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has five models in its outdoor homesecurity camera range and I've been looking at the floodlight cam thebiggest and beefiest of the lot so across rings range the central cameramodule looks pretty much identical on all of rings devices the big differencecomes in how they're powered and the illumination that they provide atnighttime here on the floodlight camera it connects up to your house wiring hasto be connected to your wall and the illumination comes to these two largefloodlights where the other cameras in the range of spotlight cameras just havelittle LED lights down the side of the camera box that means that this providesa lot more illumination in nighttime it looks a lot like a traditional homesecurity blight system and that's probably not a coincidence becausethat's exactly what its intended to replace if you've got one at the momentjust take it off the wall this one will mount straight into the same junctionbox if not you're gonna need a junction box on your wall or in your wall andyou're gonna have to run power to it that's because there's no battery optionwith this light but assuming everything set up on the wall installation waspretty easy you'll also need a good Wi-Fi signalwhere you're putting it in because there is no Ethernet socket on this light butmost homes have a pretty decent Wi-Fi connection around their edge so when wegot it going what was it like similar to rings or other products we got a greatpicture during daylight nice colorful sharp images and at nighttime there's acouple of small infrared LEDs at the top of the camera and they provideillumination for a night vision mode you don't see quite as much with the nightvision but it gives you a chance to see what's going on outside your house whenit's dark now if motion is detected that's where those two big LED floodlights come in they switch on and they illuminate the area with 1800 lumens oflight that's about 4 to 5 times more light than rings spotlight cameras whichare the other cameras in its series there is no dimming control on thesystem which is fine for a security light but if you're hoping it'll dodouble duty say to illuminate an outdoor entertaining area then you're probablygoing to have to come up with something else the infrared sensor on the bottomhas a detection range of 270 degrees that's a very wide range when anythinghappens in that range in its detective those lights will come on but the cameraon it only has a range of a hundred and forty degrees so stuffs going on at theedges the lights will come on and that might be enough to scare anyone away ifthey're lurking in the bushes around your house but you're not necessarilygoing to see them unless they come into that central area and when the lights docome on the camera stays in night vision mode no you don't get a color image ofwhat's going on in front of it to cut down on false positives you have motiondetection zones you can draw these on the app and keep detection to just theareas that you've defined that's useful if you've got something moving out inyour garden that's always triggering the camera in terms of range we measured itto at least 12 meters about 40 feet from the camera system and sometimes it wasdetecting things a little bit further too so you've got a decent detectionrange around your house if someone does come into that range and you see themthere's a two-way talk feature in the app you can press a button and you cansay something it comes out of the camera and you can listen to what they'resaying – and if that doesn't scare someone away there's also a hundred andten decibel alarm on the unit as well the camera costs two hundred and fiftydollars but that is not the end of your spending oh no a lot of these homesecurity systems these days try to lock you into a contract for storage ofthings ring is no different if you want to review any recorded video you'regonna have to pay three dollars a month or thirty dollars a year per camerathere's a slight discount if you have a lot of these cameras ten dollars a monthor a hundred dollars a year for an unlimited number which is basically thenif you have four or more it's cheaper to do it that way but if you just have thisone then using it over five years the camera and the subscription you'retalking about a total investment of four hundred and fifty dollars you don't haveto have the subscription but if you don't have the subscription it's notgoing to record anything and you're not going to be able to go and review thingsthe lights will still come on trigger on motion you'll still be able to watchlive but that's it so consider that when you're looking at prices tech I've ratedthe camera at three and a half out of five we think it's a great addition ifyou already have a ring home security system it integrates straight into theapp and you can see it alongside other ring outdoor security cameras and thevideo doorbell if you don't have ring systems at the moment then there aresome other cameras that are worth considering the Maximus floodlight camhas a couple of large LED panels similar to this one but gives you a color imageat nighttime and the Notaro presence has a big LED light panel and records imagesonto an internal SD card there are no cloud subscription cost with that youcan find reviews for those you can run through reviews for this on techyv.


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