Promier Porta Bulb 4pack Wireless COB LED Bulbs

this is 1977 to make dreams come true dreamers like Cody Grande Adam the Porter bulb remember that one the portable this is an LED bulb with a big difference there's no electricity it's the world's first grab-and-go light bulb which needs no wires no electricity and of course no hassle with installation cody launched it here just about three weeks ago and it sold out in five minutes Cody we begged you we asked you and you made it happen welcome back sir Thank You Adam Cody we have so many people who messaged and said I missed it I didn't get it we're gonna do as faster presentation or as long presentation as we can depending on how quickly this goes but I have to ask you for the folks that did not see it how did what was your lightbulb moment with the portable well it almost started out of necessity because I was getting construction done at my house and the electricity was in the bulbs are in but the power wasn't turned on and so as the flashlight guy the construction people thought hey he's gotta have a flashlight and when they asked me I was embarrassed because I didn't and so we created the porta Bob because you can you can fasten anywhere but you can take it with you it's brilliant and it's innovative and it begins right now folks we have nine minutes they're telling me there's two thousand available and that is it we're gonna show you how this works if you have a space in your home it might be the under the sink the shed the closet it might be the pantry it might be any kitchen cabinet we are gonna put light in there and we're gonna make it so versatile oh wait what did you say Allison wood we're just gonna play a minutes on the clock oh boy this is gonna be a race Cody take us through it just so everybody knows this is a four pack so it's not a one two three you get all four of them will show you as much as we possibly can how it works again cody is an American dreams success story here on the network and Cody's only here a couple times per year Cody show us how the porter Bob works my friend so the porter Bob like Adam said it's portable but what's the nice thing is you can easily mount it anywhere there's a 3m adhesive you simply peel the back off and you can stick this to any surface whether it's the storage shed underneath the cabinet and what I love the most about it it stays put but because of the magnetic base it can go with you now you have a great flashlight or a lantern as well you can't always have an electrician come over a wire everything and you know a lot of us we desperate for some illumination in certain areas this gives it to you but the joy is maybe you know it's at nighttime maybe the power goes out you're gonna whip one of the portables out of its and casing and you're gonna use this as a flashlight it's fantastic and of course this is a special card LED which gives you that optic white light and they sit the power down take Cory they do and that's the great thing about this so it's brighter it's more than G efficient but it lasts longer as well so it really is something that is a it's an easy purchase that when you use it you don't have to be changing it the entire time we wanted to show you over here we brought one of our just our closets to show you how it's gonna work it looks like a normal life of I mean really taste egg on it went from darkness to light in just a second so the power goes out and then we're gonna grab it and it goes with you I mean even down here that we created it looks like a light bulb yeah we did that on purpose so we want to resemble a light bulb but we didn't want to be tied to electricity right Wow drop it it's it's actually shatterproof you see it doesn't matter of course mine mine the battery came out but ultimately with this kind of product I mean Cory you want something that's gonna be durable what about under the cabinet so that's actually my favorite place for it because very few cabinets have electricity and again you can put the light bulb in there so it works great and you can reach into those hard-to-reach spots maybe it's dark in the corner and you can use the bulb and you can see exactly what you're looking for well the thing is you would not have a light onto that and then you're always reaching and search and you're trying to find what it is you need and now you know exactly where it is some folks when you turn the lights down completely you see one and you're done really AM you don't even need a second one in there do you call it call it no you don't but I found out that we can find places to use it because most of us have a storage shed in our house or a closet with no light or even in the pantry so you definitely find a way to use all four well for those wondering of course I just put the battery in them again mine is working perfectly you want something that's going to be durable you want some it's going to be easy and for anybody out there that's living in a home condo townhouse and you are always struggling in a space it is not well lit it's not illuminated this is gonna give you what you wanted the biggest confusion last time and you probably receive messages about it as well people thought they were getting one for 2495 they thought this was a one pack and I think that's why when it kind of sunk in you get four of them that is a killer deal even with that free shipping and handling that makes this a no brainer so just to quickly go through before they're gone it is battery powered it's a grab-and-go light bulb it can be used hands-free or as a flashlight remember that it's perfect for attics for closets for basements for pantries for tents under the stairs and of course so much more if you were one of the first folks to be able to get this home from the last visit we'd love to talk to you and hear where you were able to place it so Corey when you were building this and designing this what was the most important feature for you I think the most important feature was to be able to mount something I'll be able to take it with you so when I get this home show me how I mount it because when you say mount everybody starts to think about the tools and everything else yeah so there's absolutely no tools needed I already have this one peeled back but there's a 3m adhesive on the bottom you simply peel the protective cover off and you simply stick it where you want it and then after about 30 seconds you let go and you'll be on there permanently until you you really want it off so there's you know so many times you buy products and they sit in the box because we don't want to tackle the assembly or tackle the installation this is superior stickiness from the 3m company where you take this off and that's just gonna simply stick wherever you put it so it can be as permanent or as temporary as you need it to be it's a great idea final three minutes before sellout Allison how many folks ordering right now okay with everybody on the phone there's less now than 700 left only presentation the only airing that you're watching is happening before your very eyes we'll even do a flex pay so you get it home for under $13 when it comes home then where do I wait do I get the batteries included yes absolutely okay so you're getting it yeah you get 12 batteries confirmed from producer allison so you get 12 triple-a batteries where did the batteries go come on so the battery is very simple install you simply take the base off and there's a little battery pack here and there's three triple A's in there so when the batteries are gone you just put new ones in recycle the old ones and you're good to go and again that's gonna last a long long time so you don't need to be worried about changing in the whole time and the on and off button is easily accessible as well so it's right there on the side can we bring the studio lights down one last time and then we'll kind of walk over to the closet and underneath the counter just so everybody can see it's not a yellow light it's not a blue light it's it's a true white light isn't it Cori it is and that's because of the Cobb LEDs and it resembles what you would normally see outside too so that's really nice but not as a different type of LED technology to what we're used to correct correct so usually when you when you think of an LED product you think of nine LEDs or ten LEDs this is one panel with a bunch of LEDs soldered on it so there's less things that can go wrong and like Adam said earlier it sips the power so folks look there it is it can be staying right there but then let's say you're under the kitchen counter or maybe it's the closet and you'd like what I'm searching for that pair of shoes or that belt I can take it from its mounting and look down here so I can see everything that I want to see that's the joy of it yes it's fixed but then it's magnetized on the inside so it can stay put wherever you want it to be very very smart again we're showing one you get four of these so four different areas in your home are gonna be covered okay the final one right behind you Cory is there it is imagine we're under the kitchen sink maybe what how I been calling you Cory yeah why didn't you tell me I figured wasn't all that bad oh my gosh whenever I feel like well cut you look like a Cody now that you've said you should have said to me alright I'm like Cory Cory Cory change the Alfred D or whatever name you want to put to it the Porter bulb is just perfect so we put two out here as you can see right there and of course with these ins we actually mounted it in with screws but you didn't need to do that no okay with everyone on the phone line less than 400 left what happened when you got home then when you when you sold out in record time what did people say to you well the funny thing is I got a lot of phone calls asking me hey Cody why am you told me about this Porter bulb and so my relatives wanted one of my neighbors wanted one too so just like with the contractors I was the bad guy again not giving flashlights out but now they know you see I'm the pricing of course with what we have at HSN is the best anywhere in the country so even though the portable was kind of taken on a life of its own you know you're getting the best deal anywhere when you buy it from us and by the way can I just I just wanted to come in folks just so we can come in close the name on my card as you can see it says Cory imprint right there who wrote this it says Cory Cory I'm sorry my friend Cody final words look into camera four and tell everybody why this should buy one of our portables I should buy one because they're you're gonna use them almost every single day and the great thing about it you get four of them so if you only use one or two or even three you can get going away and now one thing that we didn't talk about that I love is the magnetic feature yeah so it's great for the guys that are out in the garage working on the toolbox it sticks anything metal so it's very versatile light the other thing is well yeah people don't realize it but even though this is this is such a bright light they don't get home do they know so they're gonna stay cool to touch both of my boys have one next to their wake up Milla night they can grab this bulb and we have to work on getting burnt and they can put it back when they're done it's just a great idea I think the thing is as well there's a lot of light solutions out there in the marketplace and I don't think anybody up until now it's kind of really cracked the code with the perfect idea I mean even here on the network Cody we sell like a 1 or 2 pack of other light solutions like $29 so to get four of them with all the batteries included with all the items that you need in terms of the sticky tape for the back it's just brilliant with everyone on the phone 200 now remain as soon as it sells out completely we'll let you know Cody congratulations man I appreciate it if you have a product like Cody if you have something where you think I should be on that I 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