[Music] [Applause] [Music] let's make kids welcome to a new one I just got you this package with spa had kids a week in mind that as nothing came to me good for now mozzano has big problems with the logistics in fact eighty per one hundred of the products on amazon is just over those products can be purchased or better not of first necessity there they said stuck they don't party who have problems with spices this came to me because because I didn't buy them the average media of a dealer of mine I contacted morning on the mail and then sent me these to try them and show what have we have a pair of headphones bluetooth earphones with cable and a pair of car lamps are h4 according to them they are good products good quality everywhere now we review we hover is here in the meantime there I put some pictures so that he sees your own sex on amazon that i don't know if I could go and order it right away however eventually save it if you interested and picked it up then the brand and muson f1 series as technical data let's see what we have h4 and then mouzon 12 18 face it67 csp chips the brand of food and light color 6, 000 kelvin and aluminum 60 63 30, 000 hours as useful life of led food working temperature from minus 40 per one hundred degrees centigrade ok and here we have the lamps included in package there is this leaflet illustrative and then let's talk about latest technology lamps and already I can tell you this because why if look carefully at the led chips if he can't see it here you will see it here in the picture and they mount 36 chips for each light group because obviously an h4 h4 it means b light therefore turn on either one or the other standard h4 fan connector on the back side has no external electronics but everything is incorporated inside we say it the aluminum container this is the housing for interlocking into yours car lamp holder in more thing nice they put these aluminum this is folded and machined aluminum in such a way as to concentrate the beam bright and push it towards the car so to be able to go let's say create a much higher flow in alpo these are the two or in the lighthouse packaging there is nothing left and so from 1 to 10 the pack who has a nice 9 complete the instruction booklet now let's see if even in Italian that only in English and Chinese anyway in the end provided that the kids is a normal h4 also because taking advantage of the high technology change today as you see it is similar to an old h4d ecology because it is very compact this is all aluminum with the fan will help to dissipate the high temperature generated by 12 cp because I repeat 6 cp from the one side and 6 cp land on the other side I'm feeding guys album of at 11.

5 times not even at maximum I could steal but I could get there even at 13 times wanting however already with 12 volt 11 5 here we are here the power as you see it is very very very very high they work between the chips for each lake 3's here and three from here anyway to everyone the seller's shop links are of the julius dual wireless drivers e bones therefore are earphones this is the packaging also this fact the manual hard case is very good here it is with the extension of the warranty ok so this is in chinese language Italian and English regarding the manual of instructions now let's see yes I confirm that there is also Italian this is the rigid container with opening like this and we have all the various accessories in equipment first let's start with them are the wired earphones this is the perfect tear I am magnetic here they are we have two more snags here guys good quality product is already just the way they packed it humerus they packed already it is worth it here here this is silicone rubber renewable here it is here we play pause is the volume more volume less therefore this poor one fines the ignition and control additional shutdown there is also the door usb let's see if an active is a standard no it is a micro usb standard for recharge the batteries inside here is the battery this is let's say the remote control to go to do various check two at most like reload this you wear it so ok promise so I take off my bluetooth these guys are blue keys one here is one here they wear well they also isolate the good as noise external in this bag this is its normal usb cable usb book and here are all the others adapters for say the for the ear based on your size of the ear then go to change it there smaller to larger the middle and there is here they are too this here that will surely serve for go hook it up somewhere however there is also this concept e this other football supplied for i products are priced both too the h4 lamp a selling price 3 normal let's see if I can save some small discount code eventually I can also put below in the description and we can try ad turn it on we come on for turn it on I click on the power on bus or that the rumor that we have red bed blue led that indicates us say battery state call to bluetooth i.



and more hole for the microphone as more true volume ok guys i'm trying on earphones with an 8th song that is now in fashion this all people found out now that there are left and right channels the earphone speakers of the slices in general in the end is not a novelty guys I do not say it but many say so that is, I played with the mixer eight years ago nine years ago and I divided right left et cetera et cetera however the quality of these regular and good bass good voice to the max not [Music] do not give problems in let's say that for those who play sports they can also go well unlike these that for example in athletics these are the ones I know for greater but why why don't I precisely these sports if you run and it can also happen that these fall from the ear instead using these even in the gym same guys this error put the hooks here 12 even if you fall and always remain attacked obviously they are much heavier of a standard headset produced for as far as autonomy these are concerned obviously more autonomy than these died because the battery as you see big a one to a good battery all here therefore obviously at least or should do four days of use, however, I leave you all here behind me then see also the links below for possibly put it in the cart for this unboxing lightning and all I recommend to next video subscribe to the channel and a hello comment.

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