Smart Solar Geometric Lantern w/Retro Edison LED Bulb

some amazing amazing buys coming up in the kitchen coming up next all right so we're gonna continue with helping as we say this whole hours about offering you items that will just improve either the quality of your home making cleaning your home or how about aesthetics well we're going to present today the smart solar geometric lantern first thing you think when you look at it look at how beautiful this is it's done in a really pretty copper finish not only that it is actually all created for everyone with a solar panel that is built right onto the top and today mark from 1495 $9.

95 free shipping and handling five four zero 377 alexandra bakker with me today take a moment sneakers on hello everybody this is beautiful because I love the geometric style it's solar powered it runs for eight hours we you said that you know we're taking care of different areas in your home well how about taking care of outside and not forgetting to decorate brought to us by smart solar the leader in solar powered lighting and outdoor decor really great wonderful simple little product it's a sweet lovely Edison bulb light it is glass in a metal cage and inside the glass bulb there are little it's almost like a little mini light strings and it looks like a wonderful you know bulb but you'll never have to replace this fault because right built right into the top you can see that I mean angle it there you go right there is that little solar panel it's built right in you don't have to do anything it just drinks up the Sun all day long and then in the evening you'll have these peppered on your patio on your on anywhere outdoors and I want to make sure that the Sun can actually you know reach the charges right yeah I don't want you to necessarily just keep it on the lanai or a balcony if you are just make sure it's getting some direct sunlight so it can recharge and then you can enjoy it for eight hours at dusk into the evening into the night just lovely I like how you can hang them they are just the right size about nine and a half inches tall including the handle five and three-quarter inches in diameter right where my lower hand is you can see that it's that open cage the cage design is very popular right now it's coated in a copper paint so a very very on trend but it's just simple it's just little touches of light that you can pepper throughout your outdoor space for a little bit of decor and these are the touches that really make you look like you know you're the hostess with the most are home they're so pretty and by the way again the value Timmy $9.

95 we sold them for 1495 and you're getting them for 995 each today with the free shipping and then obviously an opportunity for anyone to be able to take advantage of an opportunity to put them anywhere you know we're showing to you hanging but there's no reason why you couldn't just put them like on a table top to decorate as you're doing a dinner or maybe you want you have like steps up to your home and you'd like to run them along the steps or you have a pool you want to put them outside around the pool area or around the outside deck area the key is that they just need to be able to be charged obviously as the solar panel is built right into the top that's really nice but I love this cage design the cage design is what's really unique about them and they're very lightweight so if you have shrubs if you have maybe a fence any and you know what even if you have some of those really nice string lights if you have any type of large string lights that have the little clips on them we have a lot of decorative elements that we share with you that have little Clips this could hang from the little clips if you want to right there on the fence or in shrubs anywhere that you can just place these and as we mentioned yes you can even put them here I'm gonna put those very slowly now put them right there on the table but it's just sweet it's simple nice dice it's clever in the design that it's the actual bulb but when I put my hand over it the way I'm putting my hand over it is because we're in a pretty lit studio right now so because of the bright lights it kind of replicates the Sun so they turn off yeah but as soon as it gets dark how perfect they turn on I love that little string light look I know it's quite different and there are actually nine and a half inches in height in about five and 3/8 of an inch in diameter and and we I know we have a clock that is already up on the screen but remember I mean we sold them for 1495 and I'm obviously this is for individual they're 995 today so $9.

95 is your price almost 400 already spoken for and they're different I think that's what I like about them you know and a lot of your solar lights you know these are these are for aesthetic these are for atmosphere right need the ambiance right we do such a great job of having that wonderful ambient light inside our home but sometimes we ignore outside our homes and frankly we're doing a lot of entertaining outside all of us were enjoying our outdoor space more and more later into the year even even in the wintertime we're enjoying our outdoor space so why don't you consider having a few of these there is no way I would want just one I mean you've got to have at least at least have a set of to have two or three and have them on the time on the table if you're going to be dining alfresco if you're just having a glass of wine with your neighbor that you haven't seen in a couple of weeks and she wants to tell you about her vacation would it be nice just to have this you know on the table Bobby I think when something is just so simple when the LED is built right into what looks like what looks like the bulb this is the part that looks like it should be screwed into something but it's actually where the built-in solar panel is this is very high quality smart solar is the leader in the industry oh yes I are they manufacture probably most of these solar lights that you see everywhere I mean they really are the leader in that type of lighting solar lighting and outdoor decor you know what I did notice I noticed too that when you go to price like solar lights that are more decorative that they're expensive they can be very money today this looks like it comes from that fancy hardware do you know exactly what you're talking about yeah yeah have those unusual finds that is what we love about HSN I am your home BFF I love things to be chic simple affordable I want my home to have a certain look I'm I want to do it on a budget and that's why I love being an HSN customer first and foremost but that's what we love about HSN is that we always have these products that are a little bit unexpected that you don't see everywhere often it's something that is created just for us and so this is a great example from smart solar it's metal it's glass it looks like the Edison ball that is so you know it's made very on drag so we have in Tampa right built on that foam yeah and you're a history buff you know look into the history of Edison and in the moment you know this is a great talking point but something so simple so inexpensive that can really give you a lot of bang for your buck and you don't to worry about batteries right you don't have to worry about a one-time purchase one-time purchase put it outside let the Sun recharge it this is going to give you years and years it's powder coated steel you can see how it's well made it's a lovely cage geometric and I don't think I'll ever go out of style I don't think so the copper finishes we said also also lend to the fact that it's very very much on trend and the fact that you can put them anywhere you know I said we have them hanging here there's your little solar panel that's all integrated right into the top so the fact that it again it can sit on a table that you can hang them I tell you I've seen these done with wood they have them like hanging in trees it's so beautiful so just anywhere where obviously the panel can be fully charged during the day with the Sun and then your ability just to decorate anywhere at all so different and unique and when you get them home and you see what they are they are they're like the little lighted wires that we offer I know how much we love yes string lights you know that we have I mean how popular were our string like this yes so popular love the string lights you can continue that theme or even layer in your string lights with these I think it's so clever that inside the glass bulb we've got that little microscopic string light with those tiny little rice sized straight you know LED lights inside it's a white warm it's a soft warm low radius and yeah I keep putting my hand on it because I want the lights to turn on but we've got them now we did nice you can see them so simple beautiful every single day I realize it's really the simple little things that that make you happy little thing you you want things in your home that really bring you joy I really try to eliminate things like you know bring me down in that yeah I want to be surrounded and it doesn't have to be extravagant I want to be surrounded by lovely simple things lovely happy people yes I agree agree agree and then you know for anyone looking and thinking okay well this is this for power illumination that that's not what this is about this is really ambient this is ambient light its atmosphere it is that little touch of unique decor and again when you look at just the way it's constructed that solar panel it's integrated right into the lid and it can be used anywhere as we mentioned and the fact that you just like all it has to do is be able to be somewhere where the top can be the panel can be charged by the Sun $9.

95 today and remember they're individual from 14.

95 was our HSN price in the past free shipping and handling so I love that everything that we've had for you in this hour you've had the free shipping and handling and then you know even when you're shopping on our clearance you have that.

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