Lighting Science Durabulb 20pk 60W LED Bulbs Soft White

fifteen years have been used by professionals you're gonna love the Regency gold now it's all about lighting isn't it in your home whether the bulbs are too bright to light you want the perfect ambiance light in your home how many of us we go to the store and we hear all the rage about all these LED bulbs and if you worry about them shattering you worry about them breaking you really want to break the cycle of buying bulbs well we now have an incredible offer what if I were to tell you for nine years you'd never have to buy bulbs again would you be in for 39.

95 what if I told you this has a three year warranty you would be like what and then what if I told you you would never have to worry about them breaking again you'd be like huh four 39.

95 you are getting our largest configuration a 20-pack that is going to last you nine years and check out what Joe Harrison our very special guest is doing over here are we playing racquetball tennis we're right with a light bulb my friend well this is the world's most durable light bulb so whether how many times do we take that little test you hit the light bulb you drop it you do the shake test and then you hear that it's broken okay yes even though I'm hitting it with a tennis racket I can still plug it directly in here and then it's going to work every single I no tricks no tricks whatsoever and the thing about it it's not just gonna work for the next year like Robin mentioned the next 9.

1 years you don't have changed his bulb into the year 2026 but the most important thing about this offer is that Robin last time when we first launched these here at HSN it was less than a year ago they were eight dollars a bulb and we're now down to two dollars a bulb from a company who's creating the world's most durable light bulb a company it's been around for over 30 years has over 30 patents on the LED technology really saving you a tremendous amount of money as well so not only is it a lower cost per bulb it also uses less energy does that every single time you turn on one of these this uses 60 watts worth of power your electric bill you're paying per watt when you switch over to lighting signs this only uses 7.

5 watts of power so the average home has about 40 lights in it that's a lot of electricity that you're using flights upstairs Downstairs the garage and the basement all over the place but everyone knows light it's using sixty watts of power when you switch over to your lighting science lightbulbs today it only uses 7.

5 watts of power so traditionally you can spend about five hundred dollars a year on your annual lighting bill to house 40 of these lights Robin when you switch over to this it's now a hundred dollars a year for five hundred dollars a year or a hundred dollars a year in your electric bill four hundred dollars of savings you're gonna have for the next nine years that's thirty six hundred dollars you're gonna say just by switching over your light bulb oh my I'm sorry but we have to share with you how to order because if you do not true you have to choose basically so I just want you to know we have two choices the cool white or the soft white and Joe will you walk us through because I want to make sure everybody gets their ordering sure these are always really what we have on display here this is the one that is um it's very similar to your incandescent bulbs okay so if you like the soft white that we have this is the ideal one for you that's your can incandescent the day light mimics the Sun so we actually have both of these in our house my wife uses the day light when she's putting her makeup on right because it now looks just as bright as if it was outside and then they have a soft white which is your traditional what you've loved on out of your incandescent now when you see the two lamps that are right next to one another you can't tell which one is your LED and which one is your incandescent until you actually take the shade off the one that is 200 degrees I can't even tell you so hot it is so hot my daughter actually has a little oven that she makes brownies out of the heat that comes off of this this is the one from lighting science it is cool to the touch it's room temperature and it gives off the exact same light so Robin it doesn't matter if you're putting in your side lamps your overhead lamps also notice that with your traditional incandescent it kind of has a ring of where the light comes through where with a lighting science lightbulb it fills up the entire shade so you can instantly switch out your bulbs and save a tremendous amount of money I mean this is just a better smarter bulb so to say the fact that they are shatter resistant I mean you're never gonna have to about them breaking we also have that 9.

1 years of lifespan and then when you see I mean this to me is incredible but you know I mean think about if you did this with a regular light bulb shatter and break in a second and we have the world's most durable I feel it truly is the world's most durable light bulb they actually designed it to look just like just like a light bulb would so it's a lot of times you see LEDs that look like science projects when you replace these throughout your house you don't have worry about you could use an LED or an incandescent it gives out that exact same light but because it's so durable you want to put these in places especially like in my house in the garage that light every time you open up the garage door that shakes the light that breaks the filament you're replacing the light I also have these in my kids room because my kids are always knocking over their lamps and for some reason my cat loves we have like a floor lamp I can't attacks the lamp and knocks over the shade and it breaks the lamp it doesn't break the bulb it's incredible now the reason why we had to come out with newer technologies that these incandescent have been around for about a hundred years and they put off 90% of their energy is gone office he is so hot so then people started coming out these curlicue guys but this takes about three minutes to fully illuminate a lot of times you'll turn the light on in the room then you walk out of the room and the light still not even cool it drove me nuts my husband was starting to replace windows and I said can you please stop they're driving me nuts for the light to come back to the fool that's like a slow wait on that light bulb and then I went to the store and I picked up some some other light bulbs this one couldn't even tell what color that is like why does it have a yellow ring why is this one vented this one cost twenty-five dollars this one cost $17 so you don't want these science projects so we teamed up with lighting science to create a light bulb that looks just like a light bulb that's gonna work identically but instead of being eight dollars a bulb it's now down to two dollars the lowest price we've ever had and we're giving you not just like a 4-pack we're giving you a bucket of light bulbs so Robin all you need there are two of these if you won't have to change your lights again for the next nine years I mean look at all these it is a bucket of bulbs and if you want to be able to save money you want an economical way that you are going to have a bulb that lasts 10 times longer than incandescent these are also dimmable they are instant-on you do not have to wait for that lag time for that led to get to the right light one thing we do want to remind you cool white or soft white I'll double check first with rocky to see because I think one of the two because I think one of them the soft white is the more limited I know our team is working on getting more back in stock because we can't keep these in stock but if you would like even on hsn.

com I dare you to compare because on hsn.

com there is a 12-pack of dimmable 60 watt LED light bulbs a 12-pack gets how much Joe how much $90 oh my god women long and this is a 20-pack not a 12-pounder this is 39.

95 right and notice that these are the two lights are identical one is your incandescent one is your LED light you're not going to be able to tell which one but look at the shade would you rather have like that small ring of light or you want to have a light that fills up the entire shade when you actually reveal you can see this is the one that's 200 degrees that's your lighting science lady light bulb that is room temperature a lot of us will turn five or six lights on and then wondering why it's is so hot it's because these lights are putting off around 200 degrees but also look at the shade it fills up your lighting science LED fills up the entire shade your incandescent barely puts a ring around it and when you place replace that bulb you don't replace it again for another 9.

1 years because yes you can buy a traditional incandescent they still exist they're about a dollar a bulb but this is going to last you nine point one years that's ten dollars of light bulbs just the hardware that you don't have to replace anymore what's ten times you don't go back and forth to the store anymore right but Joe also we're forgetting one thing is the fact of even if you were gonna go for the dollar light bulb how many times have you dropped the light bulb exam chattered dear Lord you're like so terrified someone's gonna step on that little shard of glass and cut your toe or your puppy dog or your kids I mean it's hard to clean up a light bulb when it shatters and then you've got all that mercury in the stuff that's the incandescent that's dangerous that Lord forbid we don't want that this is the smarter more effective more cost-effective way that you are going to light and illuminate your home they are durable they're probably the world's most durable light bulb I mean Joe is we could play tennis back and forth with and and to me Joe I've never heard of a light bulb having warranty I mean three-year warranty 9.

1 year lifespan to each ball but you can't ruined it you can't really they can't bang it it still works every time we were hitting with a tennis racket you can put these in every room in your house and you've got it but the thing I love about this is that when you put that light bulb in there you just have to change it once because a lot of us go to the store and you're like why is there all this confusion am I really saving a lot of money this bucket of lights that you have incandescent you'd have to buy every one of these to run the lifespan of just one LED light bulb today so not only that's saving you 19 down the ladder 9 times you have to ask green kids to come help you out nine times you'd have to go back and forth to the hardware store and you're getting a light bulb from the company who's been around over 30 years and it's not like a lot of times you've done a story like why is this one weirdly shaped why is this $25 and this one's only two dollars there are a lot of companies that's selling a very expensive technology and they're not making it affordable for you lighting science is last year alone this was the top-selling light bulb of last holiday they sold over 30 million of these in November December last year and every one of them it's $8 a bulb even today you'll find other stores that have these for $5 a bulb HSN has the best fiesty in the country at $2 a bolt so as I said dare you to compare I mean $8 a bulb or $2 a bulb $2 a bulb and you're getting a bucket full of balls you can shake it at nauseam and probably drive everyone at home nuts cuz they're like yeah that's loud but these are not shattering they are not breaking you do not have to baby them you don't have to change them I love what Joe just said to me really made the light bulb go home because Joe when you said you don't have to get up on the ladder anymore to change light bulbs I was like gosh he's really right I watched my husband get up on that ladder and I hold the bottom because we have this plant shell that we've got these lighting the lighting fixture on and he gets up there and they're always popping because they're the old incandescent we've been slowly trying to replace all of those incandescent to the LED but let's be honest they're expensive who wants to pay eight dollars a bulb if you paid $8.

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