She led me down the Silk Road of Uzbekistan

– So just arrived in Tashkent and alreadythere's an issue.

They took my drone.

It's going to be interesting to see if I getit back again in 2 weeks time.

That's how long they'll keep it for me.

Maybe I actually get some documents and theyallow me to film and promote Uzbekistan but it's the first time I've ever had a droneconfiscated at the airport.

So it doesn't start off so well.

Now we're in the Tashkent to Samarkand taxiso basically you come here and you haggle to get a taxi all the way to Samarkand and I'm here with Angie! So welcome to Samarkand in Uzbekistan.

We are standing right here in the Registan, which is the iconic square in the center of Samarkand with these beautiful madrassas – absolutelystunning here so let's go and check it out! Let's go! So finally I have my hands on a plov (pilaf), which is a very popular dish obviously in all of CentralAsia but here in Samarkand they claim it's like the original.

I'm not sure if it's true or not but I'llgive them the benefit of the doubt.

So this is something that took me 4 days becauseapparently, well not apparently, for sure you cannot get plov after like about 1pm, 2pm maximum in Uzbekistan for some reason they don't eat it in the evenings just forlunch and they spend a lot of time preparing so restaurants will only do it for you ifyou come on time so that's also a reason why .



you know, I'm a late riser.

I don't like the mornings.

So after breakfast we didn't make it.

– My name is Aza.

– Aza, ok.

I'm Conor.

– I'm chilling.

I'm after work.

I'm chilling in the bar and something likethat.

It's Samarkand.

It's not about the .



here is life .



peopleabout .



125 nationalities living in Uzbekistan.

Yes, yes, yes! It's the truth.

For example, I'm a Turk.

I was born in Uzbekistan and I'm living hereso something like that.

– So it's a bit melting pot.

– Yes, yes! And what about you, bro? Where are you from? – I was born in Ireland.


– Ok, Conor McGregor! – Exactly! My name is also Conor.

– Really? Ok, this is .



his name is Ramil.

– Ramil, what's up? – He is a teacher.

Ramil, what's up? So a big thank you to the staff at DilimahHotel here in Samarkand.

They have graciously hosted me over the lastfew days of my stay here in this fantastic city.

It's a pretty cool hotel.

I'm going to link them down below.

It's in fact the premier hotel here in Samarkandand it has lots of different things obviously, facilities like a spa, a fitness studio .



soin the spa they have a pool as well as a sauna and of course there is a restaurant.

You can spot that maybe in the backgroundhere in the lobby to the hotel.

The rooms were fantastic and I'm going linkthem below so if you are planning to come to Samarkand, this is the place for you to check out.

Ok, so wrapping up here in Bukhara.

It's a smaller town vibe – a lot of beautifulbuildings, all right in the center, a lot of amazing history because this was the centerof the Silk Road bringing goods from China all the way to Europe which made this regionextremely powerful and wealthy and it has a lot of these small little pools of water.

It's like an oasis town.

That's why of course, this city was builthere on this spot.

People had water when they were travelingand that's the whole thing with the camels as they were using the camels to transportthe goods, the precious goods that they were going to sell on in Europe and make thosetheir money, make those greenbacks.

Yeah, so that's it.

That's Bukhara.

That's all I've got to say about it.

So behind we have the Hotel Uzbekistan withsome advertising on the facade, super cheap looking.

There we go! What does it say? You can get advertising there if you callthat number.

That's so cheap, man! Tacky! Ok, so minus 1 for Uzbekistan on that.

So my trip to magical Uzbekistan has ended, I'm back in the capital Tashkent, just a little bit of time to look around especially at thisguy here, Amir Timur.

The whole country is about Amir Timur andhis horse.

Apparently that's what you need to be to bea real man in Uzbekistan.

You need a horse and you need to look likethis guy here if you are going to impress the local girls in Uzbekistan.

This was not a normal Tsar Experience video.

Of course, I am not in Russia, Ukraine orBelarus but I'm going to be going there very soon when I jump on a plane back but beforethat I have some exciting new content coming definitely in Kazakhstan.

I'm going to be flying to Almaty and maybemaybe I'm also going to go to Tajikistan.

I just have to see what happens with my travelplans so see you in the very next video.

We are at the Registan .



Registan? – Registan – Ok, once again!.

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