Sengled Snap LED Lightbulb + Wireless HD Camera

I love our innovations event here at HSN because we bring you the most innovative the most easiest fun to use products that enhance your life your security and your home this next product is exactly what innovation event is all about because when we talk about the snap this is literally a snap to set up you screw it in like a light bulb and because it is a light bulb it's an LED light that's energy efficient are you ready for this that's going to last you 22.

8 years okay for real I'm not making that up it's on my blue card 22.

8 years now it's not only going to illuminate your outdoors for when you come home and it is also a built-in security camera inside the LED light with motion detection and it's a high-definition camera this is the most ingenious smart way to install a security camera now before Aaron gets out here I have to share with you because this is brand-new you only have a limited time and limited quantity to be able to take advantage of this offer we have exactly a thousand of these to go around we anticipate they will completely sell out this is our showstopper it's on sale it's one 1995 we've got free shipping and we've got 5 flexible payments which everything in our electronics event innovation event is on 4 flex and free shipping we got an extra flex Aaron Berger everyone knows is our amazing electronic expert always great to have you they don't like the DIY gated guy today they've got a lightbulb it's our torch too it's it's it's real technology it's real innovative technology when you take something that you use every day yes and you make it so much better so this isn't just you know a fantastic floodlight but it also has a high-definition video camera in it has a motion detection sensor and it's always taking video of what it sees it has two-way talk so you can actually tell anybody vision it has a night vision let me show you I want to show you guys we're gonna come back live here for a minute I'm going to show you you know we often think it's as easy as screwing in a light well it's literally come on come over here with me from it I'm going to walk over and just show you how you install your new veneer new home security system and you know your light and all of those good things so it's as simple as twisting it in you just twist it and all the way and then the thing that you do is you make sure that the black part here which is actually the camera is more or less at the bottom so it would be like it's a six o'clock position no I don't know if you can see but there's a little blue light right there that means it's getting a fact it's flashing right now that means it's connecting to the Wi-Fi and that means that now you have so if you've just put this out facing your pool facing your backyard facing your garage and your garage oh this is % weatherproof so this goes anywhere this goes on the porch this goes in the veranda it obviously can't go inside it can go in an overhead light any any socket or it can go right into a butterfly hang on I want sure you got something live so so come back over here with me for a minute so what I had just before the show is we have we have two other cameras set up as well I'll show you in a minute we have um all right outdoor camera setup and then this camera right here that I that I'm just using plugged into that little socket to show you we have that one set up so what we haven't set up see right there you can have three of them set up on one account at the same time now this says loading video the video that this is loading right nothing that is the camera that I see how it's just pointing over here me and now I'm gonna actually kind of kind of move over there and wave towards it one of the things that you'll notice is that it has a hundred and forty degree widespread angle so it can see Robin and I now the next thing of course that you can do with that that that's different than any other camera that I've ever seen is you can turn the light on so now when you guys see that do you see that I just actually you see I just turned the floodlight on so one of the nice things is yeah it's night vision but if you see something going on and we'll get into motion detection in a minute because well actually you can get detection sent automatically to your phone if motion is detected so someone's around your home and they shouldn't be around your home one of the nice things is you can use the walkie-talkie and say get away from there go or you could say calling the police I'm calling the police or if it's a notification and you see that there's the every mannequin or you go oh hey thanks will you just drop that right at the whatever for me they can talk back and they can oh yeah we can do that for you sure no problem and they're looking right into the light I mean how cool is that now keep in mind because it is that motion activated that is that extra peace of mind that security we know when we have experts here and even on the connected life with brett chuckerman they will talk about all the things that you can do to protect your home protect your family light is one of the big key things you want to illuminate your home so that will kind of deter people you also want to have the motion activated cameras now you're getting the best of both worlds you get the motion activated camera all builted and it's high-definition now you're going to have that on the loop it's gonna record for 24 hours so that's a cue record actually for the first 30 days it will record and save that 24 hours for us seven-day period but forever for free it goes on a 24 hour recording loop and like we said it's recorded so if there's anything you need you can always save it I want to show you something else that is really really cool and really specific and different about this camera there's a couple things so this is one that we have set up outdoors right now as you can see so if you want to go in take a better look you could always just do a double tap and this is gonna give you a better look at the video there there's Russell sitting out in the chair one of the things you can do is you can can you believe this you can pinch zoom in and you can see look how much you can zoom in there's there's Russell there's our producer sitting out there chilling out in the chair I want to show you something else that's really hard I see watch this you can set up motion detection zone so you see that I have motion detection on right you got on here you have motion detection on and you can add motion detection zone so for example if you just want it to know anytime somebody sat in that chair now you've set that up as a motion detection zone if you want to know some time anybody comes in the pool door for example if you have this around your pool or if you want an alert no matter what happens any time you can choose when to get alerts so again when there's motion detection you get alerts into your phone hey something going on you can check out what's going on you can set up actually up to three different motion detection zones I'm setting up some zones or you can leave it as basically having the entire camera be a motion detection zone that's entirely up to you something else I want to show you that's pretty cool we're gonna get we're gonna save those settings and then get back into our live video and I'm gonna turn my volume up as well this has volume on it so if I wanted to check in on Russell check this out I can go I can hear the birds chirping you can hear the birds chirping chirping out them you can see he'll take this minute hey Russell it's Aaron and Robyn we are hanging out in the studio and we're watching you it looks like you're pretty much chilling out out there how's the weather is that cool so it's really clear that's it yeah well I give it just a minute to get the microphone again and then I can talk to him and tell him yeah thanks Russell we can hear you really really clearly as well hey listen if you want to ride around on the bike a little bit we are we're all dying to see you get on that bike you just need to find a helmet he's a man of simple words but imagine now you can have that two-way audio I love what Aaron said if you're having packages delivered and maybe you don't feel secure enough to be able to open the door that's a wonderful way you could say hey yeah just I see you just drop it on the door thank you so much and then after they leave maybe you can wander out and do that maybe if you have pets I would love this a lot of us have the floodlights that are in barns if you have a barn if you own a farm this is fantastic oh look you can hear my talking back turn you're like that but you now if you do have a farm imagine being able to keep an eye on all of those animals also the security of your family of your farm of your belongings and this is that deterrent it's simple it's easy there are no wires this is only plugging in or can plug in to the established plug right for another plug into your outlet into an outlet the light bulb jeez Aaron I'm doing a grease from your socket that's the word right into the socket it's that simple that easy it's not complicated you can see the cameras built-in it has night vision it has three detection modes that you can set up very easily we only have a thousand of these to go around also because of that night vision with the visibility you get the two-way audio you get the bright light the light by the way guys not to just talk about how fantastic the high-definition camera is but the light LED light bulb is going to last 22.

8 years how many of my husband buys new floodlights all the time it really is it's an extraordinary thing okay we're gonna take all the lights in the studio down okay now this has night vision so you can't you can't see me anymore right because you're looking at me on our on our HSN cameras but what you'll notice in just a minute on my app we'll take a close-up look at the app and you'll see that it's night vision ability its ability to see at night will kick in and you can you can you get awake it's you could actually see that happen the other cool thing is not only do you have great ability to see at night on the camera you can also turn the light on so anything you can't see well or anytime you don't have a great view even though this has a really great night vision optic in it it's any time you want to turn the light on watch this you can flood your scene with light and when you fled your scene with light all of a sudden that will take about takes usually about five seconds or so there's a little bit of a delay so there's the night vision first kicked on and then you'll see when you flood the scene with light you certainly have a better view so you always know what's going on Robin during the day during night you can always take a look at live video you can always take a look at record a video that kicked into the night vision so it just there's a little bit of a delay you can see that kicked in the night vision and then once I turned the floodlight on you have an even clearer view on top of it absolutely and there you can see look at just the clarity but the fact that this is brand-new today the first time you're getting to see it for our innovation event you simply screw it in you know Aaron's right as host we always sometimes and guess we're like it's easy as screwing in a light bulb literally is you screw it into that socket and now you are going to download that app and now you're going to be able to set up your home security system it is that easy it is that simple it is that built-in LED light along with a high-definition camera whether it's the pool area whether it's a patio whether it's the front door whether it's the garage maybe it's an additional shed that you may have or a dark area of your home we have a golden retriever we have a puppy dog at home we go out in the middle of the night you know we kind of odd sleeping schedules because of where we work and we'll go out at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning it's pitch black we have one of those floodlights up at the top I am getting this because I want to be able to have this all the way at the tip of my of my house that is gonna give me a hundred and sixty degree right I think that's the angle at 140 140 degree angle now that I can visually see who's coming who's going and Aaron let's walk through all of the top features who screws into any standard socket so you don't have to have someone come install a security system you just have to if you can screw in a light bulb you've installed your own security system hey quick number every 15 seconds a home is broken into an America there's a property crime in America it cost us fifteen billion dollars a year this is way you protect yourself there's motion detection you could drop to three zones of your choosing so you can get an alert anytime someone's in either the entire area of the camera or even if there's a certain area that you want an alert on auto night vision that night vision is out of this world it takes about 10 seconds or so for it to click on but you get such a great clear view and then of course you can always shine a light on the situation as well ultra wide 140 degree angle lens it's weather resistant this can be indoors this can be outdoors this can be in the bar and this can be out by the shed I love it I think it makes one of the greatest gifts for anyone because there's no monthly fee to it you know usually when you give a security system there's a monthly fee associated none associated here you can monitor your home all the time remotely on the app whether you have an iPhone whether you have an Android phone you can adjust the lighting schedules and modify the bulb settings all right from your apps so it's a smart light and a smart 1080p camera suitable for outdoor conditions this is really nice too it's very energy efficient it consumes only eleven and a half watts of power while lit Robin made a good point she said Pat is out that feels like buying light bulbs all the time yeah life on this is twenty two and a half years so you gotta have a light anyway you might as well be able to protect your home have high-definition video oh let me show you guys one other thing okay while you do that I want to just say I mean ask yourself how much money do you pay on just a normal flood light and then are you replacing those two times a year three times a year you add that up I bet you easily get two one 1995 or even flex pays and now you're gonna have this for twenty two point eight years on average so that is pretty remarkable Aaron is back at 11 a.


this was our showstopper it is brand new today first time you're getting to see a combination of an LED light floodlight built in with a high definition security camera with motion detection state of the art technology but screws in and plug I mean it's like that plug and play as we say but this time you're screwing it into that socket Aaron what are you showing I was just showing is yeah if you look you look over your past day this will show you every time there was there was motion zone detected and then you can watch that recorded we will see you later on the day thank you for being here.

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