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(dramatic rock music) (grunting) (straining) (thudding) – This is ridiculous! How will this training make Invincible United more invincible? – Resistance training, sir.

Tests show it improves strength and speed under game conditions by 27%.

– The only thing it'simproving is their ability to sleep by about a thousand percent! I want to move ahead of Supa Strikas now! Resistance training is futile.

– Coming up from Strikaland, Supa Strikas versus Clube Palmentieri, but first a quick break.

– Yo, I'm Cool Joe.

Wonder what it's like to be in my shoes? Introducing my newsignature line of boots, coming soon to a sports store near you.

Sole Power, baby.

– Resistance playing.

Now that's the answer.

Find a way to turn Cool Joe's Sole Power into no power by Strikas' next game.

– [Shakes] I'm finally here.

(dramatic rock music) My heart is pounding.

50, 000 fans screaming.

(crowd cheering) I can't get my breathe.

The whistle sounding.

(whistle blowing) ♪ With every ounce of effort, every skill that I've got ♪ ♪ I'll play the Super League's greatest ♪ ♪ Give 'em my best shot ♪ ♪ Every minute of the 90now, I'm gonna be a fighter ♪ ♪ 'Cause one, two, three ♪ ♪ I'm a Supa Strika ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Breath by breath, I'll be a fighter ♪ ♪ Hear the crowd cheer Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ – [Brenda] Match day at Strikaland.

Super Strikas face Clube Palmentieri.

– [Mac] I'm ready for excitement in my new Super League scarf.

– What did you say? – I said I'm ready for excitement in my new Super League scarf.

(players oohing) – Way gnarly, Cool Joe! (Blok grunting) – Can The Blok try some on? – I got a pair his size, brother.

– Oh! – Hey, how about everyone wears my shoes for today's game.

It would really help kick off the line.

– No way! El Matador wear only his own shoe.

(shoes dinging) – Come on, El Matador, help your brother out.

– Hmm, how about you have to play my favorite music in your club for a week? – Huh, deal, man.

– Ha ha!(flamenco music) – (sniffs) Violation, dude! Get those covered up, like ASAP! (upbeat rock music) (crowd cheering) (grunting) – [Brenda] I didn't think the Strikas could play much better.

Their timing today has been flawless.

– [Mac] It certainly has.

– [Brenda] It's like watching a dance.

Super Strikas are in perfect sync.

(crowd cheering) – Goal!- Goal! – Dancing Rasta, this is thebest we've seen you play yet.

What made the difference today? – 'Tis our timin', man.

We're all clicking like clockwork.

– We also got some helpfrom Cool Joe's new boots.

(shimmering) – Shakes, haven't you wornthe same boots for years? – Well, I.

– It's clear after today'sprecision performance, Cool Joe's new boots are top-of-the-line.

Super Strikas have two night games next.

Lookout Colossus and Cosmos.

(ominous string music) – You can barely feel the weightdifference between the two.

– We used a porous lead alloylining that absorbs moisture.

With two night games ahead of them, the Strikas will beplaying in damp conditions.

The boots become graduallyheavier at a rate of 6% per.

– Will it work? (water pouring) (whooshing) (shoe thudding) – The wetter the better.

(laughs) – Now we switch these bootswith Cool Joe's Sole Powers.

(watch springing)- Huh? (grunting) (mellow rock music) (players grunting) (giggling) – Your timing must beperfect under any conditions.

This skatepark obstaclecourse will hone those skills.

– Hmm.

(whistle blowing) (grunting) (ball whooshing) (grunting) (whooshing) (grunting) (panting) – Neat play, could work in game.

– Yeah, man.

When we use this on thefield, I go like this.

– Let's try it again.

(boss clearing throat) – What boss doing here? (grunting) – [Boss] Cool Joe.

– Huh? – [Boss] After yesterday's game, everyone wants your new boots.

We could make a lot of money from this.

I've decided the team will wear the shoes for the rest of the season.

– Oh, groovy, baby! Now that's what I'm talking about! – [Boss] And I've set up a launch event.

Make sure you're all there.

(upbeat funk music) (snickering) – Welcome to Cool Joe's.

Ticket, please.

(snickering) (knocking) – Delivery for Cool Joe.

– Yup.

(soft jazz music) Right through here.

(thudding) (sign clattering) – Don't say a word.

(laughing) (crowd cheering)(cameras snapping) – Where are the shoes? Let's see them! – [Man] Yeah! – Right on.


(cameras snapping) Cool Joe's Sole Power.

(crowd cheering)(crowd applauding) – Cool Joe, we saw how brilliantly you all played yesterday in your new shoes.

What's the difference? – I know from both thedance floor and the field, you want a shoe thatcomplements your style.

Super Strikas' timing is perfect.

It's our lethal weapon, and these shoes arebuilt to complement that.

– And they're guaranteedto lock in bad smells, as tested on El Matador.

(glass clinking) – (laughs) Cool it withthe hard smell, Shakes.

– El Matador, even youwill wear these boots for the rest of the season? – Oh, yes, now boot willbe even more popular.

With me wearing them theywill have extra style, no? – Is this a good time for the switch? Your next two games areagainst Colossus and Orion.

They're pretty tough.

– Hey, we're no wimps, and now we've got soulpower, right, Cool Joe? Cool Joe? – Huh? Oh, right.

You know it, baby! (upbeat rock music) – Come on, Shanks, give me your best shot! (ball whooshing) (grunting) – Ha ha, Spenza says no goal for you! – You're gonna do it like that today against Colossus, Shakes? – Every chance I get, bro.

(upbeat rock music) (grunting) (laughing) Great shot, dude.

– (laughs) That pass set it up, man.

The timing was perfect.

Hey, think you can showme a couple of moves? – Sorry, man, I gotta goschool Colossus, but here.

These helped me get where I am, maybe they'll help you too.

– Whoa! Are you serious, Shakes? – See you in the Super League.

– [Boy] Wow! Thanks! – You sure you want togive away your boots, bro? – I don't need them anymore, Spenz.

Cool Joe's shoes are good.

– Okay, long as youdon't give away all the things that make Shakes, Shakes.

– Don't worry, dude, if I go too far, I know you'll be there to pull me back.

See you at Strikaland? – [Spenza] (laughs) In my usual seat.

(crowd cheering) – [Brenda] Match day at Strikaland.

Super Strikas are on fine form.

Surely it will continue tonight.

– [Mac] I think it will, Brenda.

– Now what? – I'm wearing my new officialSuper League mouthguard.

That's how much I love this game! – Hey, any idea where I can get the official Super League boxing glove? (dramatic electronic music) – [Coach] Let's go.

(hands smacking) (shoes thumping) (crowd cheering) (whirring) (grunting) – Whoa! (grunting) – Whoa! – [Brenda] Down goes another Strika! They're falling all over themselves today.

There's something you don't expect to see, a Colossus player outsprinting Dancing Rasta, or anyone out sprinting thecaptain for that matter.

Percy is out leaving theblock in front of the net.

And there's the first goal of the match! It's been a long time since we've seen the Strikas look this bad.

Mac, anything to add? – Oh, it looks like.

(mumbles) – Thanks for that.

(grunting) It's as if all the Strikas have their watches set to different times.

They're always a moment late.

– [Mac] They sure are.

I don't know what's happening, Brenda.

– Oh! – Looks like Super Strikas are going to try to get it together here.

(grunting) (ball whooshing) (grunting) (ball whooshing) Oh! Don't know what Strikas were trying there, but it sure wasn't pretty.

– [Shakes Voiceover] Weird, this worked in training.

(uptempo rock music) (ball whooshing)(grunting) – Goal! And that should seal the match.

(players laughing) Colossus usually plays a power game, but didn't need it today.

(growling) (dramatic electronic music) – This all your fault! Today I feel like a run in gravy.

– Today I not twist likeTiger, only shuffle like snail.

– Yo, boss.

– [Boss] How could you letyour form slide like that? Are you trying to killsales of Cool Joe's boots? Look at sales since the release.

That's because you won wearing the shoes.

If you start losing, doyou know what will happen? – The shoes is why we are losing.

– Yeah, they feel quite heavy.

(Blok mumbling) – Very heavy, even Blok saysthey're slowing him down.

(fingers snapping) – Old versus new.

They weigh in exactly the same.

I think you're all lookingfor excuses for playing badly.

What we need is to work extra hard on our timing in practice, and we're staying in Cool Joe's boots.

– And so after today's loss Super Strikas fall in the ranks, and you can bet Club Orion, their next foe, won't help 'em up.

Forecast for the game predicts some rain, which will favor Orion's aerial style.

– Rain, I never thought I'dbe so happy to hear the word.

(laughing)(lightning striking) Those boots will be sucking up the water and weighing down the Super Strikas.

– Cool Joe's shoes get Strikas off on wrong foot against Colossus.

– New boots kick Strikasdown Super League log table.

– Don't show me.

– Sorry, Cool Joe, but Idon't trust these new shoes.

I'm going back to my old favorites.

Which I gave away! – I ain't felt this bad sinceI spilled chocolate milk on my favorite record, man!! This is all my fault! (solemn piano music) – Aha! I thought maybe Cool Joe's shoes had given you cold feet, Shakes.

– [Brenda] The wet conditionswill slow both teams down, but since Orion likes to keep the ball in the air, they have the advantage.

– [Mac] I agree, Brenda.

(mumbling) – Now what? – Official Super League bubblegum.

(blows) – Well, it's fair to say thewet will affect both teams, but Super Strikas are reallylooking the worse off.

(dramatic rock music) Hard to tell if it's the wetconditions or other factors, but once again Super Strikasdon't have their usual timing.

– [Mac] It sure seems likethey're running against the wind.

– [Brenda] If you saidwhat I think you said, you couldn't have said it better.

Orion floats over the ground like ghosts, while Super Strikas seemto be anchored to the turf.

– My plan is working perfectly.

Invincible United go to the top, and Super Strikas go.




(laughs) – [Brenda] 10 minutesleft in the first half, and I'd say it's just a matter of time before Orion break through.

– I got to smooth it, move it, groove it to prove it.

(grunts) (grunting) (metal clanking) – [Shakes Voiceover] That can't be right.

(metal clanking) Time to ring the changes.

– Huh? Is Shakes telling you something? (crowd cheering) – Three words, no 10 words.

Call the mohawk kid, and get the.

I've got it! Spenza coming through.

– [Brenda] It looks like Shakesis making a uniform change in mid-game! (dramatic rock music) At least one Strika seems tohave his timing back in order, at this first half winds down.

(ball whooshing) – No! – [Brenda] Goal! Orion to end the half.

And the way Strikas are playing, a single goal might hold up.

– [Shakes Voiceover] Come on, bro.

– Are you kidding? Shakes gave them to me, you were there! – Yeah, you were there.

– Yeah.

– Sure, but how about I'll trade you.

I'll get you a pair ofCool Joe Sole Powers in exchange for Shakes' old boots.

How's that? – Are you crazy? Take 'em, yeah.

Sole Powers are the mosttalked-about boots ever.

– [Together] Yeah, take 'em.

(uptempo electronic music) – Whoa, buddy.

Hey! Hey, get back here! (solemn electronic music) – Shakes played better with his boots off.

Maybe we should all be doing that.

– And wind up with 10 brokentoes all crooked and ugly? I think no.

– There definitely seemsto be something wrong with.

(muffled shouting) (uptempo electronic music) (grunting) – Spenza! (laughs) Woo hoo! Hello, old friends! – Shakes, do you really think it's the boots tripping us up? (metal detector beeping Say what? That is a metal detector, right? – Yes, sir.

– Detecting metal in my shoes? Ain't no way, man! – Blok! (Blok grunting) (gasping)- Whoa! – A thin layer of lead? No wonder you've all been so slow.

But how does metal getheavier and heavier? – Ooh, I know this.

The metal is porous, allowing the absorption of the expulsion of moisture during.


– I never did like heavy metal.

– At least now we know whatled to our problems, no? (laughs) Get it? (laughs) Get it? – Someone clearly switched the shoes between the first gameand the Colossus match.

– Gee, I wonder who? – So what now? We are still a goal down! What are we supposed to.

Again, with the hand.


– It's been done for us.

(upbeat rock music) – [Brenda] Here comes Supa Strikas with a change of footwear.

– What? (grunting) (crowd cheering) – [Brenda] The Strikas have found whatever they've been missing.

(water splashing) (whooshing) – [Mac] Some perfectly timed maneuvers.

(ball whooshing) (grunting) (crowd cheering) – No! – Now Strikas look way sharper than Orion! Ugh! Time running down herewith Strikas in control, but can they go ahead? Uh-oh!(upbeat rock music) Last time we saw that signal it didn't work out so well for Supa Strikas.

(ball whooshing) (grunting) (ball whooshing) Goal! And Strikas have won it with a tremendous display of skill and timing! – Shakes, after such a poor first half, how did you pull this off? – Our new technique, resistance playing.

– What?! – Start in heavy shoes, and when you take them off, you feel like you can fly.

It was all coach's idea.

(Vince grunting)and he's a genius.

– I'd say they turned thetables on us by a factor of 98%.

Shall I reset your standings? (upbeat dance music) I'll just take 100% of myself outside.

(grunting) – (laughs) These are asclean as my dance moves.

Looks like the onlyshoes that got messed up were the ones we were wearing.

– [Boss] Excellent.

As it turns out, sales ofthe boot are skyrocketing.

This whole scandal has been the best advertising campaign ever.

– As long as from now on I can wear my old faithfuls again, boss.

– [Boss] Speaking of which, where is that ripped up shoe? We can sell it as a collector's item.

(playful string music)(nervous giggling) (shoe ripping) (dramatic rock music) ♪ Supa Strikas ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪.

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