Qashqai J11 DIY voorlichten vervangen met wittere LED lampen

In this video I explain how you can replace your lamps Qashqai J11 easily yourself.

In this case, I replace the standard halogen lamps with LED lamps.

Besides the Tekna edition, the Qashqai comes with halogen lamps.

Not only is their brightness is very limited, they are also a lot more yellow than the white daytime running lights.

Both issues are resolved with LED bulbs.

Because I do not live in an urban area and so also use my high beams a lot I replaced both the low beam as the high beam headlamps.

Switching between the two of them would otherwise result in a weird color difference.

LED lights are available in the specialized car store or through online providers such as AliExpress.

For the low beams you’ll need H11, for high beam H7.

For 2 H11 bulbs you pay in EU about € 120, -, onAliExpress that will be about €35, – The delivery took a lot longer, 6 weeks, and there had to be paid extra import costs.

Total costs for the 4 bulbs was € 100, – which is still less than the local price for 2 bulbs.

Here the unboxing video.

The quality of the packaging and the lamps looks great.

I have selected models with active cooling, there are also models available with a passive heat sink cooling with netting were it happens here with fans.

Here once again the original setup with the yellow lamps.

The access to the lamps can be found in the extreme corners where the work space is very limited.

To get a better idea of where you are looking at here a lamp unit seen from behind.

We start with the low beam headlamp front left.

That is to the right when you are in front of your car.

Turn the socket a quarter turn to the right and then you can carefully pull out the lamp.

The lamp itself can be removed from the fitting by pulling back the catch.

Then grab the new H11 bulbs.

With the cooling the rear is a lot bigger than the original halogen lamp.

Around the lamp are plastic cutouts of which one is slightly wider.

It is important that this part is placed at the wide notch in the fitting is so the lamp fits.

Then turn a quarter turn to the left to the hold lamp in its place.

Then connect the plug and test whether it works as with LED lamps the position of the plug is of importance.

If the lamp does not light up you must connect the plug just the other way around.

Then work away the cable in the available space.

The difference is obvious.

The new lamp has exactly the same color as the daytime running light, in contrast to the original lamp.

We then repeat the procedure also for the other side.

Here, however, you’ll have some more work space.

Hereby the result with the new low beam headlamps.

Then we continue with the high beams.

There the working space is even more limited, the job is a little more difficult as well.

We start again with the left lamp again, so to the right when standing in front of the hood.

To gain access the air filter needs to be removed.

Pull the two plastic plugs up and unscrew the bolt.

Then squeeze the two ends to hook it to open and pull the sleeve gently.

Now you can disconnect the plug.

To do this, press down the catch and pull the plug downwards.

Unscrew the sealing cap a quarter turn to the right so you can lift it.

To loosen the lamp itself, you must press the iron hook down and sideward slightly.

It comes up along the lamp and the lamp can be taken out.

Remove the bulb from the fitting.

Then grab the new H7 bulbs.

These also are bigger and have cutouts, so look closely how to position them exactly.

Then pull the iron hook back around it.

As the cooling in the base of the new bulb a lot bigger, it can be quite a struggle to get the hook around it It can only be done when the bulb is already well placed.

Not easy especially with the limited place.

When the iron hook is hooked up again you can plug.

Here again, you should just test which is the right direction so that the lamp is working.

I am using the original connection without modification so I always can, even on the move, put back the original lamps if needed.

The cover is placed upside down under the lamp so it is relatively protected from water and could do no further harm.

The air filter can then be mounted again.

The same operation is repeated on the other side where it’s just behind the windscreen washer liquid.

The space is a lot more accessible.

This is the end result.

The comparison speaks for itself.

The light output is much higher and very pleasant to drive with.

The color fits nicely with the daytime running light and is easy on the drivers eyes.

As it looks like it remained the asymmetrical light display and the lights do not seem to be blinding for oncoming traffic.

Links to the lamps are found in the video description.

Thanks for watching and see you in a next video!.

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