Phoenix ModCom® LED Floodlight

Phoenix Products Company has been a leaderin providing lighting fixtures to the most extreme marine, mining, industrial, and port container environments.

Phoenix has transitioned into the age of LEDlighting with numerous fixtures designed for the same extreme environments.

This innovationis best illustrated with Phoenix's new LED fixture, the ModCom LED Floodlight.

The ModCom Series LED Floodlight was developed as a replacement for high wattage HID fixtures.

It is an instant-on, surface mounted LED floodlight designed to provide general illumination ina versatile package.

The ModCom is offered in two versions: theModCom Hi, which is a 300 watt, 10 module fixture with a light output of up to 23, 000lumens, and the ModCom Lo, which is a 150 watt, 5 module fixture with a light outputof up to 11, 500 lumens.

To prevent corrosion, the ModCom is constructedof marine grade low-copper content aluminum, with a steel mounting harp and marine grade316 stainless steel hardware.

In addition, the fixture uses stranded wires and sleevedinternal and external wires to prevent rubbing and wear.

That, along with an ambient operatingtemperature between -40 and +50 degrees Celcius, allows the fixture to stand up to the harshestenvironments.

LEDs are an energy efficient light source.

By using LEDs, the ModCom delivers a 70 percent energy savings in comparison to the 1000 wattHID fixture it replaces in many applications.

Each ModCom uses conformal coated circuitboards and a UV- and impact-resistant polycarbonate lens to further protect the modules from debris, water and dust.

In addition, the entire fixture includingthe modules is IP67 rated, which further protects the LEDs from water and debris ingress.

ThePhilips Lumiled LEDs provide a reliable light source with a CRI of greater than 70, 5400Kcolor temperature and a rated life of 50, 000 hours.

In addition, the ModCom has sound thermalmanagement with proper heat sink and metal frames to draw heat away from the LEDs, whichextends the life of the modules.

The ModCom comes with multiple modular combinations.

Among these are interior house forward throw light, medium floodlight, narrow spot light, perimeter shovel light and general floodlight.

This variety of optical options allows theModCom to be suitable for a multitude of lighting applications.

The ModCom uses a premium brand driver with a power factor of greater than .

98 at 115volts that is fully potted to prevent wear and protect against shock and vibration.

TheModCom Hi is available in 120 to 277 volts, 50/60 Hertz, 277 to 480 volts, 50/60 Hertzand 24 volt DC.

The ModCom Lo is available in 120 to 277 volts, 50/60 Hertz, 277 to 480 volts, 50/60 Hertz and 24 volt DC as well.

The driver is protected by a 10kV and 10kA surge protector.

Designed to meet EMC standards, this driver features overload, over-voltage, over-temperature and short circuit protection.

The ModCom is ETL and cETL certified to UL 1598 Ordinary Locations, 1598A Marine OutsideType (Saltwater), UL 844 Hazardous Location Class 1, Division 2, Class 2, Division 2 andClass 3, and CSA C22.

2 Number 250.


In addition, certain configurations of the ModCom Seriesare DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Qualified.

LM79 and LM80 reports are available.

In addition to all of the outside tests and standards the ModCom meets, it also undergoesmultiple tests in-house before it leaves our facility.

These include an input voltage checkand an input current check to confirm continuity.

When these tests are passed, the fixturesare subjected to a 48 hour minimum burn in test.

The LED modules and drivers are burnedin continuously for 48 hours to verify that the electronic components will continue operatingcorrectly.

Having passed these tests, Phoenix will ship the fixtures with its trademarkDurability by Design endorsement and a five year limited warranty.

The steel mounting harp gives the fixture aiming versatility by utilizing lockable aiming washersthat allow the fixture to be rotated in 5 degree increments.

It is able to rotate 360degrees and allows for a 16 degree lateral adjustment.

Designed for durability and backed by a five year limited warranty, the ModCom is virtuallymaintenance free, though repair parts are available, including the LED modules, driver, cords and other components.

The ModCom LED Floodlight is suitable fornumerous applications including draglines, shovels and other mining applications, portcontainer cranes and general floodlighting purposes such as facade lighting.

For more information on the ModCom LED, please contact your local Phoenix representative.

You can also visit us at our website or find us on Facebook and YouTube.


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