SUZUKI【アドレス125】#45(後編)【LED化】ウィンカー &ヘッドライト&ブレーキバルブ交換だお!

# 45 (Part 2) Replace LED, winker & headlight, brakes! # 45 (Part 1) Please use the YouTube function for subtitles I tried it on and it didn't shine, but now I try It's quiet, because there is no sound It's still shining Let's turn on the headlight for now Precautions 1.

Please do the work at your own risk.

There are some differences in the procedure 3.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please give us a comment.

LED SPHERELIGHT RIZING2 mounting Okay, let ’s change the headlights The unit is large Then, in this box It's a mounting bracket It's a tie wrap.

All are properly included.

There was a valve.

bubble·· There is a valve spring.

There are various ways of saying it- there is a unity band.

The mounting method is listed.

Let's go.

Installation of LED RIZING 2 This is a USB unit This is a switch I was just turning around one fan Recently fans are turning around and turning around.

It's dark and bright because the condition is unstable You can get it by turning This side is shining, not shining and the fans aren't spinning It might have been like having a fever and sagging.

If you think that you are riding, there are times when it is very bright Things went wrong, but this LED headlight was cheap and very satisfying Then remove the rubber cap.

The wiring is in the way Harden the valve spring! ! (I don't need the previous product) I was able to remove it.

I also use a rubber cap Ah ah ah it's in a very solid thing This time I did this much before this unit was big The one with a fan This time it is fanless and has a heat sink NEW / Previous Remove the heatsink and twist it to the left normally, it hurts.

It can be removed by turning it normally I turn it quite a bit Yes.

I got it Insert the led body If you do normal spring, get stuck here.

I can't go, so remove it This is normal.

This one was attached RIZING2 / Normal The normal one is a little thinner, so if you don't open it a little, the new one won't fit in.

Adjust the ◯ because the attached valve spring has a wider width Fixed with new valve spring First attach through the rubber cap The pedestal appears like this, but if you push it in until it appears like this, it is easy to attach a heat sink It is easy to attach a heat sink by pushing it in and making sure that all of this is exposed.

Heat sink installation Ah··· It was installed without problems According to the car model, it seems that there are car models that the tip of this rubber cap cannot be attached because it interferes.

In that case, I wrote that cutting the tip of the rubber cap requires processing.

Address125 is ok After that, I will connect the wiring Hmm?Here it says Made in China The tape is .



Made in China I don't need this tape Since there are arrows, until they get hooked Put in, turn this Yes ok I thought it was spreading now It feels like you have a lot of room and the quality is good.

Fit in without problems Depending on the car model, I was not completely absorbed and it took a while to open, but it's okay.

Well, if you open the gap, please make sure it is waterproof.

This is the end of installation, so this is a fixed one, but let's check the lighting first NEW headlight lighting SPHERELIGHT RIZING2 lighting confirmation Please be careful because it becomes dazzling 6000K good color (Equipped with upper cowl for wiring together) It's a control unit, but I installed it around here.

Although it is not a regular mounting method (only one binding band is used) Since it does not interfere, I wonder if it is good.

LEDized LED brake ball, forgot I bought a brake valve for some reason.

Red I will use scissors properly ~ properly use scissors (More vivid in red) You can push it and turn it to the left to remove it.

The brake lights have different potches, but the shorter one is the lower one.

The closer is the bottom, so turn it clockwise Review of LED turn signal I ran through all the way, but after all, the turn signal is activated when the throttle is turned.

There is a phenomenon that it does not glow when the number of rotations decreases.

I changed it to a sound-producing relay and it worked, so I tried using a normal relay as a test.

Don't shine over here.

I was convinced that it was normal or hikari When I turn it back on and turn it on again I think there is light that shines depending on the performance of the relay.

I bought another blinker relay, LED flasher relay, this one has no sound.

Before I changed the indicator to LED, I tried it and it didn't glow.

Try it now It's quiet, because there is no sound It's still shining Also in this acc state it glows.

Even if you don't start the engine It feels weak here (pilot lamps are useless) If you do this relay, if you do not process the indicator part, it seems that the result point is hard For a while Processing Turn on LED blinker sound M & H Matsushima LHN700 turn signal pilot harness Cut the wiring of the pilot lamp Installation of Giboshi.

Was too short Oops.

I couldn't take a picture of which I installed the male for the time being The black one will be grounded (I can't move the sleeve because I'm really into it) Leave it as it is I will install the ground here To the other one (harness 1) You're connected here ~ I will attach a scalpel here, it seems to be difficult because it is narrow Let's pass the sleeve (Be careful not to get injured because the bullet processing is narrow) (Process the other one in the same way) Connect with pilot lamp and harness 1 Yes, it's OK ~After that, mounting the ground I'll try it The pilot lamp is also OK OK after All is OK if you make it a relay with sound I'm lonely if there is no sound on the scooter (The strange feeling that I want the winker sound) ask Moment Do you have a dot? why? It's supposed to be independent, but the indicator is LED or akan Return pilot lamp to normal If it is a normal valve, it is working fine now However, if you change this to an LED .



Left .



Right .



A normal ball moves fine After that OK.

Somehow resolved As a result, the wiring looks like this.

This goes here Car models connected to the left ➡︎ indicator ➡︎ right instead of the blinker LED For vehicles that are connected to electricity, use this wiring to make each vehicle independent.

When one point is turned on, the other will not turn on Although the pilot lamp is a normal bulb If you change it to LED, it may be related to power consumption that is not turned on.

I don't know that much, so if you know someone Please give me guidance the end.

Complete! There is no flickering of hedrite.

Became sharper I thought about the merits of using blinker LEDs I could only think of self-satisfaction I can't see it when I'm riding Well satisfied Brake lamp almost forgotten in the video Please note strong light Lateral leakage of light also makes glare better Although there are adjustments of the lens (previous LED headlight) The upper right is the previous LED headlight The upper right is a normal headlight Last bonus Hah ~ I turned on safely ~Hmm? Baggage Eeeeeee Thank you for your viewing Thank you for your continued support.

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