Meikee 30W LED Motion Sensor Flood Light Unboxing

This is the Mikey 30 watt LED floodlight okay so having looked at the littlebrother quite recently the 10 watt version I've picked up the Mikey Miki 30watt LED motion sensor floodlight this is the bigger brother that's well thereis a 20 watt and I think there's a 25 watt

as well there's a bunch ofdifferent flavors of this for you to to decide on but I just decided to have agamble and go with this because I didn't exactly know how big this actually isand the area I want to install it it in the the 10 watt wouldn't

have beenbright enough or big enough to be able to cover the whole area so I went with a30 watt that should be enough it's brags on the front that it's 60 percentenergy-saving replace 75 watt halogen bulbs so I'm guessing from that /English that this is 60% more likely

to see a few money than using a 75 watthalogen bulb well that's only 30 watt so there that should be good it's ip66waterproof it's PIR it's got a PIR sensor on the front there and it'senergy-saving on this side it just tells you some of those things again on

theback we have some interesting stuff going on we've got the daylight white 60Hertz 50 Hertz sku life expectancy is 50 thousand hours of online time brightnessis 30 thoughts there are 3000 lumens and waterproof ip66 some other bits andpieces there but it's a plus plus a plus and a

red LED brightness temperaturesworks between 40 and 25 degrees and we'll just get into it and have a quicklook okay so I was initially very impressed by the 10 watt one because thebuild quality was good now we have some foam layer to protect the glass intransit a fairly short

cable there with new plug on it obviously this is just tobe wired in and you can cut that short depending on where you happen to beputting it we have after-sales service card and aproduct manual to show you how things workand around advice this is how it looks so

we have glass on the front we havesilver here to reflect the the LED array that's in the middle there that the bigyellow bit and we have the sensor down the bottom here that is adjustable in afew different ways we have the mounting brackets on the side which is

quitestiff with a bunch of holes on it for you to be able to touch it to the walland then the back which is all metal it's a it's a good design this it's aquite tough and the water will dribble down here and drop off then at the backof

the there's the sensor we have time sands and Lux so I'm guessing that's thetime that it stays on for the sensor the sensitivity of it and then Lux is sortof Donnie dusky kind of time where it'll kick in earlier in the evening dependingon the time of year I'm

guessing so you can adjust that so that it turns on allthe time so if we haven't round it some it'll always turn on if we move it goingthis way it'll be a bit more are it's getting dark so we'll we'll we'll startflooding the place with light earlier in

the evening now we've got some voltagestuff on the side they're decent screws here as well it still remains to be seenhow this'll look after a couple of years of being out in the elements but from mythoughts right neither it feels like it's galvanized or that kind of affairso

it might last a good amount of time so I'm going to go and mount this up onthe apex of my garage just to see how bright it is and howgood it is to be able to film my my groins full of light also in the Box wehave two

little screws which are self tipping to our top ring or whateverwhere you just stick it in and screw this on eyelet expands so you can't pullit out quite so easily but they're they're fairly quick to to installand just throw it in I don't know if I'm gonna actually

use these I might use myown screws because I don't know how well these will rust they feel like theremight be a limonium or a lighter form of metal but I never use package screws Ihave a collection of them in there well they're usually just crap okay let'shave a

go ok so you'll have to excuse the rather shaky recording here it'sdark and the light comes on as you would expect with the sensor and it's quite abrilliant bright light you can see that I've installed it up at the top of mytwo-story garage and it illuminates the place

quite well the light whilst it'spointed darkness to not aggravate my neighbors illuminates the apple treehere and rind onto the driveway and it does look quite good it gives you theright amount of illumination where we want bringing it swinging a backgroundagain you can see it lights up the wall

quite well and then back up to the topof the house so I think this is a pretty successful light for a mere 30 pounds orso you have any questions let me know in the comments box down below hit thatsubscribe button and give us a wee thumbs up if

you fancy and other thanthat take care

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