Promier Porta Bulb 4pack Wireless COB LED Bulbs

is he's fast on his feet I don't even know we're gonna talk about next but I'm sure my producer will tell me should we started a new show should we start a new hour okay let's okay let's do this do it let's do it right now this is a premiere Matt tell us about these real quick while I get organized these premier Porter bulbs this is from our friends Cody at American Dreams vendor a here at HSN premier is a company out of Peru Illinois and he brings some great lighting solutions this is a four pack of these beautiful premiere porta bulbs now what makes these different than any other bulb first of all these are LED second of all you're saying wait a minute you're holding a light bulb but there's light coming out of it yeah I mean I am pretty miraculous but I'm not that miraculous there's batteries built inside look at this how smart is this three Triple A batteries built inside and all you do is to screw the base on this is a magnetic base that also has a hanger built in so you can hang them it's magnetic base so that you can place the base anywhere you'd like just like that and then the magnetic base clicks in just like that so now you've got light when and where you need it the most these are impact-resistant so they're not going to shatter these are LED so they're not going to eat through batteries there's the little switch on the front all you do is you press the switch wants to turn it on and then you can decide if you want the super bright or you want a little bit dimmer or you can turn it off just like that how brilliant how inventive is that only from the folks at premiere I love it so cool so basically it's like a light bulb that you can take with you absolutely this is like a portable instant light bulb but you don't need to plug it in you don't need to wire anything no but it looks like a traditional light bulbs it looks like the light bulbs that we're hanging in all my old closets and my in my old house and I love it no matter where you mounted you can take it with you it has a magnet built in so if you want to place one right by the fuse box so if the power goes out now you've got the light white right where you need it the most look at that the even young kids know reach over press the button and look he could take it with you I love it even in dark spaces around the house think about where your dark spaces walk with me through your house do you have dark spaces in kitchen cabinets take a look here's that kitchen cabinet you can see can't really see what's going on in there but look at that with one portable now I can see everything that's going on even to the other side of the cabinet that's just one of the 4-pack that you're getting here today and remember you're getting them with the batteries you don't have to run out say did I we need triple A's or double A's take a look I wanted to show you guys real quick well we've got that shot there's the dim feature that's the dimmer setting but look without the portable you're searching around wondering okay we have catch-up do we not have catch-up do we have those pineapple slices that my mother-in-law just told me she loves and then here's the great secret if it just did that it'd be great but watch now you can pop this off and take it with you you have a power outage or you want to see something up close you can take this with you take it with you from room to room the power goes out but now you can see your way around the house how smart is that that's a great idea and this is from American Dreams yeah so for those of you that haven't yet discovered American Dreams here at HSN we have searched for some of the best entrepreneurs around the country you are getting a four pack so getting four of these that's for a cabinet that's four closets it's for dark staircases maybe in your attic in your basement a storage area easily mounts with the included double-sided adhesive if you can use double sided tape you can install these Wireless bulbs if you can put a sticker on your kids notebook you can install these the bottom of the bulb is magnetic that also sticks to a metal surface you might not even use the sticker at all permanently mount it if you want with the small screws hang from a retractable loop yes you could hang these if you've got you know a basement that doesn't have a hanging ceiling light that's a perfect solution for you grab and go to use as a flashlight let me show you everything that you're getting there getting your four they all come with the super-bright LED lights and we're gonna give you the battery so here's your set of four each one is going to take three batteries we're giving you 12 batteries and I think about what you'd spend on you know a 12-pack of triple-a batteries we're gonna include those for you so you don't have to buy the batteries and you're getting all of this for $24.

95 these have been customer picks at HSN the premier lights yep this was invented by Cody in Illinois for Cody and Peru Illinois Illinois peel and stick this is another great thing about Cody is he said let's make it easy to install take a look I'm gonna install this on live TV folks this is why I went to college peel and now you got that sticky 3m side now I'm gonna go right here on this cabinet why not this looks like a good spot to put a light all you do is you press and hold it for a couple seconds and you're ready to go that's it now you've got the light when and where you need it now walk with me through your home again think about down to the basement oh I have a basement light what about the stairs down to that basement life you can take this one with you down the stairs put one of these at the top of the stairs put another one halfway down there's no screwing it in you can turn it any which way you want upside down right side up you can put one in those stairs going down to the basement maybe up in the attic you don't want to get up in the Attic to the top of the ladder and then try to find that little pull switch this is something you can find any cobwebs or surprises nests I didn't know about I had an old house for many years and half of the closets did not have lights right half of the closets didn't have lights and I was like oh this is so annoying and you know I can't even get an electrician to come to the house for under $150 and it would probably cost me $100 to just do each light in each closet easily right the wiring they're gonna be up hey if I was electrician and I was professional and I was at the top of a ladder and I had to go up into the attic and sweating and put the thing fish it down the wall I I would charge a lot of money believe me I charge way way more but again look at the dark spaces again think about the places this is your closet this is your your pantry in your house my wife has the premiere lights she actually uses one in her sock drawer so in the morning when she's getting ready she gets up at 4 o'clock every morning I tell you I don't know how I got so lucky but she gets up at 4 o'clock every morning and I'm still snoozing away and she can see what's going on she make you breasts offs no she gets up to go to work she's a working woman and she gets up and she she doesn't have to turn the overhead light on because she has the premiere lights there with her so you don't have to turn all the lights in the room you know a little pantry area where I keep the dog food and all that I don't want to certainly have to you know put a huge light in there that's exactly right and this is my idea exactly you can do party party tricks with this as well but think about all the different places in your house like you said inside the closet inside of a pantry maybe you have a dark space just in a regular bedroom or you have guests coming over and you want to be able to put some light out for them they don't know where all the light switches are but now you can let them know it's very very simple right next to the bed yeah think about the kids because there were some kids in that video I have nieces and nephews and a lot of them are scared of the dark they don't want you to turn out all the lights at bedtime this could be their little light by the bunk bed or by their little twin beds or you know if you have kids they'll have the little fun little hangout spots they would like always want to make forts and sleep in little walk-in closets you know they're always creating their own little spaces and this would be perfect for kids if you know if you're camping put these anywhere like could you take these to a tent absolutely could you travel with so many great ideas coming from our customers because they know the dark spaces in the house whether you have an old house or new house that always seems like there's something whether it's underneath the stairs or whether it's in the basement or maybe it's just a underneath the cabinets in the kitchen we don't have any underneath the cabinet kitchen lighting right in our in our kitchen so having something like this that we can mount there easily or just take it with you you know in an emergency if the power goes out what are you gonna do well it's a cool feature I'm telling you it's grab and go he calls up the gravity row to go to grab and grow get grab and go technology there's the peel and stick now we also give you the hardware so if you want to just put a couple screws in here and mount it permanently somewhere you can do that as well and there's that that's just a metal base at the bottom that's not a magnet that's just a metal base the magnet is on this side and then all you do is you just pop it in so when you want to take it with you and yes this will this will be upside down right side up and this is impact resistant so don't try this with a regular lightbulb this is an LED bulb remember you're getting four of these and you're getting them with the batteries that's how Pro mayor blows my mind batteries the batteries go into the base very very simple all you do is unscrew the base pop there's three Triple A batteries when it's time to change out the batteries but again LED lights you're never changing bulbs think about it under the stairs there's there's our list their closets basements pantries wherever you want to use them you can use them with premier I love it yeah maybe it's like the broom closet like it's just hard to find things maybe you've got like one of those little like crawl spaces I was helping my sister clean out a crawlspace and I was like I am NOT going back she's like I think it's just over to the left behind the Christmas there first I'm not going back grab and go look at this installation right next to me I'm just gonna show you how easy this is again you're getting a set of four once you stick it to any wall or ceiling there's a smooth surface guess what I can take it with me I don't have to screw or unscrew I'm not twisting I'm not using my wrist the magnet means it almost like pulls it right out of my hand and I never have to worry about it going right back into the perfect position so if I need to take it with me I love it it's the light bulb that you can put in your pocket and take it with you think about all your summer activities if you're gonna be camping if you're gonna be hunting if you're gonna be fishing I mean backpacking I mean basically if you need a light where there's no electricity this is the perfect solution for you all right for the storm kit think about getting ready for the summer storm urgencies yeah you're a little hurricane beautiful choice operation package or hey it happens power outages thank you so much Matt day thank you very much alright I will let you go so you can make breakfast for your mom.

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