Mind Blowing! Watch How This LED Bulb Can be Controlled Via Smartphone in India

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Today we will understand the working of a new product bySu-Kam – smart LED bulb.

This smart LED bulb is of 6 W and you can see 1 million colourcombinations in this.

With the help of an app installed in your Apple or Android phone, you can control this smart LED bulb.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity is in-built inthis smart LED bulb through which you can connect this bulb with the help of the appin your Apple or Android phone.

This is Google play store.

We will download X-Light Plusapp on this.

Now we will install the app.

Downloading has started.

This is the homepage of the app.

Now if we want to connect smart LED bulb to the app, then we will haveto switch on the smart LED bulb.

The bulb is now on.

The app is now connected to thebulb and there are two options provided here to switch on or off the bulb via which youcan switch the bulb on or off.

There is a game provided on the home screen of the appwhich has different coloured bubbles.

If you click on any of these bubbles, then LED bulbwill show that colour.

Apart from this to change the colour, there is another optionprovided on the home screen.

You can choose various LED options via this.

For example, sunset, then sunlight colour, candle, hypnotic.

With different colours, LED changes its colouras well.

Next option is From Camera.

If you will select this option then whatever colourthe camera will capture, the LED will change to that colour.

As you can see the camerais currently focused on Yellow and the LED is glowing in yellow colour.

Now as we willfocus the camera on Blue colour, then LED will turn to blue colour.

After this to returnon the home screen, you will have to click on Bubble mode.

Apart from this, there arethree more options provided on home screen – Interaction, Seen and Settings.

First wewill click on Interaction.

There are four games provided here.

First game is Pinch Bomb.

Whatever colour you will select, it will show on LED bulb.

After this is Baby Love Colour.

Whichever colour you select out of these will be displayed on screen.

Now next game is HeartFeeling.

After clicking on it, you will position your finger on camera and then randomly heartbeat will be counted and the LED bulb will change the light according to your heartbeat.

Next interesting feature is Shake And Dance.

When you will click on it, you will have toclick on Shake option.

To check this, we will shake the phone and according to the movement, LED bulb will change colours.

After that, you will click on Dance option.

After selectingDance option if you perform any dance step with your phone, the LED bulb will changeaccordingly.

Third option is Seen.

After clicking on Seen, there are five options.

First isBreath.

After clicking on this, the LED colours can be changed.

First option is Rainbow.

Nowyou can see on LED.

LED is changing in rainbow colours.

After this is Rainbow S.

Now youcan see that LED is changing according to heartbeat.

This is the Alarm option.

Afterthat is Flash and after that is Breathings.

Last option is Sunset.

This way we can changethe LED colours.

Next option is Day/Night.

In this setting, there are two options – GetUp and Go To Sleep.

With its help, you can switch the LED ON or Off.

To activate thissetting, first of all you will have to switch it on.

Now we will understand the Get Up option.

Currently, the time is 2:48 PM and we have set an alarm of 2:49 PM.

Now we will see howLED shows.

As you can see it is 2:49 PM and LED bulb is now on which is the time of thealarm.

Now this LED will be on for 3 minutes.

Next setting is Go To Sleep.

For this, thecurrent time is 3:06 PM and the alarm will be set for 3:07PM.

After 3 minutes from 3:07PM, LED will go off.

As you can see LED bulb is slowly going off.

After this, we will seean interesting feature wherein an LED bulb will change with music.

For this, you willhave to click on Music.

You can see that the LED bulb is changing according to the music.

Next option is Schedule.

There are two options in Schedule – Alarm and Countdown.

Both optionscan be used to switch on or off the LED according to your need.

Next setting is Group.

You canadd multiple LED bulbs connected to the app and operate.

Next is Settings.

By clicking on it and with help of various options, youcan operate the LED.

For example, Detect Call In.

First we will enable it and as soon asyou will get a call, then LED bulb will start blinking.

As you can see there is a call onthe phone and the LED bulb is blinking accordingly.

This smart LED bulb generates 600 lumens oflight which is more than a normal 6W bulb.

Apart from this, this smart LED bulb is designedto run for 30000 hours.

This way we understood the working and colour combinations of Su-Kam'ssmart LED bulb.

We also understood how smart, efficient and powerful this LED bulb is.

Thank you for watching this video.

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