Reciclando lustres abajur com globo

hello guys I'm Luci Buzo and I'm here on my channel with another video and in today's video I'm going to make a lamp very easy to make and you can even do with pieces that you have inside your house and if not, you can buy in electrical supply

stores this is a way for you to decorate your home with cheap parts transforming parts that you no longer use in useful pieces that will give a charm to your home and before the video leave your like your comment, with doubts, with suggestions, with criticisms and don't forget

to subscribe to my channel to receive news is always up to date something else share this video with your friends because if he helped you he can help someone else too Let's go to the video to mount the lamp I will need awooden base which can be either

wood or MDF well, as you all know i like to recycle reuse everything I can everything i have available this wooden disk I had already painted to assemble another piece later I ended up leaving aside and now I'm going to take the opportunity to mount the lamp and

I will also use this piece this here are those support bases for globe some people call this piece a plafonier this type of support is widely used in corridors and even in bathrooms and it was made to fix glass globe both the ball globes and thoseflat, oval the

first thing to do is paint thiswooden disc because I want it to be the color of the wood I could even remove the paint with sandpaper or chemical removers but it takes a lot of work so I'm going to make a patina withwood look I will pass a

white paint when white paint dries and I will doa patina with brown paint this paint I'm using is acrylic paint but if you want you can also use acqua bitumen I dilute the paint with water which isto facilitate application the only downside is that it takes longer to

dry to get closer to the effect is the color of the wood it would be good to apply varnish but I will not pass this piece I want it to be matte but if you like a piece morebright and just apply a coat of marine varnish how this

support is based on therusty socket I will remove the socket and paint the piece this wire that holds the globe I will also remove and I will cover these holes with doughplastic to facilitate the application of the grease on the part on the back I'm going to put

a masking tape then just pass the plastic mass after the dough has dried, sand to make the surface smooth and now paint, like this piece ofaluminum I will apply a deep coat of paintI'm using galvanizing Galvite is a special paint to apply on aluminum parts or on galvanized

parts and you have to pass that fund to obtain a better adhesion of the finishing paint when the bottom is dry just apply a coat of the final paint which can be synthetic enamel paint or acrylic paint if you prefer you can use spray paint saves you time,

both fromapplication like drying to assemble the wiring of the lamp I willneed a pigtail which is a wire with a plug and a switch if you don't find a ready pigto buy I posted a video teaching how to ridethis piece Click here on the cards and you will

be directed to the video connect the ends of the pigtail wires to thesocket the socket i will use the same as was on stand now just fix the socket on the support with the wiring ready just fix the supporton wooden base the fixing i'm going to do with

screws like this flat iron which is where the socket is fixed it is leaked I will use here to fix the screw the lamp is ready these screws I will use to attach the globe to the support look how the piece looks really cool use your creativity and

create piecesto decorate your home or to give a gift to a friend a kiss and until the next video

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