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[music playing] [shuttering] $230 bucks.

We're back at our nerdlocker and I'm pretty excited.

I mean, hey.

Geek is chic right now.

[mysterious music] This is in, like, seven boxes.

What is it? I don't know.

It looks important.

Let me see the envelope.

Holy crap.

What? Star Trek officialprops replica.

Shut your face off.

I can't shut my face.

Did you know I could do this? I did know you could do that.

Look at this price right there.

What do you saywhen you do this? I don't get laid, either.

Chicks are overrated.

My mom thinks I'm cool.

Live long and prosper, dummy.

What is this? Telephone, I'm gonna say? Does it look kind of like a– Does a– your voice hasto get that high pitched? It's the Star Trekcommunicator, duh.

Who are they communicating to? The green [beep]These are awesome.

Look at this.

It doesn't even make a noise.

What the– It's for display.

It's not to play with.

I know Jared hates these.

But I can't wait to geek out andsee if they're worth anything.

It's worth getting checkedout, that's for sure.

But it may– Drain the coolright out of you? It's too late.

You weren't cool to begin with.


Hate to break it to you.

Because you can't do this.

[laughter] We're taking these prop replicasto some die-hard Trekkies at the Japanese gardensin Van Nuys, also known as Starfleet Academy.

[warbling] This is awesome.

I assume that you guys are theones that we're looking for? Yeah.


If you're lookingfor a Trekkers.

What's up, guys? Trekkers? Next generationStar Trek is Trekkers.

And then original seriesmight be Trekkies.

I just like Star Trek.

I don't believein no labels, man.


Score a lot of chickswith that outfit? No, I don't.

Let's see.



Yep, yep, yep.

A phaser.

Yeah, it's a NextGeneration phaser.

Actually– What does it do? You point it analien adversary, and then you incapacitatethem with it.


I'm into it.

Oh, yeah, that's whatI thought that was.

Maybe I could get achance to look at it.

That's original series.

Yep This is the communicator.

They communicated withthe handheld devices in the old shows.

But in the newershows, the badges are what you used to communicate.


So like a cell phone.

It's got themotorized Moray pattern.

That's amore! Yeah.



Yeah, so– Let's take a lookat the certificates, because there weredifferent editions, so– Ah! [laughter] Whoa.

We've got a WilliamShatner signature edition.

I think these guys might'vejust Shatnered themselves.

OK, so what do youthink it's worth? In earth?Currency? Mm-hm.

Yeah, Earth currency.

Based on thecondition, and the fact that you haveShatner's autograph, I'd say for both of them– $4, 000.

What? Shut your face! $4, 000 is amazing.

I might just "Klingon" to these.


[shuttering] $300 was a littletoo much on this unit.

So I'm gonna have to workextra hard to make a profit.

[shuttering] Let's get to it, Ivy.

Sleeping cots–$5.

00, $5.

00, $5.

00– $15 worth of sleeping cots.

Trash can– $2.


Starting off real slow here.

Hope it gets alittle bit better.

$300 for this unit andanother $100 for gas? I ain't making a profit, nomatter how you look at it.

$10 bed frame.

Absolutely nothingfor the mattress.

Whoa– hey! Lookie here.

Oh, beautiful.

Look at that.

I'm not sure what it's worth.

I'm not sure of anything.

The only thing I'msure of is it's heavy, and I like it a lot.

And it may be the coolestitem I've ever found.

I got what lookslike a ship's wheel.

Now I just needto find the ship.

Bet you any of you suckersgo buy a storage unit today, Ivy's the only onethat found this.

Captain BlackbeardIvy, sail the 20 seas! Hey, Bruce.

How you doing? I'm taking my ship'swheel to the Los Angeles Maritime Institute.

I'm gonna see ifit's the real deal.

Look at that.

My wheel bigger than yours.

[ship horn] Yeah.

Big wheels for a big guy.

And they always gottahave rims on your wheels.

I think this wheel– if it could talk– couldtell us quite a story.

There's usually a maker's markthat gets stamped into them, or a– and a date that they're made.

And I don't seeanything on this side.

It does look like it'sa real ship's wheel.

Uh huh.

Probably the boat that thismight have been on was lost.

It's common when you scrap aboat to, um, take the wheel.

What it really comes down tofor me is what the value is.

Well, without the maker'smark and the year on it, it's really tough to say.

But it's a real ship'swheel, for sure.

So it's authentic.

With the right buyer, you could probably find somebody that'd give you– $1, 500 for it.

Woo! Yeah.

$1, 500 for a steering wheel? Now I just feel like a pirate.

Arr, matey! Me and my wheel–we got to roll.

It was nice, man.

[shuttering] Woo! I think this locker'sgonna pay off big.

I got a tinglingfeeling about it.

Got a brand newlittle weed eater.

That's $100 right there.

Brand new cord, too.


XBox? A beat up one.

Probably $20right there though.

$75 worth of clubs right there.

That's a float tube, bro.

Yeah, that floattube for fishing– that thing's worth $200.

Sure we got another$50 on the freezer, and another $100 on the washer.

There's something right here.

Look at this.

Oh boy.

This is a Japanese board game– Mario Brothers.

Oh! 1986 Nintendo– that is cool.

Well, wait a minute.

We got all kinds of littlecollectible Marios and stuff.

Look at this, dude.

Let me see.

It's just gobs and gobsof the little Mario dudes.

Look at that.

Yeah, and you don't wantto open these– these up, because they're all taped.

Look at– see they'retaped on the ends? That's good.

– Yeah.

Woo! Mint in the box.

We need to get thatchecked out, I'll bet.

This is big time.

So this is whereI came quite a while ago with that Nintendo game.

And the guy pretty muchseems to know his stuff.

My Nintendo connection–he's gonna geek out when he sees this Mario Brothers game.

Hey, what's up, buddy? Hey, how you doing? This is my son, Brandon.

– Brandon?- Hi.

Nice to meet you, man.

Nice to meet you, sir.

I recognize this.

These are board games based offof the Super Mario franchise.

This particular board isSuper Mario Brothers 2.

It was the secondgame in the series.

The players would build, like, an environment that they would play in the game.

This is fantastic.

I have seen one andthree, but not two.

The one you have righthere is, in my opinion, one of the rarest.


So I have a rare number two.

[off key tone] It's just absolutely amazing.

What do you got in the case? Uh, well– first Iwant to point out that is an old vinyl Nintendo case.

Yeah, look at that.


I like what's in here.

These are fantastic.

God, you got a ton of them.

Well, this one looks open.

Let me see what's in here.


Oh, there you go.

These are little dioramas.

It looks like youhave Luigi in there.

A small Luigi, yeah.

And behind him looks tobe– is that a mushroom man– a Toadstool? Looks like Mario.

No, it's a Toadstool.


I don't have the foggiestass clue to what you guys are even talking about.

You need to play videogames with your kid.

Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

You know, the bottom line forme is what's all this worth, Jason? Um, I know that you'relooking at a sizable chunk.

I think what you got here– you're looking at $700here, easily, today– $1, 000 here.

But– Nice.

Thank you, Mario and Linguine.

$1, 700 is a good day.




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