Lighting Science Good Night Light 2pack of LED Bulbs

and it's here for you today the Joe's gonna talk you through the technology and the science and understand what's going on but I'm just gonna preface it by saying this do you ever close your eyes to go to sleep at night and you feel like the the tablet screen is still light and bright in your eyes your cell phone your smartphone screen is still like illuminating even though the rooms gone dark do you feel like the lights in your room the TV in your room like all of it is keeping your brain going because of those bright bright bright blue tone lights that we all have well lighting science created something that actually combats that that actually is going to help you to fall asleep easier and stay asleep because of what they put in here now Jose can explain it to you but this is a brand new offer you get this great 2-pack because we basically built this for your bedside lamps your men's side tables to have in your bedroom and we are doing a sale price there are 600 of these available to go around if you've read all the research about not looking at your smartphone before you go to sleep if you do it anyway you read on your tablet instead of reading a book you watch TV in bed you're having trouble going to sleep and you feel like the light's still in your brain right this is a new innovation to help combat that and this was actually developed in with technology from NASA NASA and lighting science got together said we need a better light bulb because they wanted to use this type of technology in the space station and every single light whether it's from your tablet whether it's from your existing incandescent your televisions even the Sun all that light shines out what they call blue light what does blue light do for you what blue light gets rid of the melatonin that your body naturally produces that's why when you're looking at tablets and TVs and the lights right before you go to bed that melatonin at your body created to help you fall asleep it's now been destroyed because of the blue light that's in there so gun lighting science came out with the goodnight light put this in any part of your house where you're gonna be for the last two hours whether that's right up next to leat a read reading lamp that's on the couch or whether it's in your bedroom or even in the bathrooms and this will now has no blue light whatsoever it's not going to destroy that melatonin that you have so it's gonna give you a better night's sleep now it does have the extra benefits of LED meaning that this isn't going to last a year this is going to last the next 22.

8 years and this also is a 60 watt equivalent so it's going to work perfectly and replace all those existing lights that you have in your house and when we see the two lamps that I have side-by-side it does have a pink hue on the outer shell but when you turn it on you don't even see the difference you're not gonna be able to tell which one's incandescent and which one is the LED light because it has that new technology this is an amazing innovation and a really smart breakthrough in a world where we all have those blue lights we all have those LEDs we all those big screens close up or far away that we look at at night so today we did this great 2-pack offer and we put it on sale to introduce this concept to every single one of you out there you need bedside lamp table bedside lamp bulbs anyway why not replace them with something that's gonna do some good for your brain and for your body as you get ready to go to sleep the other place to think about these is for those of you that have to do the midnight potty breaks and you find those lights make it hard for you to fall back asleep for those of you that get up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom and you get back in bed and you find you cannot fall back asleep I mean there is scientific research behind what the lights do to your brain so you could replace the lights in your bathroom but these they'll still be bright enough for you to put your makeup on in the morning for you to do everything you need to do during the day they just have a new hue built into them that combats that blue light so that you can go in the middle of the night and not feel like it's making you lose an hour to a sleep you're exactly right you want to put these you can truly put them throughout your whole house if you want to what we've done in our household is I have my wife and I each have one in our nightstand we have one in our bathroom just like Brett mention because when you turn that light on and mill the night's so bright and blinding it just wakes you up but my kids also have it in their rooms so when they're getting ready to go to bed that traditional light that you have it just emits blue light which gets rid of that melatonin it's in your body this truly gives you a better night's sleep and for so many of us we would just love to have that opportunity and there are a lot of different devices that are out there to try to give you a better night's sleep this is scientifically proven to be able to give you that better night's sleep because there's no blue light in whatsoever and whether right now you're using a traditional incandescent where we have these little curlicue guys or we have other LED lights that are out there every single type of light even the Sun has blue light in it because when you look at the stream of light it's really broken down of three different colors red green and blue but this they've taken out all the blue in the blue light is what destroys that melatonin that's why so many of us wake up and stay awake even when we're know we're tired and trying to go to bed is because the melatonin is out of your body because that blue light has taken it away so will it even like combat like if I'm somebody that is a ereader I get a tablet screen if that light is on in it it'll still help combat that right it'll still put me in a better mode for sleep time it still helps combat all that you know it doesn't matter where you are in the house because even if you a lot of us watching TV and you have a lamp on well go ahead and replace that lamp with these lights or if you're getting ready you're reading a book in bed at night turn on your good night light and that's gonna work for you too and then there's an we never had it here this the first time we've had it here at HSN and lighting science is a company it's been around for over 25 years they have over 350 patents on LED technology and this technology was developed with NASA to help their astronauts get a better night's sleep this technology is now going to be put up into the space station so they can have a better night's sleep and that's the thing about it is that we all want to have a better night's sleep and you're wondering I'm reading my phone I'm reading my tablet and watching TV why can't I fall asleep it's because the light that you've been using every day that light has that blue light in there and that blue light is what's keeping you awake there's no blue light in here whatsoever and if you're wondering okay it has a little pink hue is this gonna be red is it gonna be a warrant when you first get it right next to me I have two lamps one is an incandescent one is you're a good nightlight you can't tell which one is which is this the incandescent is that the incandescent there is your good nightlight right inside there there is your traditional incandescent it will work as a replacement for all your existing light but it also gives off the same amount of light so you won't even know which ones which when you get it at home it's kind of like when you find a really good fat free ice cream and you don't really taste the difference that's are like my goodness why would I ever have the fattening stuff ever again it's not like there's a tangible oh there's a soft pink light in the room you can't tell the difference it just eliminates one of the colors in the spectrum that has been scientifically proven to keep us awake and to drain our melody I mean that's why space stations are not buying these bulbs that's why NASA is approving these for use in outer space and today they're available for you here at HSN today they are on sale they are on special flex so if you are a tablet reader at night if you're a cell phone user if you're a TV watcher in bed I just love the idea for the bedside lamps and for the bathroom today they're available for you in a limited supply we only have about 500 of them to go around so shop for them while you can take them home and try them out at a great sale price but Joe you'll be back for another show at 8 o'clock tonight o'clock tonight yeah Emily tells me maybe you'll get a nap it could be that's the help make it happen okay we are gonna take a very very quick break coming up one of the.

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