SUZUKI【アドレス125】#45【LED化】ウィンカー &ヘッドライト&ブレーキバルブ交換だお!(前編)

[# 45] Change to LED, turn signal & headlight & brake lamp! Excuse me!LED headlights will be installed next time due to the video production time! Please use YouTube subtitles this Around here wear Precautions 1.

Please do the work at your own risk.

Steps are different 3.

Please comment in the comments if you have any suggestions for improvement LED conversion [previous article] [opened product] As it is today, I have a lot of luggage.

I think that there are various things, but the world is noisy, but you delivered it safely Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for logistics and delivery.

I'll open this It ’s a led winker valve.

Boo Boo Material is also entangled in the winker and throat so it is NG LED turn signal bulb and LED brake light Actually, I wanted to be here before and after, This is the last one, so it can't be helped.

I bought another one.

This was my favorite.

This is huge This is a wristband for muscle training .



KITACO's LED Flasher Relay I would like to use these to make LEDs It's later.

Recently I wondered if the LED headlight was dark.

It looks bright, It is funny when viewed from the front This is bright bright? Disagreeable··· The brightness has changed! Did you see the problem here? Fans turn around in Hi.

Fans silence in Lo.

The sound of Lo is this!Lo fans are silent (now) Nearer! The sound of Lo is this! Persistent (laughs Fans don't turn and heat problems occur !? SPHERE LIGHT LED Headlight Rising II (6000K) Made in japan Thank you very much, this year we have two consecutive wins with Oma-chan [G1] Thank you for your hard work Then I want to wear these Check the summary column for details Switch to LED led blinker relay I'll take this.

You know how to do it, right?If you don't understand, see # 11 A new video for removing the exterior is being produced! looking forward to Yes, the meter valve I got is here.

Both This is a winker relay, round type If you replace it with an LED bulb, the phenomenon of high flasher will occur.

It is this relay that prevents it It's the one called Hifra.

It's a phenomenon that flashes faster.

(Drop relay) The blinking clicker sound is coming from this relay There is no sound if you listen to things, but this is the one that sounds.

You can only enter as you can here The size seems to fit This does not fit Processing time (The contents are coffee) Processing time Adjustable sleeve Female side is completed The male side is also processed Complete If you do this, it's raining.

Let's listen to the sound of a genuine turn signal relay Difference in sound and blinking (genuine) Please remember the sound and speed you have now.

What about sound and speed? I wore the terminals on the opposite side Kitaco LED flasher dedicated flasher relay The speed has increased and the sound has changed.

NEW / genuine Now let's switch to led and see how it changes Is it not processed yet? This is long, I can go about half Should I wear a sleeve Processing time I should have cut the sleeve first Complete Switch to LED LED blinker Then the relay is normal, but I will change the winker valve It's two places here.

You can get it by turning it from the back side and pulling it.

The winker valve is pushed and turned counterclockwise.

Then exit This is a linker valve, but it's not 180 degrees.

I think it's a little off, but it's 150 degrees.

Be careful when you buy it.

I also bought the blinker of this boom material 150.

This is indeed scissors.

Hmm! !! It's quite big.

I will install it.

Press to the right.

It's a little big, but I can enter it without any problems.

This time I'm turning it the other way around OK, I got it.

It's a bit small, but it's a bit difficult to do here, Let's move genuine Let's replace it on the other side as well Push and turn to take If this pot does not fit, it will not enter When I am addicted, I will turn it and move it It's not a high flasher.

I sell a winker valve that prevents high flashers.

Boo Boo Material is not anti-Hifura Let's keep the LED attached afterwards 4 places behind 4 screws and 2 from below From the bottom Yes.

It's hard at first, but it's a little more like this and it's easy to pull it out by shaking it left and right It's a blinker Brake lamp I'll take the turn signal.

Push it and turn it to the left to take it This is also a potch.

It ’s 150 degrees, and on the other side Rain! In the back, there is no same product so Mameden's led winker Press right Akan The movement is strange It's a strange movement.

I think it's giving a warning that power consumption is low and strange.

No, it rains! This time, let's finish the opposite, but the rain is diagonal (Still lit) It doesn't work at all.

Let's change the relay.

Let's change this rubber stay too, but it has this one too, but it is different from vertical and horizontal Let's make it light It doesn't move for a moment Engine should be started The front is nice.

It's shining sharply.

The rear is .



It is in a hazard state If you attach it to the left, it flows to the left ➡︎ It flows to the pilot lamp ➡︎ It flows to the right too The car model that has one winker pilot lamp and is used for both left and right needs to change the wiring.

There is a hazard What to do with LED hazard status? Harness that separates left and right winkers Easy to understand instructions included (separate sheet) Be careful whether it corresponds to your car model It is troublesome to take the upper I removed the upper cowl.

It got caught, so I removed the position ball.

The other is the LED headlight.

If you remove this, you can open it a little more, so you can open it a little more.

Let's make a space firmly Touch the blue part This means you don't need a vehicle with a genuine pilot light and led LED vehicle is genuine, not lef Let's try led It's hard, just pull it out No front problem The rear is no longer a hazard, not a hazard Pilot lamp bulb is genuine, no need for led vehicle In the review, it turned on when I tried setting the pilot lamp to led.

Do you have such a story? I thought that, but there was actually I am not good at electrical systems, etc.

Turn on the left switch.

The pilot lamp flashes It was a recognition that if you use this surplus power to connect to the other side, you will be in a hazard state.

I changed the pilot lamp and normal bulb to led, so the power consumption would be reduced.

Do you want to go to the opposite side? Electricity is a hazard Super hazard I'm not sure Then I will try to see what happens if I do a normal relay left right It just flashes for a moment and doesn't blink.

After all, we need a relay for LEDs.

(Return to LED relay)that? It was lit just before I tried it with a normal relay and returned it to the LED relay, it stopped lighting How are you?When I looked closely, the way it glowed was suspicious Another one is actually a led flasher relay.

This has no sound though I tried it before changing the pilot lamp led, but it didn't illuminate, but when I try it now, it looks good Because there is no sound.

It's quiet (Is this all right) It's not a hazard after that, it's blinking Excuse me!Up to here due to editing time Thank you for your viewing I'm sorry, but please wait for the second part.

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