[MG 발바토스 풀도색 프로젝트] #05 LED 이식편! (Eng sub,日本語字幕)

Hello ~!I'm Prof.

Lee from Gunpla LAB.

Bang~! Following the last framepainting, this is an LED implant.

Actually, I don't know electricity.

What's electrical resistance?I don'tknow anything about electricity.

I'm going to try and work on LEDs MG Barbatos Full PaintProject Ep.

5 LED Edition It's moving now.

Let's go! Let's take a look attoday's supplies first.

Painted Inner Frame Soldering iron and solder.

1mm Pin-Base wiring connector And 1608 LEDs It's a very small sizethat's perfect for Gunfra.

It's really small.

1608 LEDs We have also prepared an item G-core2that will have an effect on the LED.

It's 46, 000 won(39USD).

It's expensive.

It has an effect on the LED, or it can be turned on and off.

LED operations for people who don't knowelectricity.

I'll start with the head.

Can I do it? (Worried 1) What if the LED doesn't turn on?(Worried 2) Oh.



Remove the cover of the LED for testing.

Check the plus and minus.

It turns on well.

To be glued to the clear parts of the eye Insert a hole into thejoint part of the head.

I'll put in the LED wiring in advance.

But there's not enough spacebecause of the joint parts.

I will cut the joint partwith a saw to make space.

Now that we have space, we're going to position the LED Fixing with instant glue I'll use instant glue and hardener.

LEDs work well.

Then drill a hole in the neckjoint and insert the line.

(Important) Leave a long linewhen you insert the wiring.

The line must be long before itbreaks off when it's running.

Finished the LED on head.

The key point is to leavea line for operation.

Next, I'll try to wire the shoulder.

I thought it would be easybecause there are only six LEDs.

It wasn't.

Time is running out.


muse) I'll start with the shoulder.

(shoulder wiring) Dig a hole in the shoulderto position the LED.

But I found a problem.

I found a critical problem in the process.

I was supposed to dig ahole and glue the LED, However, it cannot be gluedwithout painting the exterior.

I'll work on it temporarilywithout the lines.

I will finish the LED after painting later.

be at a loss Originally, it should be carried out by adhesion.

But it's pre-paint, so it'stemporarily fixed with masking tape.

Testing is a must! (Chest Wiring) Insert LED in front of cockfit Position it and glue it together.

Instantaneous adhesivehardener for quick work LED test full-fledged wiring of thehead, arms, and chest Punch the back of the neck toremove the wiring from the head.

head and torso amalgamation Next, pierce the back part for arm wiring.

a wire slightly concealed by the back Assemble and check wiring.

I've got the upper body wired.

I left the head line out.

Channel 1 : Eyes /Channel 2 : Shoulder, Chest an operation that controls the brightnessof the eye and other parts separately.

Wiring excluding eyeswill be combined into one Looking closely, the wiring color is pretty.

Barbatos, who deliberately doesdetailed work on these wiring.

We'll use the outside wiring as a detail-up Let's glue the wiring.

Let's put the lines together.

Attach the wiring by leaving a long line.

The goal is to look likethe original details.

Use tweezers to make the shape pretty.

Combination of cylinder and power selection The following tasks includemerging wiring other than eyes Take off the sheath and leaveonly one line after soldering.

Use an art knife to peel the skin off.

Work by separating theplus and minus lines.

You're looking at solderingsomeone who can't solder.

Solder completed by accident Cut the line with only one line left.

I finished body.

Next, I'll try to wire the bridge.

I'm going from left to right.

All wiring is going to the right leg It's easy to say.



I'll try it.

It'll work! You can do it even if youdon't know electricity! It's my first time solderinga radio since I was a kid.

(leg wiring) Punching holes in theknee, as in the shoulders It's good for positioning.

Long left wiring to prevent breakage Fasten with instant glue.

Check the location of the wiringand assemble it in reverse order.

I'll drill a hole in thehip and put in the wiring.

Wiring to rear of hip joint Insert a long line.

Carefully assemble the wiring carefully LED, Romantic, Successful Let's get started on theskirt and leg wiring.

Put the wires that youcan put into the skirt.

Always leave the line at ease.

Connect the wiring of the twolegs to the third channel.

After soldering, leave only one line and cut.

Third channel is also successful.

Put the wiring on the right leg andattach the line on the left to detail.

a counterbalance operation Remove the sheath for final confirmation.

Manual wrapper preparedfor temporary connection Rotate to wind the linearound the connector.

Connect to G-Core2 I've done some work.

But I don't know how to .


(Lol) Push the line in.

We drill holes, we wire.



I even solder them.

What did I do.



? I don't think it'senough to teach you LEDs.

I'll run the app.

Brightness control and effect test.

Are you down? There's an ad? I bought a 46, 000 won(39USD)machine, but there's an ad.

(Ad) The advertisement keeps coming out.

I don't understand this! Is it because it's an old phone? I'll try to replace it with a new phone.

I can't get caught with the ad.

There's a commercial on iPhone 11 too.

a finger of anger We're barely connected.

luminous flux control Effectivity Test I put LEDs in Barbatos.

LEDs are cool.

It's cool, but.



I don't know how.

(Lol) I respect those who hide wiring perfectly.

I'm not ready yet.

Channel 1 : Eyes / channel2 :chest, shoulder / channel3 : bridge I think it's hard tocontrol in application.

I'll have to prepareanother item or something.

I'm glad the light turned on today.

I'll have to ask the "YangSu" for help.

(A friend who knows electricity well) (YangSu hand)It alsohelped before shooting.

This was MG Barbatos Ep.

5 LED.

Subscribe and Recommendationsare a shortcut to NewType! Lastly, let's wrap up bylooking at the finished picture.

See you next time! *Reduced brightness except for eyes.


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