SS3 LED Pods: Which beam pattern is right for you?

high fall with diet dynamics talking about our new SS 3 LED pod now the SS 3 is the highest output 3 inch light on the market and that's because it uses the newest technology known as TIR optics or total internal reflection we've built the entire system on a

custom molded large TIR that'll focus all of the light from the LED and send it right where you need it on or off road this is our spot optic and as you can see it's got a completely flat face after collecting all that light it'll just shine everything

straight ahead now a lot of companies will try to do that it's called collimating the light getting it all in one direction and then they'll put another lens on top to spread it out however you might need it instead we've molded that directly into our optics that saves

a lot of light usually you lose about 10 percent just going through another lens instead ours is all one piece so again it's even more efficient now the first two beam patterns we offer our spot and flood these are more traditional but again with the SS 3 you

get more output than you'd expect the spot is our standard optic with no modifier at all and that's gonna direct all that light straight ahead making it 50 percent more intense than the closest market leader you can expect up to a hundred and fifty 1000 Candela just a

huge number very efficient to focusing all of the light straightforward you need to see far this is the optic that you need our flood is going to have a pillow optic modifier on it to give you a nice even spread of 65 60 degrees of Lights that's gonna

allow you to fill out any areas at a worksite or campground or if you're traveling really slow wheeling crawling we recommend our flood option the next two beam patterns we offer our SAE d-o-t road-legal depending on your state and local regulations the first one is an SAE driving

pattern as you can see there's just a very small optical feature to this and that's going to spread the pattern out in an eighteen by eight degree pattern this is also known as an auxilary high-beam because this can be used to supplement your car's factory high beams if

you're looking to see further down the road legally at night you'll get a lot more output than your factory high beams alone our last option will be our SAE fog light now that's going to follow the j58 one standard and it'll actually meet the newer f3 requirement which

is the only three inch light on the market to do so that's because we're able to really control that light ensuring a nice cut off to the fog pattern while still maintaining a super wide 70 degree spread of light now all four beam patterns are available in a

nice cool white to match any factory LEDs you might have in your vehicle or a selective yellow which will give you a really distinct look or help cut through that fog or inclement weather we offer two different power levels for all of our beam patterns as well the

SS 3 sport and the SS 3 pro both of these use high intensity emitters so the focus and overall output is fantastic with either option the pro is just about double the amount of total power if you're looking to see really far use the spot if you're taking

it slow and need to light up a huge area the floods your choice if you're on the road and you need to see further down the road use the sae driving if you're looking for a nice upgrade to your factory fog lights or adding a fog light application

of course the sae fog is going to be your best bet if you need any more information about beam patterns or if you want to discuss your application please feel free to contact us and we'll get you the right solution you can find these lights online at dyer

dynamics comm or use our dealer locator to find them at a dealer near you thanks for watching [Music]

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