Promier Porta Bulb 4pack Wireless COB LED Bulbs

thank you so much for shopping with us here at HSN we've got a bright idea for each and every single one of you and it comes from HSN's American Dreams HSN's American Dreams is our ongoing search for the next great entrepreneurs we scour the globe to find up-and-coming inventors and the latest unique products like these one-of-a-kind premier grab-and-go porta balls now these launched here at HSN they completely and totally sold out they came back to HSN they completely and totally sold out their flashlights when you need it they're a long-lasting super high powered LED light bulb that you can permanently affixed to a wall to a fixture to the back of a closet in a pantry wherever it is you need it and then even when the stand is installed you can still magnetic pull it out and take it along with you it's got settings for different designs and different controls and even though you mount it it's still yours to grab and go with they are a genius one-of-a-kind design we're gonna offer you four today and we're even paying for the batteries that's right all of your standard triple-a batteries come with your purchase now this is the only chance to shop for them today there are two flexible payments only for today and Matt Davis is here to give you a hundred and 50 different reasons why these lightbulbs are the brightest idea in the industry right now I love it number one that they're from premier American based company that finds great products my buddy Cody the the true American dream himself I know he's watching these are such a bright idea no pun intended but here's what you're getting you remember you're getting four of these but here's what you're getting you're getting the bulb itself and there's a little switch on the front you press it once super super bright we're gonna drop the lights in a few minutes just so you can see how super look at that look at the amount of light that's coming off there now if you want it a little dimmer if you're using it in a power outage or something like that or just as a nightlight you can you can dim it down to one more setting there so it's three different settings on/off and dim and then you've got that mounting here and this is my kind of mounting brett peel-and-stick so all you do is you peel this off and you stick it now I didn't tell my setup guys but I'm gonna go ahead and do a live demonstration of how to mount this to the side of this cabinet it is a permanent mounting so goodbye cabinet but we're gonna have this look all you do it's you press it in just like that and you're done that's it that's the installation I love about it is if this is under the sink for when you have to do repairs if this is by the circuit breaker for when the lights go even though you now know where it is it's permanently installed easy on Easy Off if you need to boom take it with you yeah you need to use it as a grab-and-go flashlight use it to reach into that nook and cranny behind the pipe where the repair needs to be made so these are absolutely sort versatile so multifunction I mean there it's for flashlights for under counter lights for pantry lights for night lights they are a genius wonderful versatile multifunction product and you get all four plus a dozen triple-a batteries to run them for only $12.

50 on a credit card you know when we talk to our customers here in Florida that got through hurricane Irma we talked to people that have been through major storms and major outages they said these truly exceeded their expectations and because they're shaped like a bulb with no sort of plastic flashlight casing around them look at how much look at how much light these bad boys get is there's not a single light on in the studio look at how well lit we are just buy one of these being hot take a look at our cabinet here now we've got an example of a cabinet this can be your cupboard in your home's could be your closet look in there and you can't really see what's going on in there but with the porter bulb from premier look at how super-bright that is all I did was press that one button and now look at the entire cabinet all the way over as a matter of fact to the other side you can see what's going on and if you said you know what there's something over there I can't quite see you just snap it off because it has that magnetic base on it and you can take it with you this is a directional flashlight this is a room light this is that emergency light when the our goes out you put this right next to the breaker box take it with you when you walk the dog you can use this literally a million-in-one ways throughout the house it is the only chance to get these today these are exclusive to us here at HSN and you're getting the 4-pack for $12.

50 I mean for emergency preparedness great for in the pantry the under counter in the garage and the Attic in the basement dependable super-bright long-lasting LED bulbs but the fact that you can mount them and know where they are yes and then grab them and use them in other instances when you need them makes them more versatile and more functional than so many other alternatives out there I mean how many of you when you're trying to get work done in the car when you're trying to find something in the pantry when you need to go down to the basement the attic the cellar when the kiddos need a nightlight have less than solutions very limiting solutions that eat through expensive D cell batteries but don't put out the light that you need but you quite frankly don't even know where they are these when you mount them you don't know where they permanently are absolutely and because they're LED they're so efficient the batteries will last longer than any other flashlights you've used absolutely cool to the touch LEDs never changeable we're giving you the batteries included that's what premier does to show you that they love you and again even on the base here this is a magnetic base they even thought to put a little a little clip here so if you want to hang it think about outside if you're having a little get-together and you want to put a beautiful decorative lighting out there you could hang a couple sets of these outside and be able to see the entire backyard this is a great solution for around the house it's great solution to actually believe it or not throw one in your car because this is magnetic if your car breaks down god forbid you could take this and put it right to the side of the car because it's magnetic it'll stick to the side of the car and people will see you on the side of the road it's a militant literally a million-in-one uses how smart is that it's awesome it's the same magnetic that you need for inside that's right when you put this in the back of the pantry when you put this in the back of a hall closet when you have fix this right outside your front door because you can't ever be it managed to find the key hole and put the key in in the basement or in the attic you know out by the circuit breaker anywhere in your home where you've got a deep dark corner and you don't want to pay a professional you don't want to do a permanent installation and then the fact that it also becomes a grab-and-go portable lighting solution that's a super-bright adjustable in its lightness LED it's really a smart buy today you want to talk about spending money on lighting that's versatile that's long-lasting that's durable that's right Matt Davis fully dropped one of these when we were doing our meeting earlier today and I will do it again I had that you know like you know that that shatter moment right before you try this at home exactly these these are actually shatter resistant on the outside and again battery-powered so if something happens like that then you drop it you could pick it up it's still working and there's those three batteries in the end there you pop three triple A's in there and they're coming with the batteries I can't say that enough you're getting twelve triple-a batteries coming right with it so as soon as you pull it out of the box you're gonna start placing these around the house you're gonna say where's that dark closet I'm gonna fix you and you don't have to run any wiring you can do this in literally seconds you know I love the idea behind this product you know they say necessity is the mother of invention yes and Cody was working construction and he had all of his work lights set up and he had no power on a construction site and he looked like they're not so ready not so prepared guy so for him it wasn't about just a flashlight it was about a real dependable super-bright working light and he was used to those work light style bulbs and as somebody works in construction he also knows there's lots of places you want to install lighting that electricity is expensive or not possible so he invented these and they've just been a huge hit here at HSN and when you think about the amount of money you spend and the fact that we send you four of them and the batteries included you're dollar for dollar value it's a very very smart buy and in emergency preparedness you'll be so glad you have them but yet they're not something that's only for that instance you have time absolutely you can put these anywhere throughout the house and again I love what you say Brett it's the one of the only that I've seen only for premiere the idea of grab-and-go take it with you let it live where it needs to live underneath the cabinet or wherever you use it most often but when you need this and in a pinch you can grab it and take it with you again here's that cabinet that you can't see what's going on in there all you do is press one button and you can see the entire cabinet all the way over and read everything that you need but in a pinch in an emergency grab it and take it with you don't try to do that with a regular bulb these are cool to the touch there's absolutely no heat these are LED they're impact resistant so you don't have to worry about it these people to last a lifetime LED bulb inside so it's gonna last tens of thousands of hours you're never gonna have to change a bulb out again premier has done it once more giving you an amazing value an amazing product and by the way we've been waiting over six months this is an American company it's small manufacturing so we've we haven't had these in stock since last August yep that's right before hurricane Irma that's our everybody here at HSN is ordering them as fast as they can over 500 have already been sold we're down to only about 90 seconds left in our presentation it is the only airing of the day today so it's your only chance to take a real look and see at them and I highly recommend while we have them in stock and we have them on flex pay there's not much that says versatile as this is at a price like this think about a set for your home and a set for your sister's home and her family think about a set for you and a set for your parents think about you know in the RV think about in the camper think about all the different places in which you need additional lighting and maybe you're a renter maybe you don't want to pay an electrician or quite frankly you love the idea that it pops right out of its socket stays lit and goes along with you because at the end of the day you can grab an incandescent bulb out of a socket know it's gonna hurt your hand doesn't work – it's not gonna stay – ladies don't try this at home exactly but again if you're just joining us I installed this live on TV with peel-and-stick remember you've got that 3m peel and stick right in the back you do want to use screws or nails you can absolutely you can you can do it permanently if you like but you can do the peel and stick just make sure it's a nice clean smooth surface and you press it in and now you've got light right where you need it the most maybe it's that dark closet maybe it's the basement maybe it's the stairs going down to the basement so you don't have to wait till you get down to the basement to see where the next step is I never understood that put one in in the Attic wherever you go and you say wait it's dark in here I don't I can't remember to bring the flashlight with me every time I I go out into the garage this is a great solution and again press one button and you've got it done kids are gonna love this too it's a great nightlight and they can take it with them to the bathroom in the middle of the night and yes we're including the batteries yes a treat for our partner so all the batteries come included man amazing thank you so much.

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