Promier Porta Bulb 4pack Wireless COB LED Bulbs

we're gonna talk about Porter bulb is an LED light bulb if that was one right here big difference though this one works without electricity if the world's first grab-and-go light bulb that needs no wires no electricity nothing Damon how did you find out about this let me tell you Oh so everybody I'm bringing on this I don't necessarily have any kind of participation in the company I just wanted me great entrepreneurs this entrepreneur for charity put up some money to go fishing with me and we're fishing you know and he put up a good amount of money to go fishing with I mean we're out there fishing I said what do you do and he sends me over a couple of lightbulbs and I go why didn't you tell me about this all the time we've spent time fishing we should've been hanging out the light bulb and this is Cody right here come on in buddy another great American entrepreneur American this is this is awesome Cody tell me about your lightbulb moment when did this happen well actually my friend and I were both thinking of a design like this and it was right around the same time I was getting construction done in my home and it's funny everyone knows me as the flashlight guy but I got ya and the construction guy says hey do you have a flashlight and I was very embarrassed because I didn't have and my kids end up taking them the neighbors take them so I developed this as a product that you can put anywhere and you can grab it and go daddy's tell me seriously how many of us have a dark area in our home is the closet is the cabinet we're gonna show you how it works I do want to say one thing as well Cody is also responsible for our big surprise item which is coming up in 25 minutes time so you need to stick around for that chance let's go over here alright I'll actually take this with me since I can't take because you can with me you get all four and you get all the batteries to go along with it Cody where where am I using this where am I gonna put this so you're gonna use this anywhere where you want light and you normally wouldn't have it because there's no electricity so this what this has there's a peel and stick base so there's a 3m adhesive and basically you're gonna pull the paper off and stick it just about anywhere and then the cool thing about this this will stay with you the ball has a magnet on the end so you can pull it off and you can use it too so if there was an emergency if there was a power outage yeah I know that if I place one of these let's say in the closet or in a I can reach in and simply take it out I know I have a flashlight every time I go for my flashlights I can't find them number one oh I've tried the solo one to stay charged they never stay charged or I find the one I have I took the batteries out for the you know for the remote control all the batteries are rusted and it's dead now this is always going to be around somewhere and yes it's in your house it's in a closet right there you take it out and you go you know let me go over to the power box some fuses blew let me let me let me see what's going on here we're getting questions and it polishes if I didn't make this clear you get all four we're showing lots out there but we'll show you exactly what you receive that's why I think everybody was stunned at 24.

95 with free shipping to flex pay under a thousand now they're telling me before it's sold out if I were gonna put five minutes on the clock final five minutes to grab it this is the Porter bulb it is a world first is it the shed is that the garages of the Attic is at the basement is it under the sink is it in the closet is it the pantry right now in your mind where is it that dark space where you can never really get light and the idea of bringing an electrician in it's crazy big roaming lines you know okay so if you alright with everyone on the phone there telling me six hundred folks please bear with us we're trying to process the calls as fast as they are coming on in let's go over here because I actually think we've got another set up take us through this one Cody what have you done so this would be resemble a base cabinet in your home and we've all got those obviously very few of them actually have a lights in them right and we'll open this up and you can actually see the portal bulbs lit it's lighting the entire base of the cabinet and the nice thing is had I invented this before the contractors asked for I could have used it because you can simply take it off and it goes with you and it is magnetic as well so you can also stick it on anything metal as well I just I mean look at it you'd never even know would you it looks like you've had it wired in there yeah you can turn it off any time you know save the energy in it and doesn't the charge a little keeps the charge from the magnet so actually the the magnet is there just to hold it attach it to things and the base as well but the nice thing about this is you're gonna use it in places where you normally wouldn't have a light so intermittent use you're gonna get months and months out of the I think you know and this is a great example of being able to see how bright this is the LEDs are gonna last basically forever in a day I keep going back to in my mind the flexibility that you've got with this we see a lot of great lights and in fact one of our other surprise products that I keep talking about from Cody is going to be a light but with this one you are not fixed in any one place I can mount this by just sticking it so I don't even need to get my tools out but I stick it and then I can remove it I mean it looks what I love is how cute you made it with like it looks like you screws in but you can have four different right now for the same price you can afford different flashlights all around your home in the event of emergency alright folks we are about to call this completely gone if you are ordering right now you're gonna get one but other than that it is over there are batteries which you get included the batteries needless to say I presume Cody you're gonna last a long time because the LED sips the power doesn't it absolutely so this uses cob LED which there's a bunch of diodes on one panel so it's very energy-efficient and it will last months and months because you're gonna use this in places where you normally wouldn't have light so there you go so that way very cool this is for you my friend congratulations now I don't want Cody to go anywhere because.

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