out 9 less times you have to go up and down that lie it is going to save you a tremendous amount and I know you're probably thinking well I can still buy those incandescent and they cost right around $1 a bulb but you're right they still do and this is going to cost you $4 a bulb but the energy cost is great but it's also this bucket above this Sun Bowl of bulbs I have this you have to have nine bulbs to replace your one incandescent that's nine dollars worth of energy wasting bulbs can't impair dr1 lighting science bulb you can replace this every year you're gonna replace this in 2026 it's incredible all the technology goes into a light bulb you every one of those Bob's way up high and you're like we have not fixed that bulb in 20 years because no one wants to pull up a ladder and credit high to change it out just get these do it once and then sit back and go huh I'm so happy that light works again also to Joe you have two different color choices that I love this we have the cool color and we have the soft white and that's important too I'm I love soft white where people go crazy over the cool colors right and then the great thing is a soft white is that natural color to see out of the incandescent so if you're a big fan of that he had that traditional the traditional month the my wife she loves the cool white when she's putting her makeup on because it mimics the Sun it's just as vote just as vibrant just as clear as the sunlight so if you're putting your makeup on you do and your your needlepoint doing your scrapbooking everything he becomes more true to light because it is that true white that you have available but the reason why you're gonna pick this one up and why do I have a tennis racket is because this really is the world's most durable light bulb they made the shell out of plastic that's actually has a little bit of flex to it so if you want to end up hitting it with the tennis racket I have these sitting in my garage door because every time you open up the garage door it does that shaky shaky shaky and then it breaks the little tungsten that's on the inside I also put these in my kids rooms because they're always knocking over their lamps and the play rooms and even if I have on one lamp that sits in my living room my cats always knocking it over I don't have to worry about it breaking anymore because that lightbulb is so durable I was just hitting this with a tennis racket 30 seconds ago and it works every single time and yeah we all need light bulbs you know it's not like you go I don't any light bulbs we all need more if you've got the old ones and you'll love the fact I love using the LED technology especially in the soft white because it's so much cooler like physically you ever work in an where you've got some lamps on and all of a sudden you're like gosh it's so hot in here with those glam bulbs the traditional ones they generate a ton of heat and so you know you know you put your hand over any long jeez that's so hot oh my gosh well that's gonna be eliminated as well and you know what you actually don't have to run your air conditioning so high because all of that heat is not being generated any more from the light bulbs now the other big deal and I think this is a really cool thing there is a very famous hardware store that had these in their store and you could go in and literally one day everybody lost their mind but literally millions of them it was crazy right eight dollars a piece let that sink in for just a moment eight dollars a piece you are getting 10 of these and they're 39.

95 so clearly we have the best value that would be obviously $80 a bowl or $80 totally match savings that's a great thing about shopping here at HSN it's true our best-selling bulb a year we wanted to come out with something special and even if you go back to the hardware store because you know this little guy you shake it it's broken like I need to go get one of these well getting a 60 watt bulb there's no longer just going down in the store and get 60 watts it's now you have all these different ones to choose from I've got three LED light bulbs on here that are all energy savings but could you tell which ones the $4 one can you tell which one is the 22 dollar one and which one's the fifteen dollar one it's impossible it is so confusing when you go to the store that's why we're getting rid of all the confusion we're getting rid of the ones that you don't necessarily need the ones that's 22 dollars why do you need to pay for that and we giving you a light bulb that's just four dollars and when you see the comparison you're like what does it perform just as good as the 22 dollar one it performs even better because the 2082 dollar one has a glass ring around it that's going to break this is all super durable so if you drop it no problems whatsoever but when you see the two that are side by side you can't tell the difference because one is incandescent and when it's LED and I love what's I can tell actually I put my hand down now Suzy I made a great point because this I can't even touch it because it's actually dangerous it's almost 200 degrees and what she mentioned was it was great because a lot of us cook in the kitchen where we have like four or five lights in your house well if each one's 200 degrees that's a thousand degrees that you're adding to your house this I can grab with it because it's room temperature the way they've created this vent it doesn't get any cool or any hotter than your actual room itself so if your room 72 degrees this is gonna be 72 degrees it's really cool that's amazing actually and the thing is when you put the shades over it actually gives you a little bit full a little bit more full illumination it goes full shade darker and then it gets lighter in the center and darker down on the bottom exactly it's that lighting science technology it gives you a full shade I'm sorry okay you're something else that I love about these okay they're equivalent of 60 watts how many of us have this you have one lamp it only takes a 25 watt bulb and I remember has the brightness of 60 watch it was a really nice bright ball and you're like but not all my lamps are 60 watt lamps it does not matter these work on any any lamp that has the standard bottom to it so if it has this regular standard you know screw in bottom these will work in it so if you have a 25 watt basically you don't have to have a cabinet full of 25 watts and 40 watts and 60 watts you know what I mean it literally works on all of them so you just buy one 10 pack and go to all the lamps that you have that have the standard kind of bulb size screw it in and you're good to go but it gives you the brightness of 60 watts now why is that cool I have some decorative lighting and it's 25 watt and a 25 watt light bulb just goes like this I want brighter light in most of my house so now you just put that same one and put this one in that 25 water and all of a sudden you're gonna get 60 watts out of that really small pretty decorative lamp you have that's doing nothing except glowing just a little bit is a great example to I mean we have lighting all over our homes a lot of us do whether it's beside the tables beside on the nightstands whether it's in the kitchen in these cans and the ceiling you know so many lights that are all over the place and you want to have a light bulb look like a science project it looks like a light bulb and it gives you that same light that we've loved for the last hundred years but that hundred-year-old technology the government says we have to stop making those bulbs because they're using 60 watts of power well this only uses 7.

5 watts and you can see there it illuminates the exact same way that's 80% less energy that is a huge difference when you're only paying six and a half there's seven half watts for sixty watt equivalent because when you get those electric bills you're paying per watt you're not paying per lightbulb per watt and when you're paying 60 watts versus 75 it's a huge savings and this is something like a lot of times you'll add technology to your house and then it takes a while to really see the savings this you will instantly see the savings because you're instantly using 80 percent less energy and I love like my dad I gave him some LED lights and I said dad leave the lights on as much as you want because my dad's when those people where did you leave the room did you turn the light off because it's using a lot of money this your energy bills will go lower because you're only using a fraction of the cost and I'll say this what I do now once you switch to these you leave all the lights on like I like having my house lit I don't like coming home to a dark house and having to worry and I like certain lights to be on all night long I factor on 24/7 simply because when I come home late at night again I don't I wanted to look like someone's at home as well when you leave these on all the time like I had this one buffet and I have two decorative lights I just let them burn all the time because you know what it uses it just barely sips any power so my dad guilt on this shoulder goes soozee soozee you should turn the lights off and my thing goes no I don't really have to dad my dad's past I could hear him I hear them in my past and I'm like no actually you don't have to go through and make sure all the lights are turned off and it's always more welcoming to come into a home that's beautifully lit and now you won't care that to me it's a really great feeling it's like yeah that's like burning all night all day I don't care I just love it I don't want to go around turn lights on at night and turn them off in the morning doesn't matter anymore because it just sits so little energy it's so much more energy efficient even if you turn the lights on all right all you're choosing tonight and this is kind of a big deal in this airing alone we've now sold well over almost like say five six hundred you have your choice of the cool or the soft the softs the more traditional look the cool is that brighter well not really brighter and wattage but it's just a cleaner whiter light right pure well now the thing is is we only have at this point about 1900 left and usually the cool sells out quickest and first so if you want the set of 10 cool you definitely want to order it now we used to have a few more left in the soft white later but again they're super limited going into this also if you don't mind some read this real quick while you're bouncing you're like oh I want to read some reviews because they're excellent I think sometimes you do you're watching you go yeah right he's got a tennis racket are you kidding me but I love the Steve in Florida said this is a great light bulb it gives off plenty of light and the ball never gets hot through a great invention this is HSN girl in Kentucky I've only had them a week but they do not give and they give off good light and don't get hot everyone's talking about how they don't heat up which is really cool and the reviews go on and on it's a customer pick so tonight we've got 4 flex and by the way 4 flex all month on everything so it's a perfect time to get these free shipping and a great return policy so if you don't love them you can always send them back Joe explain a little bit more about the technology if you will the technology is incredible this is brought to you by lighting science a brand that's been around for over 30 years making LED light bulbs but the great thing about it is they're designed a light bulb that's truly the world's most durable bulb as I'm hitting it right now with a tennis racket I can go ahead and put it in my light and the great thing is it works every single time do you ever get that light where you're just shaking it you're like well that one's broken it's not gonna work anymore as soon as I put this in a lamp fixture I don't know changes for the next nine years now why is this gonna be a big deal for you not only do you have to not go up and down that ladder 9 times it's 9 less trips till you have to go to the hardware store 9 less times you have to see which bulb do I really need because the government says we have to stop making these bulbs because they use 60 watts of power so then they came out these bulbs now they take about 30 on take about 3 minutes to fully illuminate and has mercury on the inside so then all these other companies start coming out these other LEDs but this is a $22 LED this one is a fifteen dollar LED so we teamed up with lighting science to create a light bulb that looks like a light bulb that's going to use 80% less energy that's over four hundred dollars worth the savings and you will see that instantly when you switch over to your brand-new lighting science lightbulbs oh thanks.

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