Milwaukee 2363-20 M18 Led Lantern/Flood Light

hi everybody i'm phillip bridges andtoday we're going to talk about the milwaukee m18 LED lantern light thatretails for about $79 right now for the tool only now if you haven't subscribedto my channel do so hit the subscribe button down below hit that notificationbell so you can get all my videos that I post up every week and you'll getnotified right away when they come on so this Lantern is probably if you'regetting into buying Milwaukee products of their eighteenth series like this fora light is probably the first one that you are going to want to get and if youjust bought this light and only bought this light you'd still do good becausethis light is really nice it's a has high not a high impact of polycarbonatelike the other jobsite lights but it is an impact resistant lens that you knowit's it's not as thick if you do drop it and it probably will end up cracking butits water and dust resistant this light comes with Milwaukee's five year toolwarranty and a limited lifetime warranty economy LED lights itselfit weighs 1.

2 pounds without the battery its stands about 11 and a half inchesand it has three different light settings on it I'll grab a battery withthis light though it will take you don't take your Milwaukee 9.

0 18 volts but Ihave not been able to get the new 12 points to fit on it which is sad but youput a nine point on this thing but I'll just use one of the old M 18 X's becauseall these are goodies because they still work really good so at high this is highand this is at 700 lumens and so it has three different light settings a highmedium and low medium is gonna be at 350 lumens and low is gonna be at just acandle light 70 lumens now when you have this on high it's gonna run about 16hours and medium it'll get you about 20 hours and if you just have it on thislow candle light setting you're it's gonna run for over $100 and that's therating just for the ma 18 x seeds now if you put a nine point on and like I saidbefore it's gonna run for hours so this is a good life to have just at yourhouse too so the power goes out or anything like that this lights gonnasave the day it also has a strobe feature that if you hold down the on/offbutton it'll strobe and it's troves at the 700 lumens and they'll do that for16 hours on a full charge which is really nicenow it also has the 180 to 360 degree light control which all you do is youturn the black dial and now you kind of have like a floodlight instead of alantern you got all those LEDs shining rightwhich is really nice to have it's really good for on the farmI use mine I used to have it in my truck and then I got the other m18 psychlights and I brought this home because I use it on the farm because we also havea lower m12 version of this too but I like to use the m18 I keep this on myKubota and use it up when I'm out at night on the tractor and whatnot my wifedid use the m12 and she loves it so this also has a feature like I said you wantit for your house in case the power goes out it has a USB charger feature on itso all you do is you could take your USB cord and in the back you can flip downthe back of it and now you can charge your phone you can charge the tablet youcan you know you can charge you can even charge a battery power supply which Ihave actually in my pocket and I have no idea why I have this in my pocket butyou can charge one of these things so you can still you can charge it up evenif you have multiple Milwaukee batteries you can charge it up use one of theseand you can still charge someone else's phone and you can still use the USBadapter on that this is really nice it also has stainless steel hooks that youcan use for a handle or you can use for hanging the light throw it up in a treeif you're camping just really nice no like I said my tops on this yes I wouldbuy I would buy another one there are only $79 which is a phenomenal pricethis thing it's amazing so with that the downfall of you know I wish that theplastic lens was a little bit more you know impact resistant I just itscratches up easily and but I try to buff it off you know but I had this inmy work truck for about six months and it was just sitting up in the back andit it got scratched up pretty good but I don't really that's not really aneffective like too much who's that it's not a ridiculous amount of scratches butI really wish you would just be more of the high-impact legs like the upgradedsight lights that Milwaukee offers but nonetheless this is a really good lifeto have in your arsenal of even at your house even if it's at the job site it'sa great light to have you can still take this down into a basement set it in thebasement it's gonna light up pretty good amount of that that basement you'regonna do some work down there so I have Phil bridges and subscribe down belowthe like button let me know your comments you know if you have this lightand you know what you use it for if you use it for worker even if you use it foryour house or if you use it for just the backup if the power goes off just somesort of a security light so let me know on that i'm phillip bridges and i willtalk to you guys later.

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