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we are going to save every single person that's watching television right now over $5,200 over that we're gonna save every single person over five thousand dollars over the next 13 years folks if you only buy one thing tonight and we've got amazing things you have got to buy

this they've stopped making them incandescent bulbs they're done they're gone everybody is changing their bulbs nightstand bulbs living room bedrooms two LEDs I did mine three four years ago I think I paid six dollars a bulb it saved me a small fortune folks I don't know why this

is on clearance because LEDs are not going anywhere there it just must be the end of what we have on it we're doing 20 bulbs this is a whole home makeover I worked it out at a dollar 49 a bulb so we're gonna do the living room lights

will do your bedroom will do the kids room the guest room will do the office will do maybe the foyer and we've got to spare for the friend next door now there's only 1800 left okay couple things I want to share with you because there's my good friend

Joe knows I am obsessed with LED light bulbs I could talk your ear off some of them are very cheap some of them last five years these last 13 and a thirteen point seven years some of them are not dimmable my first LED bulbs I bought they weren't

dimmable these are dimmable these are a 60 watt equivalent now there are only nine watts which is why your electricity bill is gonna go right down there you're gonna save a fortune because it's sort of it been sixty watts it's only nine watts if you only buy one

thing Joe Harrison would you agree with me it's got to be this it's gotta be this cuz I love the saving story cuz it truly is something's real you feel it right away sometimes when you buy something like oh that's gonna save me money over time this saves

you money every single month because the two lamps I have in front of me one is led one is incandescent so as you're looking at these two bulbs you buy okay you've been buying these incandescent for Cades now but this uses 60 watts of power tremendous amount of

wattage this for the exact same light is only using nine watts of power but let me show you these lamps because I know you probably think an LED you've seen them it's confusing sometimes and go to the store what color what shade am i buying this one we

mirrored the look of your traditional incandescent you can't tell which ones incandescent and which one is the LED until you take the shade off and this is the one that is room temperature that set LED I don't even dare touch that my daughter has a oven that she

bakes brownies because the heat that comes off that guy same color same a luminescent same filling up the shape but then down there in the bottom I turned the slide on over here it's using 60 watts of power I turned my LED light on it's only using nine

watts of power so Adam those electric bills they come in you're paying per watt yeah that per lightbulb and if you switch over your entire house to 40 LEDs which most of us have 40 LEDs the average the average usage on a traditional incandescent 500 dollars a year

when you switch over to LED it drops from 500 to $100 Adam let's like free Christmas gifts every single year good Joe this is the thing like everything when you watch HSN you see a lot of great things some of which we don't necessarily need we'd like to

have it but we don't necessarily need to have it this we all need to have and the money's irrelevant because it pays for itself in a heartbeat now remember at the regular price of $56 it's worth every penny at 29 you got a run to get it we

have less now than a thousand I'm being told so less than a thousand you got to jump on the phone and order this I mean I was an early adopter of doing LEDs because I worked here and I heard people talking about it I heard some of the

set guys talking about it cuz they replace all these studio lights with LEDs so I did it the first month I changed my lights to LED my electricity bill I thought that sent me the wrong house it was drum I'm gonna say it was dramatically lower so I

want you to feel excited about this you know many of us we've still got maybe a stack of incandescent but they stopped making them now so we can't buy incandescent ones the stock has sold out in your stores that won't be around so we have to switch over

to something anyway this is not on clearance because LED but LED bulbs are going anywhere LED bulbs are the number one choice in America today these are on clearance because it's just the end of what we have less than 700 now with everybody placing orders Joe you better

tell us I suppose that because it's bright white and soft white that's right I definitely recommend you pick up one of each and I've got a little comparison to show you here but clearly I didn't an one atom my hands are the same the books are identical but

everything just looks a little bit different this is the soft white light this is what it's been like for decades under that incandescent so you've loved this for decades this is the bright light now this is what they called a light see how that my skin tone just

comes out differently this is the one that you want in your bathroom because whatever you look like under this light is what you're gonna look like outside right a lot of people have this in their kitchen but where they're doing their needlepoint on doing your colors and your

crafting because everything just pops this is where you want to have next to your nightstand and your living room when you're relaxing and normally this bright white is more expensive today they are the same cost but it makes a difference so highly recommend you pick up one of

each because that way Adam you're filling up the entire house and you're ready to go guys we see you there with everybody on the phone about 600 left it's it's something that you can tell I'm passionate about because it's not an expense it pays for itself in a

heartbeat we wrote it down you replace the lights in your and this is real numbers this isn't just airy-fairy make-believe if you replace 20 lights in your house with these LED bulbs you'll save up to $5,200 and 13 years for no difference for no difference whatsoever it's just

better than what you've already got if you want the bright white that's gonna be the first to sell out and the other option is going to be a soft white I would do what Joe said and buy one of each just cuz I've been there and done that

and listen folks even if you don't buy these tonight maybe they'll sell out before you get there but I hope you do please just remember these were you go to the store and you see all these LED bulbs everywhere look closely some of them are only rated to

last five years seven years these are 13 years some of them are not suitable for lights with a dimmer these are and I say because this quality of LED is normally the more expensive version we're doing these at one dollar and 49 cents per light bulb I mean

Joe I've had the pleasure of doing this with you I said pleasure you can pay me later this is one of the most no-brainer products of them all right it's cuz you need light and you're gonna have to go to the store at some point and replace that

light that you have when you buy this today you don't replace your light bulbs again into the year 2032 think about that it's more than a decade worth of keeping your lights don't worry about flickering on and off it's fantastic but like a dimension there's a lot of

confusion when you go to the store I bought a couple different samples here this one is a fifteen dollar LED this one is a twelve dollar LED you wonder why does this one have a yellow rim why is that one vented we teamed up a store Smith to

give you a light bulb that looks like a light bulb and this one here only lasts five years this one lasts seven years here's today last thirteen point seven years and costs a lot less expensive than these other guys less than two dollars a bulb it's absolutely fantastic

but I want to show you what this does because when you switch over these LED light bulbs you got to change this one you're probably thinking well I buy those other bulbs they're about a dollar a bulb yes it's a little bit more expensive under two dollars but

this is thirteen years worth of light bulbs that's thirteen times you go back and forth to the store thirteen times you go up and down the hardware up and down the ladder thirteen times that you're having to ask somebody help you out or we switch over to one

LED today that's going to give you and it's crazy Adam at this light bulbs so good they gave her a three year warranty and have some high-end electronics we offer you have a 90 day warranty your light bulb has a three year warranty to make sure it's gonna

last with everybody placing oldest fewer than 400 now left we see you there or excited you taking advantage Amy and I said it before the show like it clear shows us sometimes hard cuz there's so many good deals we're here to navigate you through the best ones and

this has got to be it still to come out grand finale and indoor/outdoor rock only while supplies last at a ridiculous I think it's 75% off on the way next the lowest price ever on towels Joe final words on our awesome bulbs final words are the other traditional

boat gets 200 degrees and these are room temperature if you have five lights turned on that's a thousand degrees now your air conditioning bill goes higher you switch to this stage room temperature remember the proof is that your 60 watt bulb is a 9 watt is powered by

nine but it's the equivalent 60 ok the time we've gotta go okay thank you Joe Adam stay right there for yours want to make sure yours is reserved we only have 21

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