REPLACE Your RV Bulbs!

oh it's a beautiful morning out therehe's like 70 degrees just perfect I got a couple packages coming today there area couple little improvements for my for my RV so I'm excited to get get themexcited to put them in and excited to show you guys what I got I went to thegrocery store yesterday and I bought nothing but snacksthat's all I buy and cheese was on sale so I just bought a ton of stuff forquesadillas and I just gonna like eat quesadillas for the rest of my life ohalright so I just ate like four cheesequesadillas and that put me into some sort of weird cheese quesadilla coma forthe last hour so I passed out I don't usually take naps in the middle of theday but let's go see if my package has arrived yet very crafty you have package I'm gonna replace thatmy kitchen event thank you you're welcome December activities.

What is that, it has legs and everything.

you need a ladder your first time hereyeah yeah it's something special man super nice people here super niceservice super awesome service bringing the ladder to me today we will bereplacing my kitchen vents my old ones just flapping in the wind smash in ventinstallation kit this is a putty tape I'm gonna be putting the putty tape onhere to seal it and then putting the screws through then I also got these LEDlight bulbs and these are gonna replace all the bulbs in my RVthey'll decrease the energy usage of the lights they also produce a lot less heatoh yeah and I got this nifty little keychain ring tripod for your cell phoneso when I'm out and I don't have my camera I can still take really cool timelapses and I'll let you know how this works let's do this vent all right first we're gonna go ahead andtake off this old that is a new one look how wide it is Ijust shredded to pieces taking off see how yellow it is looks like a good fitalright now I'm gonna remove all the excess putty that's sitting around thathole all right so what we're gonna be doingnow is putting this putty tape onto the new vent and then we're gonna screw iton and hopefully that should be it let's go put the new one on there it isI might caulk around the edges too just because I don't know how good that sealis what people said you don't need to so let me know if you think I should allright we're taking a break from upgrading the RV to go out to dinnerwith a couple friends here at the campground all right we're gonna goahead and test out one of these LED bulbs here they are and made in Chinawhat do you know all right so old bulb new bulb can youtell the difference between the two that on the right is the LED bulb and on theleft is the incandescent bulb that's hot this is what my rig looks like these areLED lights right here none of these have been replaced yet so these are all stillincandescent bulbs but we're going to test this against what its gonna looklike after I replace the LEDs keep in mind that if you do end upgetting these LED light bulbs that sometimes you may need to flip them overto reverse the polarity if they don't work at firstokay so I've just replaced all the bulbs with the LED bulb and my house feelsmuch more like a jail yeah I kind of feel like I'm in prison or in an officeof some sort my cameras on the same ISO as before so we should have a prettygood picture of the differences between how it is now with the LED bulbs andI'll flip to the incandescent bulbs and we'll see what that looks like as welland compare them side-by-side so what do I think about these LED light bulbs ifyou look right behind me you can see I think these bulbs are different shadesof white should you buy these bulbs I don't know I will say a couple of thingsone the energy draw is much less usually when I have this many of my lights on inmy camper I can hear the fan that cools my breaker boxI can hear it on it's blowing it's making sure that breaker box is cool Ihave a lot more lights on in my camper right now then I usually do when the fankicks on and there is no fan so what I'm assuming is that the power draw is muchmuch much smaller and then on top of that heat so these incandescent bulbsthey pretty much as soon as you turn on the light these heat up really hot theycool down pretty quickly but they get hot really fast and if you have them onfor an hour two hours three hours four hours five hours they're going to beextremely hot he is definitely something to consider as his power draw so Idefinitely think LED bulbs are great for that their downsides is theythey are not quite as bright they're close but not quitethey're also not quite as orange and that orange color makes you feel likeyou're in less of an office in more of a home what I can say is when I went andremoved a lot of these bulbs I noticed that some were burnt out butthere were also some that were black like this I'm not sure exactly why thesewhat bulbs were black there's only I think two or three of them but it lookslike either they were going to burn out soon or they were going to light mywhole rig on fire and kill me in my sleep I would say that you should buyLED bulbs to replace your current RV bulbs but you might want to look into adifferent manufacturer maybe one that doesn't have this big ole made in Chinalogo on it maybe try to find yourself an American manufacturer that gives aquality product it'd probably be safer brighter better just more consistent youprobably wouldn't have bulbs of different colors until next time guysmake sure you subscribe to the channel I put out awesome videos like every singlefreaking day so you'll definitely want to be a part of it so hit that subscribebutton just do it just do it I know you want to just hit just click just clickit it's right there it's right it's right under this do it give this video athumbs up if you enjoyed it and until next time guys I'll see you later what a day what a day what a day what aday.

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