Living Glow Rechargeable LED Bulbs 3pack

I've never seen anything like it and I bet you haven't either but here's what it is this is a rechargeable LED bulb that plugs in to any regular socket around your home and when the power goes out this light goes on so this is your emergency light the battery is built right in the best part is you never have to charge it because it's always charging when you have it in any regular socket we've got a trio for you today at less than $20 so you're gonna get all three of these plus you're also gonna get the power cap that's gonna keep it as a sort of flashlight that's an extra bonus for you and all you do is pick your color Julie show us the two colors of the light that we can choose really one is called the soft one this is your soft white right here okay amber glow yeah it's personal preference and then this is your daylight so those are your two choices but other than that they're exactly the same Oh a 60 watt equivalent they are a regular LED a bowl but I want to show you what makes them different I have a breaker here so in those emergency situations where you lose power whether it's a thunderstorm a snow storm a blackout whatever it might be here is our living Glo bulb this over here is a regular bulb that doesn't have the backup battery or a sensor okay so I want you to see what happens I'm with the the I'm gonna turn the power off right here okay one two three so when living glow it has a sensor inside and it can sense it knows when the power is out and it will come on now the thing is is if you have it off it won't but you turn it on just like a regular bulb you can turn it on and off with either the wall switch or right here right here the switch on your light on your lamp so it's really cool I'm gonna do that again right here hey so let me turn the lights on I have a breaker right here so when the power goes out think about it at your house when the power goes out it is completely pitch black in your house a lot of times the streets are dark and there's no light so you are getting three of these now watch this power goes out and the light goes on if you have your light switch on how does it know that the power went out it has a sensor inside and it has a rechargeable battery and it knows which is so cool that is soon amazed way the light will last four to six hours now if you want to preserve that just turn the light off like a regular light so it is the great thing about it it's a standard 60 watt equivalent LED bulb okay which is great and I'm gonna put this is extra you're getting this this is a bonus you don't have to use this to work and I'm just gonna show you how to turn it on so the 60 watt equivalent power cap right here and turn this on you can use this as a flashlight if you want it's completely shatterproof in fact watch this shatterproof cool to the touch so it doesn't get hot you don't have to worry about your room heating up and it'll fit any standard socket right here that's a single socket so think about a floor lamp a table lamp maybe it's a hanging light fixture we have ours over our kitchen table so a single light fixture in fact you recognize what it looks like you just screw it in and you use it every single day and people ask well how does it charge when you have it on during the day it's charging it knows but it also knows when you lose power and then you can turn it on and you'll have light for four to six hours and how long does an LED bulb last okay this is okay you got to listen in here if you have it on for three hours a day let's just say we're a minute three hours a day it will last approximately 50 years it's so energy-efficient that cost to own it we it lasts 50 years early 50 years and you're getting three of them probably much longer than I hunger than meet your lifeboat was gonna last longer than you and then the cost of ownership because it's so energy-efficient is gonna be 87 cents a year not a day not a month 87 cents a year completely energy-efficient and let me just remind you you're getting three of these worth it for one because you're gonna have a bulb that lasts 50 years that's always gonna go on when the power goes out but we're giving you three you get three plus you get that extra little power pack that's included for you all you do is choose your color so one is called the soft color that's if you like a little bit of that Amber glow you love your ambience that's the first color it's called the soft color the day color is gonna be a brighter whiter color so all you do is choose your color you can I would recommend getting more than one set today because I really want you to think about where is that light in your home that you really want to go on if the power goes out is it your bedside table lamp is it in your kitchen is it in your living room do you have just a bare bulb in the basement I don't want to be in the basement in the dark if the power goes out I can't find my way to the stairs or the staircase this is this is why you want more than one of these around the house we're giving you three maybe a lot of you are already shopping for two sets but I want you to know this has been extremely popular since Ted and I think it's because we can all identify with power outage it doesn't matter where you live it could be eating more on the windstorm you know a tree goes down your power goes out it could be ice it could be of course the raging fires in California you're having regular rolling power outages what are you going to do when that power goes out and you have no idea well instead of the power going out and you're fumbling around to find one of those rechargeable battery lights and you're hoping that you charged it the last time you went power or trying to maybe find a candle and worry about the mess and the flame and then the fire hazard itself having a light bulb that goes on the minute the power goes out I think to me is is worth the price I mean it's a $20 bill for that sense of safety and security I don't think it can find with any other item right and the great thing about it you use it every day just in a standard light fixture okay so a single socket right here I'm going to show you again here's the bulb it's a 60 watt equivalent it's led completely shatterproof right here so it's not gonna break it's also cool to the touch when it's on so you don't have to worry it worry about it heating up and then it fits a single socket right here it screws in just you use it as a regular bolt during the day right now it's charging you can also whether it's a wall switch or light switch you just turn it on like a regular bulb the big difference is when the power goes out I'm going to show you again when the power goes out you have total control you'll have light for 4 to 6 hours so here is our our LED light right here with the rechargeable battery and a sensor this is just a regular light right here so I've got a breaker so watch it when the breaker happens when the emergency situation happens lights go out and then this light will come on and it'll stay on and then then the night thing about it right here is you can turn it off so if you if you don't need the light right then then you just turn it off so it gets a regular LED bulb the great thing is you don't have to turn it on yourself you don't have to fumble for it it's not a flashlight it's not something that's in a drawer or in a closet or in the basement it can be wherever you are so you're not fumbling in the dark and I would love for you to shop for this for a friend or family member maybe you don't want mom or dad sort of stumbling around in the dark worrying about a power outage you don't if this saves you one trip in one fall it's well worth the price of inventory today and all you do is choose your color we have the soft which is sort of the amber glow and we have the white which we call the de glow so both of them are amazing you get three it's everything that you need to stay safe and secure this holiday season thank you so much Julie welcome to learn never goes it's nice to know that they're there as your best friend yeah as a backup ok thank you so much miss Julie and we'll remind you you can get three of those for $19 and 75 senso a really great value and you know what this is gonna save you a lot of money there's no batteries to buy and those LED bulbs literally last decades and you use them as a regular light bulb I would just say what the heck we're replace all the light bulbs in your house whatever lose because you'll never have to replace them ever again love that that's available for you today you can check out that on hsn.

com and be sure to place your order over the phone or online that way they can get you in on our final quantities for so many limited items this hour in fact speaking of limited and speed.

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