red led makeup challenge *i failed*

hi, what?? what up buttercup? so, I bought led lights *like everyone else* and I thought “um hello lets do the red led er makeup challenge” but.

So the quality like, the lighting is gonna be really bad the lighting is bad now.



but So I'm watching this back and yeah I'm the queen of shitty lighting but why would I justify having bad lighting when I'm literally doing led light challenge.

That was the dumbest thing I've ever said please ignore it.

Small brain.




I saw Vereena Sayed do this and I'm like ooo oooo I wanna give it a try so I am and who's gonna stop me? No one.




lets go.

Oh my god, I can't really see.

No shit Lets do my base first I'm using you guys as a mirror because I feel like, like my camera *wrong* as a mirror, my iPad as a mirror I'm using a different iPad so hopefully the quality is a bit better *let me know* I'm using the one I take to school so.




as soon as I *no one cares, beating my face with annoying amounts of Roblox oofs* I can't even tell if its blended *probably isn't* like thats so weird like its so cool but oh my god.

I don't know if its blended.

I'm not doing um foundation cause I don't really wear foundation.



oh my god I don't know where my pimples are.

Michael Scott: “Thats what she said haha”.

Because I can't see where like where it is and stuff.

I'm gonna *barely* do my eyebrows.

Where's my *doesn't finish sentence* where's my eye stuff? Why is there a lipstick in my eye stuff? *cause I put it there* Okay, um, this is the *reads* this is the 'Tarte' *can't see* 'Busy gal brows' because I'm lazy and I'm not bothered to do my eyebrows.

But I'm very like eyebrows like *doesn't finish sentence* I hope that was fine, I barely put any on.

Cause I didn't want it to be too much.

Bro I can't actually see what the colours are *thats the point* You guys are my mirror *2nd time saying this* so *roblox oofs* Oh and I'm just bringing this up to my eyebrows to conceal my eyebrows cause I'm lazy I feel like this one is white.


I think this one is white because I've used this palette before Um I'm just using this one just so I know like the set is Um now I don't know what any of the other colours are and I don't wanna like K.

I'm gonna use this palette.

I'm gonna dip into this colour.

It looks white.

I don't even know if it's on the brush Like I'm actually like dipping in *shows to prove* and I don't even know if its on the brush *tap* this is not immaculate *this only makes sense to me whoops* I feel professional.



I know which ones is glitters only because like I can see the glitters in them *girl what* I don't know if they are evenly blended, I don't know if they are blended at all.

I'm doing another makeup video again, when I can't do makeup.

But Thats just me Okay.

I'm gonna go into this one, sorry that colour I used was sour, this one is called Mara.


schino *idk how its spelt* I can't really pronounce names And it looks a bit darker, thats why I'm a bit *sighs* I still can't see if its on the brush So I'm using like a pinker palette, like a oh sorry I'm using like a pink palette Cause.



I thought that one would be very hard to see I'm using this just to deepen it in like the this outer thing, just so it looks a bit nicer and I'm just gonna bring it forward a bit Just to go over and blend.

I'm just gonna *jibberish* Um I'm just gonna go in with the white from the first palette, I only know its white because I've just used that Thats why I'm not using that palette, but is that cheating *probably* I'm gonna do with this one called 'Bakewell' I think its a brown, oo *tap tap* Oooh that one I can really see on the brush Um.

Im gonna put that in my inner and middle why am I so focused its scary Okay.

I'm gonna go, I'm just gonna go In with a glitter now *oh no* I'm gonna ugh, if there's any left in this.

I'm gonna use my 'Stila' glitter But will it go with the colours I've used? I can't really do that cause you can't see Um, I don't know how much of this is left so.


Oh yeah! stuff is coming out, I just can't see it.

can you guys see it? Oh my god if this looks like I got punched in the eye like I did in my 'Roblox' video I'm going to dip into 'Blossom', sorry I'm just gonna, blend the top here Now I think.

This one is either blue or purple.

This one is green? Maybe? I don't know.

I don't know what these ones are so I'm gonna use this one.

I feel like, why not.

I can't tell how much is on my brush I just got *roblox noise* ooh.

I had a low battery warning *why did I call it that*? With your loose powder, tap and just pat it on *idk why I couldn't explain* Where you put concealer (or foundation) You just gradually keep patting it on And then just wipe away the excess Cause I don't like to bake Okay so now that I've baked.

I thought, to do my under.

So we're gonna do 'Sour' and *name I can't spell* I'm gonna pat them together and *make this face for a boyfriend*.

wow so I just blend all on my eye bags CUTE I think it's a nude.

This lipstick is Ahhh a bit dry.

I'm scared.

*instant regret* Lets review this look.

I thought this was a nude.

I thought I was only doing that!! So *time to process* Robloxians made me hot but led lights made me ugly Thats a switch In the next clip you're about to see I “saved” the look.

I added concealer under my eyes cause I had too much eyeshadow and I put it on the side of my eye cause I like the sharp look.

So thats what you're about to see in the next time and I was overly confident in myself Oh wait I think I saved it, just by doing that.

I think I've actually blended not too bad.

I think I actually did a really good- like with my eyeshadow.

Apart from like the glitter, there wasn't much glitter was there? I feel like I was packing it on, like to be fair it was on me because like that was a bit empty.

maybe its not that bad.

maybe, I should give it a chance.

I didn't do blush because I don't have any on me but my cheeks are red enough so *heh* I hope you buttercups enjoyed the video.

If you did thumbs up.

*kisses*love you guys.

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