Living Glow Motion Sensor LED Bulbs 3pack

well I don't know let's say five dozen years it just makes me laugh what I said sixty-eight years you're gonna have to replace those light bulbs okay in 68 years with normal use but the difference in the living glow LED bulbs these are motion sensor so what you do is you put it inside or outside they are motion sensor that's what the other LED light bulbs that last for years and years and years and frankly it can be very expensive the others don't have the motion sensor technology you're gonna get your three bulbs for $19.

75 I gotta tell you this will save you so much money give you more light and motion sensor technology Julie truster is joining us and you and I were both just kind of love this product I'd love practical things yes it makes sense I'm all about motion sensor oh yes my dad has one I just came from my dad's house he has one outside so every time I would go to take the dog out BAM the light is pop matically automatically but his will probably need to be changed in maybe a year or something like this sixty-eight years I know it's that crazy crazy so here it is right here okay it's a motion sensor bulb you don't have to buy the light fixture it fits any standard light fixture right here and it is led right here so it's cool to the touch I'm gonna bang it on the table its shutter proof so if you would drop it they don't break right here but the big deal is that it uses motion sensor technology in fact it uses Doppler radar technology anytime there's motion in a 20 foot radius it automatically goes on it stays on for about 20 seconds and then it automatically goes off the best part about it you can use it inside the house or you can use it outside the house and it fits any standard light fixture right here so you don't have to buy the light fixture you don't have to buy anything it already fits into it it's smart technology right here so here's showing how to use it I think about those areas inside your house maybe the basement maybe a dark attic maybe a dark closet maybe the pantry right here those pulldown addicts watch this you pull it down the light automatically comes on a closet maybe even the bathroom if you get up at night and it only works in the dark which is great now because it's LED and because it has that motion sensor technology if you had it on for two hours a day which I think would be giving would be very generous it will last sixty eight years the cost of this it's so energy-efficient that it's gonna be about 87 cents a year to cost completely energy-efficient you're not wasting electricity so here we're showing you the two colors this is the bright white right here this is your traditional very crystal clear white it's a little bit hard to see on here and then over here here's the soft white so really it's a matter of personal preference you get a choice of either one but you're getting three bulbs so we're gonna show you how it works let me just give you a comparison though I think you're actually you're calling this day daylight okay so this is daylight so that's gonna be a real pure white light it's a more what a lot of people are putting in very contemporary homes now is that daylight okay if you want traditional light this is this is really gonna mimic the light that you probably had in your home for decades and decades and decades okay it's a little bit softer and frankly a little bit more of almost an amber tone to it so that's the difference you get all three $19.

75 this is an absolute must-have and especially when you consider inside outside motion sensor yeah LED technology about that safety and security outside okay what I'm doing is I'm putting it into a standard light fixture right here you just screw it and by the way it's a sixty equivalent to a sixty watt and then you want to turn up here I'm going to turn the light switch on right here so you want to keep your light switch on and that there we go I flipped out oh there we go so it automatically turns on when there's any motion in a 20-mile radius it kicks on it stays on for about 15 to 20 seconds but if there's motion continuous motion it'll stay on there is no wasting electricity at all so if you use it for three hours a day which you won't because its motion and it only works in the dark it's gonna last 45 years it is completely energy efficient and it's pennies per year to use now normally and this so again and we put this unit right here to kind of enclose the motion so we could control it a little better it fits any standard light fixture inside or outside of your house and you want to keep your light switch flipped up in the on position at all times and it only works in the dark so think about safety and security we know that there's a break in every four seconds whether they're breaking into a car maybe a garage a detached garage maybe your house so if somebody approaches your house you can see right here the lights automatically go on the number one deterrent are motion light so it's gonna make those bad guys they see light and then they run the other way so remember you can use it inside your house or outside your house dark closets pantries maybe going down the stairs here it is approaching your front door or back yard and those places front porch the backyard right here it's LED and it has motion sensor technology built into it it's cool to the touch it's safe it's ul rated and then if you would drop it I want to show you again yeah it's completely shatterproof I don't know how many times I have bought light bulbs and then dropped it no oh not even dropped it by the time I got home and you shake it it's already that little filaments already broken right I mean it's ridiculous this is crazy smart it is crazy inexpensive it is crazy good in terms of being able to give you a beautiful light it's crazy how long it lasts this could last up to up to 68 years this isn't just a huge for me that that could that can make my entire daughter's life I mean that's how how long this LED will last but the beauty of this the beauty of what you're getting with this 3-pack it's the motion sensor technology a lot of the other motion sensor technology are only in these big kind of bulky packages or housing that can be frankly very expensive this you put into any regular anyplace you can can screw in a light bulb if it's in your garage if it's outside your front door if it's over the back door indoor/outdoor you get all three basically six call it seven dollars whatever you want three of these it works out to be pennies literally not maybe not even a penny Vernell pennies per year in crazy year value what you will save an electricity the smartness of the motion technology yeah and the beauty of the light most of you ordering multiples of these it is brand this brand really right you have never seen anything like just hundreds of you already making this choice this one is going to be the soft light this is your traditional light that you have probably had in your home for ever and ever and ever it is more limited we have more available in the daylight that is your bright white light it's kind of like stripped off yes we put these in our backyard right here so when I come when I Drive up they automatically turn on when I go up to the back door they automatically turn on there's no wasting electricity my husband's supposed to keep the back porch light on for me he forgets so now I've got the motion life he doesn't have to remember but typically people are buying these big hunk right things and then you buy the big spotlights you have to replace the lights you have to hire an electrician or maybe you have to replace batteries okay you're not gonna have to replace anything with this and you don't need to buy a light fixture it fits any standard light fixture inside or outside of your house it's eight watts which is equivalent to a 60 watt bulb which is the most popular this standard and it's simple and easy and it's for me it's safe and makes me feel secure when I come home it nice time I've seen us offer the motion Devane an LED that can fit in basically any any light fish light fixture indoors outdoors these are a great buy today you are the first ones to seem I'm glad you're up early the early bird gets the get the great lighting and again if you want it we do have it available this is gonna be your what did we call this one soft its traditional it's the light that you probably have in your home or the daylight is gonna be if you want bright light right lat in my bathroom I love it and you can see everything I need to see it right only works in the dark motion-activated all three yes she's never coming out itu minutes we're gonna be cleaning your carpet and the rest of your house.

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