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Sonic's experts and your kind of combining the best of all worlds with our next item because this is the launch here at HSN of the momentum area floodlight and alarm so this is actually a full outdoor home security system that you would put wherever you would have a

light outdoors so this is combining sound right because you can alarm a sound you can obviously have motion detection because it's gonna detect when there is motion and turn that bright light on and then you get the advantage of it notifying you for the security reasons right so

I've seen a lot of these in the market and they are very very expensive and probably worth every penny but when you can have one that does all the same feature-rich things that you find in the marketplace today on a launch and we're bringing into you I we

took $30 off this morning and breaking up your payment's into five interest rate payments plus we're saving you additionally on free shipping and handling so Justin momentum momentum there's a lot of different security cameras in your home out of your home whether they attached is a doorbell but

you're looking at the floodlight from camera and floodlight from are afro momentum is called Aria now if you're thinking about having extra layers of security you're wanting to add light you're gonna want to have a camera as well and as you said you're replacing that floodlight camera or

maybe even that sconce that you have with the floodlight that we're offering today that has that security do you know that every four seconds there is a burglary or property burglary that could be a car that could be your home so if you're thinking about having something and

adding something to your home that's literally gonna be a security guard watching 24/7 that doesn't take breaks that doesn't take days off and now like you said will be able to push notifications to your tablets to your phones to let you know when somebody who should not be

there is on your property and then you can tell them through the two-way audio hey get off my property or even use the siren as you said it's a hundred and ten decibels but you also have the light the light is huge deterrent for getting people off your

property and as well safety for your for yourself when you pull up to the house absolutely I love that you said it never takes a break like this is working for you 24/7 and it's as simple as one single purchase that you own forever so I want you

to I take inventory of the perimeter of your house right because it might be the front door it might be the side door it might be the back porch area so what kind of perimeters or parameters is this gonna cover so when we're looking at the device itself

the camera has a hundred 40 degree viewing angle okay so that is a really wide angle right here so this little lens right here is going to be the actual camera now I'm gonna tilt this up so you can see on the bottom we have this little white

dome this little white dome is going to be the motion security sensor that will sense 270 degrees so if you're thinking about maybe placing this on the corner of your home and then utilizing both lights to illuminate one side of your house you'll be able to be able

to you'll be able to see 270 degrees at least the camera will be able to sense motion security the lights will turn on and then your camera will turn on as well so if somebody's a little bit behind it doesn't matter because you're re will be able to

pick up that motion love it and then automatically so it detects it's gonna record the video yes so it's gonna record we're offering a year store a cloud storage it's gonna go ahead and it'll give you all of your notifications to your phone or your tablet save it

into the cloud now when it's in the cloud you have it for a year you can now be able to download that if it's something fun you can download it you can share it if it's something that you need for perhaps using it for you know giving it

to the police you can use that as well I mean I think that's the thing that's – that's the first line of defense that you want in front of your house you want it to have the lights instantaneously come on that's the first kind of like you know

guard right there saying okay this is this is alarming that I'm here and then it's a sound it can do the sound that you can trigger from your smartphone or your tablet exactly so for instance what I'm showing you right now is what you're gonna see it's we're

calling this the dashboard the dashboard is gonna show you the camera that we actually have right over here and this is also gonna show you the light so we have the light that we can turn on and off if we want to so I can simply use that

I can also set off that siren so and all I have to do is click that it's going to say whether or not I want to turn it on let's do sound emergency siren you'll be able to hear that since we have the shot I want to show

you I was talking about the light aha I can turn that light on and off you sure can so we could turn the siren off so somebody comes onto your property you can immediately turn that siren on then you can also access the two-way talk so by accessing

the two-way talk I like to do is be able to go right over here where it says talk I can click talk I can record that video if I'd like to I can capture the video I can see more activity as well but you have so much that

you can control right here from the app for instance if I want to go to settings we were talking about earlier saying app if you were just apples to apples looking at cameras and floodlight cameras so for instance I want to go to the camera itself now you

can control the sensitivity the light video image quality the night vision of course this is infrared technology so I'll be able to see at night as well what I want you to see right here it says edit motion zones so when we're thinking about talking apples to apples

this is one of the huge features that a lot of people like about that other doorbell company now I want to be able to shut off some zones because it for instance if this was the street back here and I just want to be able to see my

property or I just want the property to go off I don't want any alerts that are just somebody walking by for instance on the sidewalk or car I can eliminate this zone and all this blue zone now is activated so if somebody walks onto my property within this

area in this zone it'll then turn on the lights it'll give me the notification and it'll start recording automatically 1080p full high-definition so then all we have to do is go back it's gonna save that we can go back again we can control our siren we can even

control our light here's the other thing if I want to be able to edit the areas for the lights I can do that as well I have three different zones so using that motion security I can shut off one zone if I want to so if it's just

an area that you know you're typically not using or it's a high for you high pathway for just other people you can turn that off it's so much you can literally just control right here from your Aria and through the app unbelievable how customizable this set is and

I know at home if you're like me I can immediately think in my home where I might already have a floodlight and what does it do that just turns on the light right this is actually your motion detection this is going to record in high-definition 1080p so if

someone enters your property you are actually documenting it in the moment and you can get fruit you're getting free cloud storage then to be able to customize what it it actually is is is noticing like those motions zones to be able to alarm a high decibel siren a

hundred and ten decibels that you control right there in your app which is a free app you download it on your smartphone your tablet and then the two-way talk you guys two-way talk that means that you are actually speaking on the other side of who might be standing

in front of that light this is a this is a real opportunity it really is because we have seen that doorbell company that has a similar floodlight with all of these features and they are way more expensive so if you've kind of thought about it been on the

fence you can get this home and you can install it and you can try it for 30 days you're only gonna put down 30 dollars it's about a dollar a day we do interest-free payments on your charge card and there's no monthly monitoring for this right but you

are have that customizable features clearly code so we get a chance to see it and use it on the app what is the installation on this because this is something that does get hardwired in right and you had mentioned I think this is one of the things when

it comes to installation where are we putting it right so for instance if you have an existing floodlight why not replace it with a brighter light this is 5,000 lumens each individual light is 2500 lumens that is a lot of light so not only upgrading light but now

you're adding light you're also adding the camera they're adding that security for your perimeter of your home and then all you have to do is remove that floodlight and then connect the existing wiring to the wire to the wiring that we that comes included with your Aria the

other thing too is that with that we talked about earlier you know what if you have a sconce aesthetically it's nice right check aesthetics and home security for me home security I'll pick any day over having write a good-looking life and here's the thing when you're buying this

home security system if you were to move or if you're in a rental property you can just take this with you just put the old sconce oh the old floodlight right back on you can take this with you in the homes to come look at how clear it

is at night and also Justin can we talk about the distance know that you are you are protecting your home 35 feet distance it's going to be able to pick up somebody so I want you to think about what 35 feet means to you that's 35 feet that

somebody's not going to get close to your home because what somebody's at your door or at your window their access and the probability of what they can do at that point goes up tremendously but if you can prevent them from even stepping foot close to you by the

lights going off the sirens going off its lights being a huge huge deterrent you know you don't want to be the dark home in the neighborhood when you're the home that lights up because frankly they want to hide in the shadows they don't want to be seen we're

talking about the burglars they don't want to be seen so when these lights turn on they're immediately alerted not only they alerted but then they're alerted by the siren and then they'll also be alerted by your voice sure so if you want to be able to do that

two-way talk so we said the friend or foe thing because if it's a friend of course you can use the two-way talk to say hello could be the mailman the UPS guy or it could be just a neighbor or a French family for instance but if it's a

foe you now be able to use your voice to say smile for the camera or please get off of my property that alert and system and now you're always having like we said a watchdog a security guard 24/7 that does not blink and the records in 1080p full

high-definition and we'll send you those alerts alerts right to your phone right to your tablet and it's a very very easy installation once you get it and I love the other thing too is will you get the app and you're going through the process it does step by

step by step it doesn't just kind of throw you to the walls yeah the other thing too is they'll even give you the option to find a local electrician and you mentioned renters I'm a renter I had a flood light when I was talking about it so I

wanted to replace that flood light with the camera my my the Landlord Lake thank you the landlords they love the idea because it made their property and as well as me safer so I was replacing a light with a safer light with that security camera so they loved

it and there's no monthly fee right you're there's no monthly fee there's nothing that you have to think about we're actually giving you one year of cloud storage that will stay there right for the entire year yep and that cloud storage but you don't have to maintain that

because if you want to record you can record within 24 hours and send it right to your phone and save it so yes obviously number one most important thing is security right porch pirates people may be coming I got a package delivered today all I could think about

was don't leave your house because what if somebody sees that package on your door and they come and get it to be able to be notified when there's somebody soliciting something on your drawer or on your door or maybe you're waiting you know your grandkids are coming to

stay with you for Spring Break you want to make sure that they get from the park home and you want to talk to them you can do that you have the customizable ability to turn on and off the light at the touch of the fingertips but remember it's

motion activated so when you walk by instantaneously turns on right and so you can add rules so yeah so when you're thinking about maybe customizing it even more if you want to go to so we have a whole bunch of different cameras set up for instance so but

I'm gonna go into the camera outside so if I go to the camera that's outside right now I can go ahead motion is detected so it knows when motion is detected it's gonna start recording I know to send notifications if I hit next now I can add what

days so if I'm leaving if there's days that I'm home or whatever for instance but you're gonna want it 24/7 it's cool right sure you hit next all right you can do different times so you can customize all of these different rules if you'd like to now this

could be for the camera or it could be for the light okay if you'd like but you're talking about maybe even per for instance putting it in the back maybe this is to keep an eye on the dogs maybe to keep eye on the kids the grandkids if

there's a pool in the back you want to be able to see are they outside or the outside and I don't know they're outside this is a great way of doing that and accessing video and accessing so much then if you want to be able to see what's

going on we don't have any activity that's recorded you can go to your activity and go back through all of those different days on the calendar and see all that and access it through the cloud which is why we're just what's so great about absolutely you're getting that

cloud storage I also want to highlight this can be used for iOS or Android right so yes it doesn't matter you know it's a free downloadable app when we send you you're going to get so your security camera is right he is right in the center and then

your floodlights are on the side you're getting the lights which is at first to turn you're getting two-way talk which is really a high-end feature that you're not gonna find especially in a floodlight camera specifically that you can use your your smartphone you can use your your tablet

and there you have it you put it wherever there is an outdoor

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