Monte Fiore Farms Grows High-Quality Greenhouse Cannabis with LumiGrow LED Grow Lights (FULL VIDEO)

I'm really proud to be able to take our landthat we've been farming for almost two hundred years and integrate this type of business;and working with LumiGrow and the professionals at LumiGrow to get our infrastructure dialedin where we really need it to be successful at this location has been key.

We're in Bedito, Colorado and more specifically, on the Perrino family homestead.

We've been farming this farm for almost twohundred years now.

So for this family, it was pretty easy toconvert from alfalfa farming to marijuana farming.

We take farming this very seriously and haveput everything we own into cultivating this project.

It really seems ridiculous that anybody wouldstart a cultivation-based business in the Colorado market right now.

There is a massive attrition rate.

There is a massive supply of product on themarket, and competition is higher than its ever been.

We went from two thousand dollars a pounddown to six hundred and less here in the Colorado market in the period of 48 months.

What we're noticing, though, is a sharp decline.

Because the early entrants in the space werebuilding indoor grows using high-pressure sodium lights, but it's not really scaleable.

And our goal and our strategic plan hereat Monte Fiore Farms is to cultivate craft cannabis at scale.

And growing under HPS and growing under LEDis two different worlds.

Hey, my name is Nick Perrino, and welcometo Monte Fiore farms.

We have two veg rooms and two flower rooms.

Each veg room is four thousand square feetand two eight thousand square foot flower zones.

Here there isn't a single high-pressure sodiumor non-LED light lighting this facility from propagation to the lights in the ceiling, we are completely an LED facility.

Throughout the day, our LumiGrow fixtures, because of the smartPAR technology, adjust themselves based on the amount of light we'regetting.

In the mornings we don't have a direct sunover us.

And so our fixture is on during the morning, andas the sun rises, you can see on our charts here in Analytics, our lights will slowlyramp down and once the optimum sunlight levels are hit, they're off.

When they're off, we're saving money.

I think smartPAR is important for me herebecause it helps us, without even having to think about it, make sure our plants are gettingthe right amount of light.

The smartPAR system has a lot of really greatadvantages.

Being able to set it and forget it; I openmy computer make a few adjustments and we're off and running.

I can look at my facility from my phone.

I can check it from anywhere in the worldand I can adjust it from anywhere in the world.

And knowing that our plants are getting theright amount of light all the way throughout our canopy, on any given day, in any lightcondition, is very comforting.

Here in the Colorado market there's alwaysbeen a stigma around greenhouse-grown marijuana.

Our goal is to try to figure out how to changethat into a large-scale paradigm shift across the industry.

In order to do that, we had to prove thatgreenhouse marijuana, could in fact, be better than indoor marijuana.

When working with LumiGrow designing our lightplan, we looked at the geography of this location.

We studied it carefully.

LumiGrow was able to help us design our systemso no matter if it's the lowest light level day of the year like today, or the middleof the summer, our system is consistent and our platform doesn't change.

The full spectrum of the sun will cultivatemarijuana.

You will grow marijuana without lights.

But by adding the custom-tailored, targeted-spectrumof the LumiGrow fixture, we're able to take our cannabis from everyday greenhouse marijuanato a superior craft product because of the targeted spectrum that we're implementinghere on site.

We can create very exotic marijuana flowers.

We can push the limits on what we've traditionallyseen on terpene and cannabinoid profiles by having the ability to adjust the environment.

We're seeing advanced plant growth, many manymore bud sites, a lot better penetration throughout the canopy.

This strain right here behind me, we've growna thousand times under HPS lighting and typically at this day in vegetative state, it's abouthalf the size with half as many bud sites.

Out of the fourteen strains that we testedon our last harvest under the LumIGrow smartPAR system, eight of the fourteen strains testedabove thirty percent total cannabinoid profile.

Some of them as high as thirty-six percenttotal cannabinoid profile.

Under HPS in the indoor environment, we'regetting around forty-five grams a square foot.

With our LumiGrow LEDs in the greenhouse environment, we're hitting sixty grams per square foot on a regular basis.

The LumiGrow smartPAR system is very easyto use.

The set-up is seamless.

And working with the LumiGrow techniciansis truly game-changing for us in the cultivation world, because we aren't use to having thatlevel of service, that level of professionalism, and quite honestly, this level of technolgyin our facilities.

I haven't found another company that is asadvanced on the lighting side as what we have here; and I feel we're ahead of many of ourcompetitors because of what we're running.


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