Smart Solar Geometric Lantern w/Retro Edison LED Bulb

when lawn and garden in fact you know what we're gonna do we're gonna illuminate your lawn and garden right now because one thing I've got a dog if you died of a dog you walk them at night what I do is I had my peoples lighting when it's outside but what we got is beautiful cost-effective in some cases solar powered lights so you don't even have to have a hard wiring or anything but we're going to illuminate the lights in fact that's where we're gonna start we're gonna start right now this is brand new now I don't know whether you remember a little while ago we had a strand of Edison lights hugely popular we'll get ready for this we have got the smart solar geometric Lantern now first and foremost it is solar powered it is beautiful and talk about the Sun let's talk about the Edison globe how quickly that's just taken off in popularity however at 9.

95 cents do not just grab one of these this is five four zero three seven seven is the odd number you're the best part when the Sun Goes Down these turn on they've been charging up the sun's been illuminating it keeping it keeping it charged ready to go so when the Sun Goes Down these turn on they'll last for about eight hours in fact I've had some solar-powered Christmas lights and I found that even the next morning and I've got young children so I'm up pretty early and with this job huh I'm up pretty early as well when the Sun comes up those lights are still on but as soon as that the Sun comes up these turn off they start charging up 9.

95 stands now I want to bring in your BFF when it comes to internal decoration when it comes to alexandra bakker good morning morning these are beautiful not just for a decor inside but definitely for sight I don't want you to forget the importance of that accent lighting when you're working with your outdoor space so it's your patio your lanai your balcony whatever you have you want to be able to add watch this some beautiful lighting do you see how even in this bright space that we're in you can see that when I cover up the little miniature solar panel how the light just comes on so right now it's almost like it's sunshine right in this beautiful space that we're in but when the lights go down here we go you will have magic and television Alexander Eddie this Shawn's going down right now love them so my bang this is so sweet so nice so bright and instead of there being an actual light bulb or any type of filament inside for those of you who love the string lights can you get guys unless you say these tiny bit like teeny weeny little microscopic string light is actually working inside but it is solar-powered it's brought to you by smart solar smart solar is the leader in solar power lighting for the outdoor spaces beautiful ambient light accent lighting it's a precious little Lantern I'm just going to show you now you can place a couple of them on your patio table look look at how light this as you see you can place this on your patio table you can hang them from underneath the umbrella I could put that right underneath the umbrella there are always like little Clips throughout especially underneath the umbrella where you can hang these these are so light I mean they just wait a couple of ounces and what's wonderful about something like this particular item it's unique in its design it's a geometric design it is a cage-like shell with that also popular right now Edison light bulb you know we love things that are like the mason jar we love reclaimed wood when we ready shading shabby chic red almost like with a touch more of a vintage quality so here's an opportunity for you to layer this in because just like the lighting that you have going on inside your home think about it you have your ceiling lights you have chandeliers you have pendant lighting or even table lamps or floor lights well you have different types of lighting peper directors oh yeah pepper number one pepper or keeping track of everyone peppered everywhere here's a way for you to add in another layer on the outside so here's that microscopic isn't that the sweetest it's the tiniest little solar panel this is very high technology because or the latest technology I should say because in this small little you know one inch in diameter space it's the solar panel so all day long it is drinking up all of that sunshine all of the bright light and recharging itself you never have to worry about these yet you have this nice light little shade so it is a simple way to layer in beautiful lighting outdoors I still cook about a couple of things here first of all solar technology has improved exponentially right in the good old days when it first started out solar powered lights were dimmed to say the very least right they weren't powerful enough they didn't really absorb too much power now the new solar technology as you said when it comes to smart solar they've got fantastic products you'll be amazed at how little light this actually need during the course of the day to charge up and I've discovered this because you know again I've used with my Christmas lights which the best thing ever because you don't have to run out cords or anything with this you can put them anywhere I want to show I want to show show you shot I'm going to take take a quick little walk right over here for example this is this is a perfect example of what I'm talking about with multiple layering the lights so we have a couple of pedestal lights here if you are on your patio you might have a beautiful strand of the edison string these will have that edison look that's why they are so popular here we have a large lantern with some this is what the string lights you can see the string yes that's in Selenas candle and then you would just come in and layer something like this look just so simple maybe you have a little end table where you actually have the patio set you want to put something on that cocktail table or the end table take advantage because these are the little elements that are really going to help your outdoor space stand out you know what up the stairs your entry area right is going up your stairs to greet your guests because the other one thing not only is it of course decorative but it's also there's a safety element as well so maybe your stairs are a bit dark is you looking here note that we're in full light how beautiful these are in full light and of course the light struck down bit of a candle it did not not even candle it they're doing the they're doing the smart solar lit dinner and just know create a little bit of ambience and that's what it's all about if you again like me right you walk around at night I let me explain that before you starting just with walk around night walking my dog biscuits and admiring homes how well they're lit right I mean it's a security thing for sure means someone's home number two it changes the look of a room of an area around the pool around the lanai wherever it is now I don't have a pool I don't have a lanai but I certainly have a little porch right and to have that change of light gives it a whole new feeling and the best part is it's not hardwired I haven't brought in a contractor for ten dollars for one of these now look this is beautiful you know what this reminds me of you know as a show I like to watch okay I want the other channels right in Texas she likes to use ship black like she's like a ship laughs right one right oh everybody you know I'm talking about is a couple of things yes yes she is this mulleted dad 100% because it's a lot of details what they are what she's known for is it's very absolute Lee all of the details so you're looking at something that she's creating you're thinking what is it that's so different and it's the attention to detail and this is the type of detail I'm talking about now our neighbors recently completed their pool deck so they have this beautiful all paver pool deck and they have beautiful landscape lighting that's throughout however some of the lighting was too bright at eye level and she said along the fence line she wants to be able to hang something that is giving just a little bit of light in the evening without it being too bright i leveled when her guests were sitting around the soul and so what she needed was something just like this so Christina I'm telling you right now we need to get half a dozen or a dozen of these precious little geometrical bell pepper them about yes we're going to how many times can we say – okay I think we said twice hey by the way I know with a crowd whether we've got the there's also some information because we did have that strand memory you and I little wire the Edison bulb strand your lights that would go above plug in plug in yes yeah all right so if that's available on hsn.

com that's on hsn.

com if you're loving the Edison bulb trend whether it is a large bulb whether you're seeing it on planter you're seeing them everywhere and it is because we like raw materials to be exposed you know just like we like cement or as I mentioned the reclaimed wood mason jars making lighting elements out of that is that what it is she black yeah everybody loves that all that wood that's going on the side so here's a way you can hang this on the fence and you can see I mean they're just so lightweight so you can hang them just about anywhere you can even use the clear filament fishing wire yeah and line the fence with that because it would be enough to hang on this now the reason why I keep putting my hands here if you're wondering what I'm doing is because as soon as I do that you can see that the lights illuminate and as opposed to there being a light bulb it's the shape of the ball what's going down a little and eternal ring a microscopic string inside this is really special and precious you know we're all sorry sorry Alexander but as soon as I see this because where do you need light we don't normally have light when you're out camping maybe you got maybe an RV RV right you got a camper right you're out on the campsite just and yet and I've discovered this recently I've got some lovely friends of ours I got a great camp we go what I like to call glamping with them it's not really camping go glamping right way too glamorous or do camping however you're still out in the elements and you certainly know you don't have street lights so you just have a few of these peppered around the campsite and hey presto you brought back that little bit of beauty that little bit of ambience because remember in full light these are gorgeous right these are absolutely stunning dimensions not a half inches tall five and three-eighths of an inch in diameter so that's going to be at its largest point I love that it's just a little shell it's that cage almost like a cage look and then the bulb is on the inside but as opposed to a traditional Edison you know the good ol Edison Electric Company or electric lighting bulb that is just so on-trend right now the bulb has this microscopic string lights inside powered by solar brought to you by smart solar they are the leader I mean the worldwide leader in the solar powered lighting now there's no light switch no I know hardwiring no wire there's no contractor you take this out of the pack you set it up on the top right this is where the magic happens this is where good old Mother earth good on mother nature with the Sun takes care of it right this charges up throughout the day you know the other thing is it doesn't even matter if it's overcast because people think I hang on and I tell you as long as it slide out this will charge up as I say before the technology that's gone in leaps and bounds when it comes to a solid solar technology means that is charged up through the day and then the tiny little built-in battery will make this illuminated for up to eight hours they on for ten dollars for this you're paying $10 for one I mean you and what to do it's about the quality and the uniqueness the reason why you love to shop on HSN is because you're going to find you know our buyers curate and find the latest greatest items that are out in the marketplace now so this isn't something that you're going to see at some of your stores when you're when you're shopping these are unique they're decorative and they're functional because of the lighting so if you have an outdoor patio table if you have that outdoor cocktail table or the end table that goes with your beautiful new wicker and cushion seating that you're looking at this year and bringing into your patio this is what you'll want to decorate and remember it's about layering you're going to have your in the ground stake lights I believe we have a presentation we do those are coming up with Peter in just a few minutes you're going to have those lining the pathway then you're going to have your string lights that are up and above you're going to have your mini string lights that are inside your planters and inside your mercury glass jars but then if you still want to have another layer that's actually on the table you know if you're dining alfresco this is the perfect tight watch I'm gonna put these on the table can you see if I'm dining alfresco and I had a grouping of them you know all the way down what does alfresco mean at those 80 outdoor dining right so if you're going to be hosting a nice party and you want to just this is the perfect level to me there is some I was just wondering defeating sprawling Resco look with that before you know what we love the he from me because there's a lot of me on the phone lines this is the first time we're showing this for $10 anyone knew you know what this is a wonderful invitation for viewers who watch that HSN many many times I thought you know what I wonder how good the product is I want we've been here 40 years in July it's because of innovation beautiful products like this right here as to why we've been so popular and tens of millions of viewers like yourself have made that very first purchase credit card debit card will set it straight out to you have a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee I'm making a hip prediction with this because this is a single I can promise you this is always happens here at HSN is that when they become so popular the next request is but I want more so it can be guaranteed in the future you see these bundled up sin fours in six and eighths but now you've got the chance to be able to get it the very first time we're gonna have a sent out you're going to have it on your doorstep within 7 or 10 working days but as that like Sandra I was talking dear I'll see you about the network itself here you know we spend a lot of money on our lighting anybody does you think about the shows that you watch on TV you know whether it's a romantic show whatever the lighting outside you can just look flat plain dark right a simple bit of illumination changes the whole scene accent lighting is so important I cannot stress to you enough the importance of having this in your decor it there is just something about your soul and your spirit what that little bit of writing does when you're sitting with your friend just as we're showing you here having a glass of wine enjoying a cocktail during this lovely weather we're going into the summer months look at this off of a lovely hot tub or the sauna or the pool and you have this type of lighting how it affects you and how it really makes your home look like it was professionally decorated this is an easy inexpensive way to bring lovely look at how there you got quickly respond the lights were brought down yes and it's such an inexpensive way to have so much charm and decor they are timeless really because this is something that has that vintage quality it doesn't matter what type of design that you have going on in your home whether it is a barnyard style like that or super ultra-modern seen whether it's Beach coastal anything that you're going on this is a lovely item to have with you to really bring in a little bit of lighting and add that layer at the eye length on the table without it being too strong too garish and this isn't like a mason jar where I'm having to replace the batteries right inside of the string lights or even a flame is candle where I'm replacing the batteries this is something that's being powered by the Sun this is something you could hang on Shepherd's poles shepherds poles now come in all different sizes whether it's two feet tall or six feet tall and you want to put them on a Shepherd a Shepherd's hook and have those hang in your yard what have you you'll enjoy this a simple way to add another layer of light for your outdoor space and decor you won't regret bringing this in that cage design is so unique it's solar powered never worry about the batteries don't worry about the water touching these you'll enjoy this and what a great gift if you're going to be going to some barbecues this summer bring a couple of these as gifts as a bottle of wine there you go because what ends up the bottle one yes it's drunk but then it goes into recycling you're all said and done now B yes it's drunk you're drunk you drinking why did you drink the volume oh it is drunk no I'm done yep bastard once the bottle of wine is taken to the occasion is not back they recycle the bottle it's done but this is going to be love time and time again yeah and not just for one season that's what you have to remember that yeah we're talking about summer right now because that's the season we're into it's been a cold bleak winter we've been waiting for that Sun to come out we've been waiting for those clouds to pop we've been waiting to get out on the patio the way that little and I like this lady here she's like I can't wait till the summer comes going to finally sit outside in the heat of the summer night get a little reprieve from maybe inside but you need lighting and this is such a simple way I like that just a little bit of touch now I don't have a pool but I certainly have stairs I can even have this sitting again go to the idea of as your guests enter your home it's a beautiful way to greet them you don't have to flick a switch it's going to turn on as soon as the lights go down meaning as soon as the sun goes down it's going to charge up throughout the day I like the idea I'll exaggerate it as well when you talk you know if you have maybe outdoor furniture and an umbrella and have them hooked underneath the umbrella like inside the umbrella and have it like that you can spits at flat but as you'll agree and I made this comment earlier I mean it is very shabby chic it's very much like the show that we see on the TV where the couple they come from Waco Texas and they do better what is it the ship black wood and amid there's pieces like this and not just that magazines as you mentioned before it's so simple little elegant touches that can change a whole room and lighting doesn't you'll always see that there is a layer of accent decor that is brought in inside or outside so I'm just encouraging you not to forget your outdoor space now if you're really in love as in love with these as I am I will say if you were to put them on the windowsill inside your kitchen window the kitchen window by the sink if I put this on the windowsill and there's enough light coming in these will illuminate in the evening when there when there isn't like when the kitchen light is off and the kit the butler service is done for the dish I always say my starter she's like mom can you get me one more thing I say butler service has complete its in his writing kitchen is closed everybody around these will illuminate so I cannot wait for you to get these home brought to you by smart solar wonderful solar powered little Edison bulb lights this whole house dedicated to lawn and garden I promise you we're going to illuminate your lawn and garden and not just that indoors outdoors whether it be yo whether you go camping you take it with your trailer your camper van your RV on the boat you do it so beautifully remember no light switch no batteries no I mean no contractor no hardwiring this is an introduced goes ahead through the course of the day nothing to do it goes ahead and charges up when the Sun Goes Down these turn on when the Sun comes back up the next morning these turn off and they continue to charge up and get ready to go first time ever being shown you will get first tips at nine dollars nine.

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