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our culture is completely obsessed with celebrities each year when the Oscars rolls around we got about 30 to 40 million people that tune in to watch their favorite films being honored for Best Picture craftsman artistry we call it the Oscars and people are obsessed with it [Music] and when you get this little golden statue you become a star what's interesting about this is in the Egyptian culture they also had a little statue that represented the god Ptah and see when a Egyptian King died it was believed that his spirit went into the belt of Orion and he then became a star very interesting that we still follow after Egyptian gods there's a lot of these different award shows that pop up throughout the year there's the Grammys the Emmys they honor different aspects of the entertainment industry but they were all one in the same now listen to what Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert called this little image that they give to each other thank you very much it's it's a pleasure to be here tonight good evening godless sodomites what are you doing I'm bringing the truth John we're in Hollywood the belly of the beast you can't just you can't just read the prompter I'm reading the prompter in here you can read that pablum a word show banter is not pablum [Music] reality television celebrates the human condition [Applause] by illuminating what's extraordinary in the ordinary person we're here to honor achievement in that category by giving you a golden idol to worship kneel before your God Babylon you see Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart know exactly where they stand in this city of Babylon and it's very interesting Jim Carrey also echoes the same sentiments at a different award show I'm here tonight as all of us are to pay tribute to an American icon an actor a filmmaker and truly one of my personal heroes mr.

Clint Eastwood [Applause] I'm also here because the AFI is paying me 20 million and $3 making me the highest-paid megalomaniacal boy king in all of Babylon when Cathy Griffith was given an Emmy Award she lets us know exactly who is her god now we're gonna run the unedited version what and be one for you people you may be offended maybe watch a lot of people come up here and they think Jesus for this award I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus [Music] you see a lot of these celebrities are very aware of the fact that they are treated like gods well this year and I'm I'm thankful to the Oscar God's we have a great crop of films you are of course nominated this evening how does it feel being nominated since always an incredible honor that the other names of the gentlemen are all gods as far as as far as a category it's very interesting when you look up where the word Oscar actually comes from it's Scandinavian and Old English and its origin and it means divine strength or divine spear divine of course means of from or like a god and a spare is a weapon is it possible brothers and sisters that Satan is using these celebrities and movies as godlike weapons against us up until 1999 the Oscars was held at a building called the shrine which was founded by William Florence and Walter Fleming two high-ranking Scottish Rite freemason Hollywood has long been interested in Freemasonry Gene Autry John Wayne Nat King Cole Duke Ellington's see see the mail Clark Gable Walt Disney Oliver Hardy you name it the list goes on many celebrities have come out and admitted their connection to Freemasonry in the book morals and Dogma written by Albert Pike on page 321 Freemasons let us know exactly who their God is it says Lucifer the light bearish strange and mysterious name given to the spirit of darkness Lucifer the son of the morning it is he who bears the light and with it splendors intolerable blinds feeble sensual or selfish Souls doubted not when the movie life is beautiful was awarded at the Oscars the camera quickly pulls back and shows a wide of the stage when you pause it you can see elements of Freemasonry built into the very set if you look at a Masonic tracing board a tool a Mason uses to teach and educate people involved in Freemasonry how to spot things that are connected to that organization you can see the checkered fluor you can see the archways you can see the Sun motif in the background all of these are letting you know exactly who owns this organization when the Oscars moved from 1999 from the Shriners building to the Kodak Theatre where it currently resides today you can still see a lot of these elements of Freemasonry incorporated into the stage you have the Sun motif in the ceiling you have the checkered flags upon the stage and the arches outside of the Kodak Theatre you have the gates to Ishtar and you have Babylonian gods put on the outside of the gate the whole area surrounding the Kodak Theatre was designed after a 1916 movie called intolerance where they recreated the very set that they had for Babylon they have the same exact elephants they have the same exact Gate of Ishtar they have the exam exact Babylonian gods over the top of the gates you see if you go and visit the very home of the Oscars where they hold it each year you can see a plaque on the wall that says the Babylonian courts at the 2016 Oscars for Best Cinematography award the camera shows you the stage and you see an unmistakable Tower of Babel embedded into the design you see brothers and sisters they know exactly where they are while the world is wandering after all of these celebrities we would do well to heed the very advice from Jesus's lips himself in Luke 4 verse 8 it says for it is written you shall worship the Lord your God and him only shalt thou serve you.

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