Smart Solar Geometric Lantern w/Retro Edison LED Bulb

happy Saturday everyone I'm your host dollars stuff we are live here at HSN this hour is gonna help you get into the mood for spring we're gonna help you garden with ease give you tips and tricks and just helpful tools that are really gonna help you bloom this

spring season and we're gonna start out with a little bit of decor now you know that that's always that piece that we tend to leave last because we want everything to look beautiful but from smart solar we have this gorgeous geometric Lantern it has that retro Edison bulb

with those little tiny micro lights but this is completely solar powered so the Sun does all the work all day long to charge this beautiful copper cage design and then at night it illuminates it glows it gives you that perfect ambiance you can place this on a table

scape you can use this for parties you could hang them basically anywhere your little hearts desire these are gonna give you that beautiful ambience you get one today on this amazing clearance price less than $10 I'm gonna shop along with you because this is perfect for as we

go into entertaining if you can maybe pick up a couple because I think that they sort of need a sister or a cousin and a friend I brought in my friend my best friend are you nice to be with you this morning are these not the most precious

okay and you know they're only ounces they stand about nine and a half inches tall they are about five and three quarters in diameter so they're just the right size but as your home BFF I don't want you to forget the importance of outdoor decor and this has

brought to you by smart solar smart solar is the leader in solar powered outdoor lighting and decor so all day long this is going to drink in all of that wonderful sunshine you'll leave this in an area where it can this little monocrystalline beautiful solar panel right there

on the top look at how cute that looks because it actually looks like a light bulb it looks like you could put a light bulb in here and you can see the glass Edison bulb Edison style bulb and then we've got like a little tiny microscopic string of

the micro LED lights inside powered by the Sun and then you can expect eight hours of illumination from dusk until dawn 8 hours that you can place on a table on a wall on a steps really easy placement wherever you can get it to soak up the Sun

during the day these are completely solar-powered less than $10 for one definitely if you can't think of where you would place these they are a copper finish a nice copper metallic finish this cage design but look at the presence look at how spectacular they look they look good

even when they're not glowing Alexandra day and night there's beautiful day and night if you want to put them inside you can but obviously they're not going to illuminate inside because they are solar-powered and they're designed to be outside so let them drink in the sunshine you know

pepper them on your patio anywhere that you would like to have that decor and remember you can hang them to so this is wonderful for your shrubs and your trees or even if you want to take something as simple as some monofilament and because they're so lightweight you

could actually hang them on that monofilament line maybe string it back and forth twice just to get make it just a little more sturdy and then you could hang them and how beautiful would these be you can put them line the pate the paver stairs if you wanted

to put them tabletop if you like to but these are the items that really make it look like you know what you're doing outdoors as we're getting into spring and decorating and if you're really into the rose gold trend I don't know if you love rose gold I'm

wild about rose gold I find that integrating copper metal steel with the rose gold is also a lovely touch so if you're really into rose gold the copper is beautiful remember okay I just wanted to say inside this edison style is those little tiny micro LED little LED

light LED lights you guys know that's gonna power for hours an hour and hours let the Sun just do the magic and then eight hours of illumination during the evening they'll automatically come on you just decide how many you would like for us to send to you today

because that's really gonna be how we have to decide you want them up of stairs do you want them on a table scape you have a wedding are you entertaining for Easter or brunch they're gonna look beautiful during the day because they have this copper metallic finish I

love you made them swing look at that no there's some because I feel lightweight the lightweight they'll dazzle in the sunshine let them drink in the Sun on from dusk until dawn dawn and I just love that geometric pattern so it's very joy it's very on the trend

we're seeing them with all the movement of course stores and in Pinterest you can see them everywhere but we're the only ones that have from smart solar this is less than $10 to get home a great housewarming gift or you know a college student or maybe there's a

dorm room or a new you know I don't know just new home this is really fresh and exciting you just want to be on trend and seem like you know what's going on the banks so thank you so much Alexandra we appreciate that you bring this uttered it

always those wonderful little home decor pieces that just make it super special today we are excited to announce that we have free shipping on some of our select lawn and garden items you can search outdoor or you can talk to your representative we are excited that spring is

right around the corner so this hour is all dedicated to really helping you get prepped and prepared for your lawn and garden and that could be brand new outdoor you know scape right when you

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