Mike – I led a group of college students in and out of a yoga commune.

I was a college student.

I was studying oceanography.

I was also in a rock band and enjoying life.

Then because of an overdose on LSD I had anear-death experience.

I literally felt my soul leaving my body andgoing off into this throbbing dark tunnel where I was speeding up and it felt like Iwas transitioning from time into eternity.

I wasn’t ready.

That experience shook me up.

I met an Indian Guru.

I met a man named Yogi Baja and began studyingunder him.

I liked the intense disciplined regimen.

We got up every morning at three-thirty inthe morning.

We were involved in meditation, yoga or someaspect of our practice until five-thirty in the afternoon.

I went into it very very deep to the pointwhere I eventually became a teacher.

I was teaching Kundalini Yoga at four universitiesin Florida.

I had about three hundred students who consideredme their Guru.

I got a letter from an old friend of minewho told me that he had walked into a church and heard an audible voice say Jesus is theonly way.

He wrote me and told me all about it.

Well, I wrote him back and said, “Larry, I’m glad for you that you found Christianity as your path but I believe all paths leadto the same ultimate goal.

Initially, I rejected that idea but the letterkept eating at me over a period of several weeks.

Meanwhile, the Tampa Tribune newspaper dida big article on me and I thought it would increase my class attendance.

Instead, it alerted this prayer group in townto start praying for me on a continued basis.

They had a twenty-four-hour prayer chain andthey assigned somebody to be fasting and praying for me every hour of every day.

One day, just out of the blue, I decided maybeLarry has picked up on something I missed.

I am going to dedicate one whole day to theLord Jesus Christ.

Then I’m going to ask Him to give me somekind of supernatural sign today.

So, instead of doing my normal Yoga regimen, instead of meditating, chanting mantras, reading the Bhagavad Gida and all the other thingswe did on a daily basis.

All I did was read the Bible and pray to theLord Jesus.

That afternoon I was hitchhiking.

I had to walk or hitchhike everywhere becauseI had made a commitment to own no material things.

All I had was one change of clothes and eatingutensils.

Remember, I am still praying.

Even though I had left my house, I was stillsaying over and over, “Jesus, if you are the answer, if you are the only way to theFather, give me a supernatural sign today.

” When I opened the door to the van, I lookedin and my heart jumped.

On the ceiling of the van was a picture ofJesus that this guy had taped there.

I knew this was it, my encounter.

This was my answer.

A few minutes later he turned around and said, “friend, can I ask you a question?” I surprised him.

I said, “yes, what is it?” He said, “have you ever experienced Jesuscoming into your heart?” I said, “no, but when can I?” He gave me this totally surprised look likeyou are not supposed to give in that quick.

He said, “you can wait and come to our prayermeeting tonight.

” I said, “I don’t want to wait for a prayermeeting.

If I can find Jesus I want to find Him rightnow.

” So we discussed some elements of salvationfor a few minutes and then I knelt down in the back of the van with him and prayed asimple prayer.

I knew all of a sudden that everything I hadbelieved before was false and the Bible was true.

It was this inborn knowledge that I had thatI had finally connected with the truth.

That afternoon I went to my yoga class atthe University of South Florida and announced to them that it would be the last meeting.

We didn’t even do yoga that day.

I just shared my testimony about how I foundJesus.

Most of my students became Christians as well.

That week I went back to all of my classesand did the same thing.

I shut down my yoga ashram.

My life was completely, completely changed.


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