REME HALO LED – Whole Home Air Purification; a.k.a. Flu Shot for Your Home Reduce germs ( 2020)

How you doing it's Howie here with EcoZapp and we are going to be talking about the Reme Halo LED and the originalversion I want to explain what's different between the two.

So first ofall what is Reme stands for? A lot of people don't know that, that's thenumber one question I get asked, it actually stands for Reflective Electro MagneticEnergy basically it's a flu shot for your home so this is the originalversion of the Reme Halo this is the new version, this is the LED so I'm going totake it apart here take a look and see what we've gotI've already have some of the stuff taken apart but I want to go over theparts of why it works and how it works all right so let's go ahead and talkabout this this is the Reme Halo LED this is an ozone free air purifier it isactually the very first 100% certified ozone free air purifier by ETL Intertekso it's designed to cycle on and off with your blower because it is a LED soit doesn't add lose any life when it turns on, turns off so if you are heating the air or cooling the air or just moving air around your home with the blower for theHVAC system this will be on but it'll shut off when your AC is off so it's notgonna be using any energy.

Over here we have a ceramic catalyst this isinfused, this actually helps reduce the hydroperoxides that bonds theparticulates together taking care of that and then over here we have theionizer this produces the ions that actually kill the virusesbacteria VOCs smells odors you name it it'll kill itso this is the newest one on the market and it is 100% again 100% certified ozone free by ETL Intertek.

Let's talk about the original one why is this onebetter than then one this? what they do the exact same thing parts are a littlebit different on this one you can see this one uses a UV cell it's rightinside here and this shield here and the netting here that's actually coated witha titanium dioxide and a zinc ion and these those react with the UV, because of that reaction that's why it produces ozone so this one does producethe ions just like this one doesn't do it through a generator though it does itthrough a UV cell reacting with different types of metals on this oneyou can see this does have the ceramic catalyst as well it is Zinc infused so itdoes kill the viruses on surfaces as well however you can see it's permanentit's mounted you can't pull it out and clean it so it's gonna get lesseffective over time this one has a 7 year warranty this onehas a 5 year warranty this one the cell gets replaced every five yearsthis one the cell gets replaced every two years so the differences are, againLED cell why is that important? The LED cell is longer-lasting it doesn't needto be changed every five years, the LED cell is actually what helps get thecatalyst moving throughout your system this one LED this one UV, UV produces the ozone why is ozone important those one's not very good foryou or the environment and it produces a kind of a different smell throughoutyour home, so some people like it some people don'tso the summarize what if both of these do they both kill everything they killviruses mold bacteria growth VOCs odors to whatever you need to be cooking ifyou're cooking bacon in your home gonna clear it up within about an hour.

soyou've got the ceramic catalyst that's movable and cleanable and you have thepermanent catalysts on this one that is not removable or cleanable.

So why arethose important those are the things that produce the hydro peroxides thatactually bond the particulates together and what does that do? why is thatimportant? ultimately it's going to pull more particulates out of the air andmake your filter a whole heck of a lot you more useful and it won't be grayit'll once you clean it out it will be nice and white like this for a longerperiod of time.

So the difference is the ionization we've got the reactionbetween the ultraviolet and the bi-metal and titanium dioxide and zinc andeverything else that's mixed in with this and that's also what produces theozone which isn't always good for you or the environment , this one is the ions areproduced by an ion generator that actually produces all the ions that willkill everything so they don't they both do the same thing once better for youand better for the environment once not all right so we've gone over technicalwe've gone over the summary of why these are both the same on why they workhowever these I always like to say they're not ado-it-yourself kind of thing they're not terribly hard for licensed contractorhowever most licensed licensed contractors sell these things for wellover $1000 we charge well below that we chargeabout half of that and here's why we're half that for a number of differentreasons.

Number one they don't take too terribly long to install but the biggestBiggest reason we have that is because we believe in the product all of ourstaff has that product in their house and some version of it and it's justsomething that we believe it's a flu shot for your home there's been testedhave proven that if you have the flu and you sneeze that 99% of those germs arekilled within 3 feet these are a perfect application for a number of differentthings you can use them in your home you can use themyour Home, or a retirement-home or a preschool.

personally if I had a little kid I wouldnot take him to a preschool that didn't have one.

The public school system, theseare actually proven to reduce absenteeism.

Hotels, cruise ships, hospitals are already use them and any place where you have a population with areduced immune system these are absolutely ideal.

I could go on and onbut the point is these are good for everybody this is the simplest thing youcan do to make your home and your indoor environment much much better much muchcleaner and much much safer for you to protect your family in advance so if you're the type of person kind oflike me that likes to use hand sanitizer and make sure that my hands are nice andclean and it's killed everything to touch this does the same thing for yourair and surfaces it's a whole home air and surface sanitizer.

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