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today we're going to make this bike a little bit safer on the road I'm gonna add a flashing brake module and I'm gonna add some LED brake lights let's get back here and I'll show you what I'm talking about you can see I already taking the bike apart.

Alright everything's off so I can get the brake light off and there's the brake light and, it was not easy to get this brake light off the bike it's actually kind of a nightmare, but anyway, it's doable after you take off quite a bit of stuff on the bike.

here's the ah wires, I believe this is the ground we're gonna find out, I'm gonna test these, one of these is the taillight and the other is the actual brake light I got to figure out which is which and then we're gonna hook up that module that I have over there, and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna run the LEDs on here on the bracket for the bags I'm gonna try and put the LEDs like going along here and then up a little bit and then the wire is gonna run up and into the back of the housing for the rear brake light and it's gonna hook it to here.

so I'm gonna tap into the wires whichever wire may be correct and you know, we'll figure it out first things first.

I'm gonna do an ohms test to find the ground wire like I said, I think it's this wire here alright that is the ground wire all right, this is the taillight wire and the one thats green and red should be my brake light wire all right, so the green and red wire is the brake light wire, black and white is the taillight wire and brown is actually the ground all right, so this is the controller that's gonna control those LEDs strobe lights and this is gonna flash'em for, I don't know, if it's two or three flashes and then it's gonna hold them on steady so we're just gonna 3m this right to the back of this plate here I did put some protective heat shrink on here just to protect the wires a little bit cuz they're gonna go through this piece here eventually that's where she's gonna sit.

she's on there and then we're gonna run the wires through the holes we're gonna tap into the ground.

I'll take my wire cutters and we're gonna splice this right here somewhere I'm gonna split off one ground to the controller and two grounds to the LEDs to protect this joint I am going to wrap it, not that I really need to cause it is a ground but I am going to wrap it with some electrical tape all right, so we got the two grounds right and ground to the controller So that's all set.

now now we got to hook up the the power or the brake light to the controller which is the red wire here I'm gonna do the same thing with that, I'm gonna splice right to that wire also solder that in place that one I have to wrap up cause there is power on that side this electrical tape, it actually sticks to itself like it becomes rubber but anyway, this stuff will never come off unless you cut it off just a regular LED that I bought tried to get it in black but they didn't have any at the time.

so what's going to happen is the LED is gonna go like that and up this way gonna ziptie that in place okay now we're gonna hook this up just to see if it works so we'll hook up the positive then hook up the negative wire, so let's just take one of these and here goes nothing that is awesome all right, so now that we know it works let me go ahead and hook up the other side.

now to do this side I'm gonna have to solder or weld two wires on these posts right here one is positive one is negative and I gotta solder wires on to that section all right, now that those two are soldered in place we're just gonna put a little protective wrap on there so I went out and bought these connectors, male and female and I'm gonna make this semi-permanent using the connectors.

that way if I ever have to take off the railing for the bags and stuff.

I can just disconnect it plug this in, plug this one.

let's see what we have for lights wow that is so cool, man That is so cool that is definitely going to increase my safety on the road for sure what I'm gonna do, just to make sure these don't fall off, the LEDs.

I'm just gonna put some small zipties on the ends here.

I'll put one here all right folks, that's it for today LEDs in, I'm very happy with that and I'll have to check it out in the video when I edit the video to see how good it looks but I think that's gonna make me a lot safer on the road and I think the whole setup minus my labour, of course was like 20 bucks so works pretty nice.

It actually looks pretty good on the bike.

I mean I wanted to get these in black they didn't have any LEDs in black available, so, it is what it is but I am happy with the style and price.

you all take care God bless, you all have a great day out there.

bye bye now.

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