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The best thing is, that you can win extra points by sharing this video everywhere using #CraftySorteo Let's go in 3, 2, 1 Participate! Have you ever seen these incredible galaxy balloons? They're really pretty! It's as if you had the universe close to your hands! Making them is a lot easier than you think.

I started investigating because I though they were really awesome, and today we're going to see how these galactic or led balloons are made.

24 hours earlier.

I'm on my way to look for the materials that I need to made the led balloons, and my parents are accompanying me.

Say hi to the Crafters! We'll see if we can find everything at a party store.

And if not there's a Fantasias Miguel close by.

We'll see.

We're in Party City.

Which is a party supplies store.

Now I have to look for the balloons, which are made out of a different plastic.

And are supposedly big.

And the lights in different colors.

Have you seen the clear balloons that are thicker, not latex.

Follow me.

They don't have the ones that we're looking for, but there are clear ones, so we'll see if they work.

They're thick but they're made out of latex.

But latex doesn't last a long time.

The bad thing is that if you inflate it lasts like two hours more or less.

And we want it to last a long time.

What do we do? Party City is failing us! They don't sell the balloons, just the regular helium balloons nor the lights.

[gasps] Let's see if Fantasias Miguel is open maybe we'll find the lights there.

I want to try to make these at home.

And I was looking where the balloons where sold and I went everywhere and I didn't find them and we came to find the lights over here, but Fantasias Miguel is closed! But the lady that's here who sells the balloons, can you sell one to me? Yes! Tutorial loading.

Friends I'm very excited because Elizabeth here, my name is also Elizabeth.

Say hi to everyone.

She showed me the tricks to make the balloon.

We're going to try to make it at home let's see if it turns out.

She sells balloons here with her husband.

Tell them where they can find you for when they look for balloons.

On the Alameda.

On the South Alameda, so you can come.

And if you need balloons they make them here.

They're really awesome! Now we're looking for the balloon pump.

So we came to Walmart, because I remember that I bought one here.

This is what we need.

Yay! We have all of the materials, so let's go home to make the balloons! Before we start, I want to thank Elizabeth for helping me make the balloons! If you guys want to make yours go with her, she's located at Alameda del sur, right in front of Fantasias Miguel.

Where the clown zone is and she can show you, she can sell the materials to you.

And if you go say that you go on behalf of Craftingeek.

And I think that it's getting dark so we're going to make the balloons until tomorrow.

Are you ready to make the balloons!? I'm very excited we have everything now! Let's start with these sticks that we have.

They have like a round nozzle.

And they have a clear tube.

It's important for it to have a clear tube.

What we're going to do is stick in the LED lights.

Which are these ones that have a wire in them.

We're going to stick them in from the bottom part.

This procedure is pretty easy.

Stretch out the led lights and stick them in the tube.

It's easier if you push them in from the bottom part.

And we need to stick them in until it comes out on the other side.

Pull it out.

Pull, pull, pull and pull.

So we end up with the battery section over here.

Then paste the lights on this side.

And now we should have passed this.

These are going to go around the balloon.

It's important to do this in the beginning because if not when you stick the lights in you can pop the balloon.

We're going to leave these like this, I don't really remember if in the indications it was like this.

We'll find out.

And now we're going to work with the clear balloons which are these over here.

They're different, they're not made out of latex like the ones we usually see.

These are made out of a plastic material.

I think you can find them at a place where they sell a bunch of balloons like specialists on balloons because I looked for them at party stores, you saw that I went to party city and I didn't find them.

The next thing with these is that we're going to inflate them and deflate them 3 times, so that it can expand more otherwise it'll be too small.

We'll inflate it for the first time.

We'll deflate it.

The second inflation.

Oh my god! This is tiring, it looks easier! And the third one's the charm! This is the third time, we have as an option to leave it as it is, or we can add a balloon inside.

We're going to make this one simple, so we're going to inflate it as much as we could.

And we're going to tie it on this side with rubber band.

Remember to tie it as much as you can so that it doesn't deflate.

The awesome thing about these balloons is that you can remove the rubber band and reuse it.

Tadah! Look at this.

It's really pretty! It looks like a bubble.

We'll connect it with the stick that has the lights on.

And we'll hold it from here carefully so that it wont pop.

I'm not going to complicate my life here, so I'm going to hold it with tape giving it a few runs so that it's really really held in place.

And then we're going to pass the lights through the top.

Check it out like this.

Through the plastic so that it's held on really well.

And on the other side.

Remember to leave them nicely tied so that they're not loose.

And line them up so that they end up like a cross or as an "x".

We're going to pass the excess through the plastic, and we're going to roll it up to the bottom part.

Remember that the tip can't touch the balloon because it can pop.

Add pieces of tape so that the lights wont move.

Crafters I'm really excited look! Now we have our balloon.

I think that I could've done a better job because I'm not an expert with balloons so it has some rustic finishes.

These aluminum lights I could've stretched out more, but look, tadah it looks like the street ones! We did it! It looks really awesome! This was the basic challenge.

In which I think we got a 100 because look at this beauty.

Incredible! Next comes the extreme challenge.

Only for people who already made a basic balloon which is making a balloon with another balloon inside.

With another balloon inside! For this part of the challenge, we need to roll up the balloon so that we're left with a super slim taco.

Fold the tip downwards.

And we're going to stick this into the clear balloon very carefully and with lots of patience.

Remember to leave this part outside because its where the pump will go in to inflate the unicorn.

But for now we're going to inflate the clear balloon so that it's really big.

And now very carefully, we'll take out the white balloon which is the unicorn one and we'll fill it up.

Afterwards quickly using a rubber band we'll tie it up.

Wow! Look at this I though I wasn't going to make it! And somehow, the Crafty god helped me out because the unicorn isn't as inflated inside, but it's inside! I though it was going to end up as a ball.

Wow I'm really impressed! Hey inflating balloons is really tiring.

But now what we're going to do with this is add on the lights just like the other one.

The procedure from here is the same as the previous one, you already know it.

It's done! The unicorn is very sad.

It's getting depressed.

It's becoming undone.

Look it turned out super awesome! On this unicorn I took more time to add on the lights so that they're more lined up.

And look at this.

It looks really awesome! The truth is that these balloons are magical.

If you've seen them in your city leave a comment below or give it a like because they're trending on the stop lights.

I liked it a lot.

I had never seen the option of a balloon inside.

Which is like this unicorn but it looks awesome.

The bad thing is that this becomes undone as time passes by.

But that's because I took the nozzle out earlier and since they seal I can't inflate it again.

But for being my first one it's really awesome right? It's like 10 points.

For being the first time where I added a balloon inside of another it's like 1000 extra points.

And now it's time to try these balloons in the best time.

Which is at night.

Look it's incredible! I love them! They look as if you had the galaxy in your hands.

They're really awesome, plus they're super easy to make! Why would you like to make these for? Tell me on the comments.

I feel like I'm in the universe with this balloon.

I love it! I hope you liked this idea a lot.

And I'll see you on the next video! Goodbye! I'm going to show the balloons to my grandma let's see what she thinks.

Did you see these grandma? Aw it so pretty! Did you make these? Yes I made them right now.

You do really pretty things! Yes well they taught me how.

A lady taught me.

They sell them at the stop lights.

And she taught me how to make them.

And they ended up like this.

Wow they're really pretty!.

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