SUB) LED등 바꿨을 뿐인데 실내공기청정은 덤으로!! (ft. 조명교체 후 셀프로 벽마감까지)

Hello, everyone.

This is Beijoo.

I've installed a home appliance in my home bedroom.

But it doesn't show.

It's much cleaner.

BEFORE AFTER I don't clean up every day for my family, but I always vacuum and clean.

But there's a lot of invisible dust.

Last time I cleaned the blinds, I almost got sick.

Not only in March and April, but also in all four seasons, the air purifier has become a necessity.

I would like to introduce a good air purifier for those of you who have been forced to transfer but have no room to install.

Pure Lumi Most air purifiers are stand-type products.

Pure Lumi is a product that breaks the stereotype and can be installed on the ceiling.

And it's not only air purifier but also ceiling lighting, so it's an economical and new air purifier.

And it's very neat.

It works for interior design, and he's won an award at the International Design Awards.

I think it would be perfect for a place where we can no longer put things like our home.

I thought about whether to install it in the child's room or the master bedroom because there's no space limit and I'm also playing the role of lights.

But there's only one person in my family who has rhinitis.

That's my husband.

I set it up here in the master bedroom because of my husband.

Install and self-finish air purifier The ceiling-type air purifier Pure Lumi is an LED light, so the installer kindly replaced it.

But it turns out it's the same way to replace the lights.

I thought I could do enough self-help, so I didn't have to bother calling the driver when I moved later.

My house used to be a square lamp, but when I replaced it with a pendant, it left a mark on the ceiling.

I had a panel attached to this part.

If I put on a Pure Lumi air purifier this time, I removed it And this is the ugly part of it.

So I was wondering what I could do as simple as possible.

I thought about it, and I had some leftover interior film on my table, so I finished it off with it.

I put in an air purifier, and it's much cleaner.

Also, I felt uncomfortable because I had to go back and forth with the pendant type.

You don't have to worry about getting caught after the change.

And you don't have to worry about dust piling up.

The traditional pendant-type back has a hole in the inside, so it's a lot of dust.

It was better because it was brighter than usual because of the LED lighting.

You can adjust the brightness of the light in 10 steps.

It would be great to install it in your home room, in your study room, and in your study.

My husband and I were both in our late 40s, so we were worried that our eyes were getting dim.

It's clearly clear after installation, and the eyestrain is reduced.

It's good to check the Internet for a while and check the video before I go to bed.

And with the remote control, you can lie down and adjust the brightness depending on the situation.

You can change it to sleep mode.

And you can turn off the lights and use only air purifiers.

The air purifier operates with minimal operating noise, so it doesn't interfere with sleep.

If the air purifier light interferes with sleep, turn off the LED light.

And you can check your status and control it through the app as well as the remote control.

In addition to indoor air quality, indoor temperature and humidity can be checked.

Pure Lumi is installed on the ceiling, so there's no need to store it when it's not in use.

I used it and I didn't really need to take care of it.

So I think it's a good product for those who can't manage or clean their home appliances very often due to their busy lives.

The filter is usually replaced once a year.

It may vary depending on usage, so please check it through the app And fine dust is literally fine, so it's floating in the air Since it also takes care of the top 360 degrees from the center of the space, I think it will be better to clean the air in every nook and corner without any blind spots.

Air cleanliness can be adjusted in three stages.

I usually use Auto mode.

After the kid runs like this, or when he's ventilated, It operates in turbo mode to clean air quickly in a short time.

Actually, everyone knows the need for air purifiers.

If you don't have space or are uncomfortable with the interior because it's a big appliance, I think it's a good idea to think about this clean ceiling air purifier And it only came out as a bladder.

This May, the living room air purifier will be released as a new product.

Yeah, that's it for today.

I'll come back with another video.

Bye for now.

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