Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jimmy Reveal the Text Convo that Led to "Two Goats in a Boat"

-Can I just talk aboutyour 2018? I want to talk aboutyour year so far.

First of all, you hada second baby boy, Francisco, who is so cute, and he's — He smells so good.

He's the best baby.

He's so cute.

You won a Grammy Award for BestSong Written for Visual Media for "How Far I'll Go"from "Moana.

" [ Cheers and applause ] Emmy nomination forBest Guest Actor in a Comedy, "Curb Your Enthusiasm.

" You have a "New York Times"best-selling book out called "Gmorning, Gnight!:Little Pep Talks for Me & You.

" You got a star onthe Hollywood Walk of Fame.

[ Cheers and applause ] And you receiveda Kennedy Center honor along with your teamfor "Hamilton.

" And now, most recently, you gota Golden Globe nomination for "Mary Poppins Returns.

" Oh, my God.


Come on! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! -Wait, wait.

You're forgetting the mostimportant thing I did this year.

-What?-"Two Goats on a Boat.

" -[ Laughs ] -With a Mr.

James Fallon.

-I was going to get to"Two Goats in a Boat.

" -That was the highlightof my year.

-Well, of course.

Of course.

Between all that stuff.

Dude, I was gonna get to"Two Goats in a Boat.

" Do you remember –Do you remember? We got together over the summerand made an Instagram video.

-Well, no, no.

Here's what happened.

I got — I was –I was on vacation.

I was near Jimmy, and I got a text that said, "Do you want to sing'Two Goats on a Boat?' I'll shave my faceto make a goatee.

" [ Light laughter ] And I thought it was like a songthat already existed.

And I said, "I don't knowwhat you're saying, but yes.

I will be there and –" -You did say — I actually havethe text that I sent you.

I took a screen grab.

I was gonna surprise you.

-Oh, good, good.

-And I said, "Maybe we shoulddouble kayak tomorrow for a fun Instagram.

I want to shave a goateeto be like you, and we'll sing'Two Goats in a Boat.

' And you said, "WTF is 'Two Goats in a Boat?' I mean, I'm in.

" That's actually what happened.

-I know.

-That is exactlywhat you just said.

-That's actuallyour relationship.

That's our relationship.

"We got to do holiday-themedcows.

" "Okay.

" -Why not?Just do it.

But then we got together.

We really packed upa car full of stuff.

-Our poor amazing wivesfilmed that.

-They were the directorsof the — of that video.

And they had to sit there and belike, "Are you guys kidding me?" I'm like, "Can we just do onetake — one more take, honey?" -Yeah, this one we're holdingHall and Oates.

-We had different thingsthat rhyme with "two goats in a boat.

" We actually have a clip here.

Here's a clipof "Two Goats in a Boat.

" -♪ Goat on a boat ♪ ♪ Going for a summer float ♪ ♪ I wish I had another goat ♪ ♪ Two goats in a boat ♪ -♪ Listening to Hall and Oates ♪ ♪ Two goats in a boat ♪ ♪ Wearing our winter coats ♪ ♪ Two goats in a boat ♪ -Freeze and hold it! [ Cheers and applause ] That was great choreography, though.

-Yes, that was amazing.

-And you remembertourists came over? 'Cause they were just seeingwhere we were.

-Yeah, there were tourists sortof pulling up to the bridge.

-Just to take a pictureof the water.

And they're like, "Wait, what? Is that Lin-Manuel Miranda?"-"And Jimmy Fallon?" -"Wearing winter coats?"Like, "What is going on?" -It was very strange.

Very strange day on Long Island.

-I just got to tell you.

I saw "Mary Poppins Returns.

" It comes out December 19th.

You were unbelievable in it.

I know I say you're unbelievablein everything, but, man, oh, man, that's a lot on your shoulders.

You open the movie.

You close the — I mean, a lot of big numbers.


-And you nail it.

You're fantastic in this movie.

I loved every single secondof you.

-I hope you go see it.

I hope you go see the movie.

-Oh, it's such a fun movie.

I brought the kids.

They loved it.

There's magical scenes.

I got to say, the one — I think we're gonna show a cliplater on, which is the cover — -"The Cover's Not the Book.


-"The Cover Is Not the Book.


-All these songs all have greatmessages to them, as well, but well-written.

Marc Shaiman?-Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman.

-Scott Wittman.

Oh, man!-Legends.

-They knocked it out of the parkwith this.

-Marc Shaiman used to writeBilly Crystal's — ♪ It's a wonderful nightfor Oscar, Oscar, Oscar ♪ Like, Marc Shaimanis such a legend.

-"Saturday Night Live.

"I love Marc Shaiman.


-Yeah, genius.

-Those guys, Scott — They got together, wrote unbelievable — 'Cause it's not a remake.

It is a sequelto "Mary Poppins.

" So, do you want to explainwho you are? -Sure.

I play Jack the lamp lighter.

I guess I was like Bert's internin the first movie.

I was his apprentice, and the movie takes place 25 years after the eventsof the original.

So, Michael and Jane Bankshave grown up.

They're played by Ben Whishawand Emily Mortimer.

My character's kind of beenin love with Jane Banks, like, all — all our lives.

And basically, my characterknows that Mary Poppins is magic and everyone else has forgotten.

And then Emily Blunt is, like, perfect in this movie.

I mean, it's such an insane cast.

-When she arrives on the scene, I don't want to ruin it, but you just get goose bumps, and you go, "This is gonna be so fun, "and it's magical.

Great work.

I want to show everyone a clip.

Here's Lin-Manuel Mirandaand Emily Blunt in "Mary Poppins Returns.

" Take a look at this.

-♪ Which proves the coveris not the book ♪ ♪ So open it upand take a look ♪ ♪ 'Cause under the coversone discovers ♪ ♪ That the king may be a crook ♪ -♪ Chapter titlesare like signs ♪ ♪ And if you readbetween the lines ♪ -♪ You'll find your firstimpression was mistook ♪ ♪ For a cover is nice, but a cover is not the book ♪ -Should we do the oneabout the wealthy widow? -Oh, by all means.

-Always loved that one.

-Well, go on, then.

-♪ Lady Hyacinth McCaw broughtall her treasures to a reef ♪ -♪ Where she only wore a smile ♪ -♪ Plus two feathersand a leaf ♪ -♪ So no one tried to rob her ♪ ♪ 'Cause she barelywore a stitch ♪ -♪ For when you're inyour birthday suit ♪ -♪ There ain't much thereto show you're rich ♪ -I mean –[ Cheers and applause ] I mean, honestly –I was gonna ask you, too — Even just riding a bikeand singing, try to do and thentry and do choreography while you're riding a bike.

'Cause you do the song, and thenyou're grabbing an apple.

You're throwing it.

You're grabbing a thing.

-That was the hardest bit, that whole section.

The dancing was fine.

Like, I have danced before.

I have never ridden a bikewith a Cockney accent down British cobblestones while stealing an appleto give to an orphan.

-That is acting for you, everybody.

That is performing.

That is entertaining.

-It was crazy.

-Do you know how hard that is?.

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