Programmable LED WS2812 tape

In this video we would like to presentyou the LED ws2812 unlike the other version of LED strips where each LED has to follow the same color of the entire strip with LED type ws2812 it's a different story because each LED has its own IC that means you can

address and control every single LED individually at color and brightness this allows you to produce a beautiful animation and color transition of over 16 million different colors per pixel Nevertheless it allows communication viaone wire interface that means you can program the entire strip using just a single pin

from your controller where in the standard LED strips more connection cables are required Features: the number of LEDs per meter varies between 30, 60 and 144 LEDs per meter the full technical documentation for each product is provided on our website and is easy to download and you can

cut it to the length you want you just need to follow it at the cutting points that are marked by the manufacturer you can even use just one energy and attach this to a different project or you can easily extend the length by soldiering strips together if you

require a longer strip for abigger project Iif you wish it's also possible to solder any connectors to thestrip and there is an adhesive tape on the back if you would like to stick the strip on the surface We recommend using special profiles for the LED strips it gives

a nicer look and it's good to use it for easy and practical installation How to use it? usually each led type ws2812 has three connectors two for the power supply and for the data signals This area shows the flow direction of the data signals which is coming from

the main controller and showing the strip through the data input connector going through the data output connector which is connected to the data input in the next LED in strip and then through the data output to the data input of the following LED and so on If you

are trying to solder two strips together check the arrow to keep the flow at those signalsin one direction and remember to solder the positive ofpositive and ground with ground To power our strip we are going to use Arduino Uno which is the main controller and it's programmed to

light up control each LED in the strip The connection is pretty simple as we need to connect the 5 volt terminal of the strip to the 5 volt pen on our Arduino and the ground terminal of the strip to the ground pin on Arduino Then the middle

terminal ofthe strip which is the data signal which goes to digital pin number 6 on Arduino If you would like to power more LEDs in the same strip we recommend using an external power source You can find the recommended power supply on our website on the same page

just below the LED strip which you've already chosen This power supply from Meanwell with protection against over voltage and short circuitsis very light It comes in a small plastic case which is just perfect and safe to power the LED strip to program the strip luckily we don'thave to

write any code I'm going to be using the ready examples all you need is to open a sketch in Arduino IDE, go to included library and select manage libraries search for adafruit neopixel and install it Once you've done this go for the examplesunder files list and open

up Adafruit RGB strand test you cando very small modifications Remember that the data pin you are using in your Arduino is the digital pin number 6 If not, you can change it from here you can adjust the number of the LEDs in your strip from this line of

the code in my case I'm using 60 LEDs You can change the brightness as you wish Once that's done go ahead and upload the code to your Arduino Try choosing different examples and see how the strip reacts different codes Since we're talking about the ws2812 RGB LEDs We

would like to present you the neopixels rolls They share the same principles as the LED strips They just have a different shape and it's easy to connect multiple rings together and you can still control them from Arduino using the same code The number of LEDs per ring can

be 12, 24, 48 or 60 depending on the size of the ring for more details about each productyou can read the datasheet it's available on our website

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