Replace Your Ski-Doo XP Snowflap with XS/XM LED Tailight Snowmobile flap

okay today we're going to be removingthe stock XP taillight assembly and we're going to replace it with ataillight assembly from a ski-doo Rev XS I did this for two reasons, one its LED andits tres-cool and the second reason is I want more of a distance from the snowflap to the track which the XS snow flap offers so let's get right to this we're going to drill out these rivets pull the bulb out.

Back through thehousing.

I'm gonna take the bumper off to get that snow flap off and then they'llgive us a better view of the tunnel for the XS adjustments so Drew's got the 10mm going there, he's spinning those off.

Then the snow flap can come off.

That's what we're looking at, she's really mashed in there.



yeah that's from bottoming out.

Hitting bottom with that on does cause some damage.

We don't need this light so we're justgonna cut it right off and that should give us enough wire.

Maybe I'll take abit more.

Strip these back now This harness came with the XS light.

So I'll just cut back a bit here.

Strip these off.



We've got these temporarily wiredup.

I tested it it works fine so it looks like I've got lots of extra on there.

I'mgoing to cut these back too.

You want these to be really low profile, you don't want anything sticking out so that this tube can slide back over and we can get a good heat shrink on it.

Then put a little soldering paste on the wires.

Like I said, make that as flat as possible.

So we've got all three soldered up now.

Slide those up, and we're gonna getthe heat gun to shrink those down.

I will just test fit the XS light housing on here.

It looks like it fits good except this tab has to come off.

If we have to rivitthrough here, I don't mind, but that tab must fit into a hole on the XSwhich we don't need here.

This assembly came off a wrecked sled.

I got it from asnowmobile wrecking yard that's fairly local and so it's it's got a few dingsand dashes but it'll work for what we need it for and I don't mind if I haveto drill a hole in there and pop rivit that as well which might be the case, butthat looks like it's fitting good.

I will pencil scribe along the bottom here that's just so I know where these holes are gonna end up.

They're an inch andthree-eighths from the line.



that's gonna be good I think she'll befine or maybe they won't line up, if that's the case then we will figure something else out.

This uses the same holesthat the stock XP flap uses which is great I don't think they changed thetunnel on on the XP to the XS so that's a good plus for this project.

We'll just start a couple of rivets here It's a fairly easy project.

You can see the little washers in place, they're all popped in there's the screw up there so it lookspretty good from the side.

Like my decal I put on there? The only thing I got a dois figure out how to get this angle better cuz you see how low that is? Imight have to just strap it like I did the other one until I get a tunnel extensionbecause I think a tunnel extension is definitely needed.

I don't think I'm gonna put rivets on the top.

I think you'd be fine like that.

The actualbracket that's on the flap bolts right up to the bumper on this thingit's actually perfect.

the wrecking guy said “oh no, you don't needthose little brackets you won't use them on the XP install” The tab is brokenoff the other side 🙁 like I mentioned, it's a wrecking yard kit so it's notperfect.

Here we go.



That's good! I've got a big washer I bent to fit theshape of the flap, I got a little rivit washer and I'm also gonna heat this up once Irivit it this so that it'll maybe retain some of the shape.

That's Cool.



It's great, I am happy!.

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