Sweeper LED Strobe Lights for Flood Brothers

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This isGeorge at Wicked Warnings here with almost one of our largestjobs.

We have here a sweeper.

It's a Cab and Chassis by AutoCar and aSchwarze Sweep Body for our partners over at Flood Brothers.

What we've got in the grille there, is our Thin-X LIN series in an amber-white and a green-white.

We chose amber and green to compliment the Flood Brothers' colors.

We've also goton the roof, a 23-inch Whelen Mini LED bar.

That's permanent mounted up on theroof.

You can also see along the sides there, we're featuring our TIR-3 light above the front wheel in amber and green.

Again, to complement the Flood Brothers' colors.

We've also got two of our 28-inch Thin-XStrips, in amber and white, on the side of the work body there.

There you can see how we've mounted our Thin-X into the grille, avoiding damage.

We were able to go through the honeycomband put a backer behind there, so if they ever needed to be removed, there wouldn'tbe any visible scars left where these lights were.

On the front of the cab, we put a TIR-3in amber in green on a quicker pattern right there above the front tire.

We've also complimented that, on the side, with our Thin-X Strip in an alternating amber and white flip-flop color on theback.

You can see here, we've mounted thosewith 3m VHB tape, as well as the primer 94, to make sure they don't fall off.

Andwe only had to drill a single grommeted hole through the metal panel for thewiring.

That way we have very little damage to mount these lights, just asingle hole that could always be filled with a mushroom top plug if we everwanted to remove them and go a different direction.

These lights are synchronized.

They're set up on an amber and white alternatingpattern.

I chose to light the entire light because this is a large machineand as you see, when I step quite a ways back, these lights really do produce a good flash when the entire light is lit onsomething this large.

As you can see, from way back here, we have a large punch of light from the Thin-X's.

We also have the original equipment Schwarze beacon on the back center there.

Most impressive part of this build isthe rear.

Let me show you what we did.

Out on the back of the sweeper, therequest was a lot of warning.

So what we did, is we went with a six head led stickon each side, mounted on the top.

We also put our Thin-X in amber, or i'm sorry, ingreen and white on the bottom.

We did the sticks in all amber, to be a little bitmore friendly, a little bit more municipal looking, and then wecomplemented it with the green and white Thin-X below it.

I tell you, it was kind offun, this build, cause I took my kids to school in the sweeper, and I rolledthrough the McDonald's drive-thru in the sweeper.

Having all kinds of fun drivingthis around.

Here you can see how them lights look at a good distance away.

Youcan certainly see the amber lights.

They're definitely more potent in-personbut this this build turned out really cool.

A lot of light, very flamboyant it'sdefinitely going to be used in parades and we've done a couple of the trash trucksfor this company as well.

So if you're at any local parades here around Chicago, see if you can spot the Flood Brothers' fleet and if you need any services giveour partners at Flood Brothers a call.

They're very good people to work withand I've had nothing but good times with them so far, lighting up their fleet.

Hereyou can see a little bit of that front roof bar, the Thin-X's on the side aswell as those TIR 6 sticks on the back and the Thin-X's in the rear as well.

Youcan even see the TIR's there by the front wheel.

There's just a little closer shot here.

This is a very interesting build also, working with the can bus system from the Schwarze Sweeper.

This was not as simple as hooking up a bunch of wires.

We definitely had a little bit to learnwith the can bus system, how to make this integrate without damaging the truck.

It's obviously a pretty expensive piece of machinery, so we wanted to be sure tointegrate everything appropriately.

You can see here how we mounted thoseLED sticks right to the top of the body.

Again, just a small hole for the wirewith the grommet, keeping it real clean, real secure.

There's also some LEDspotlights on the top there.

That way, if you want to do any sweeping in themiddle of the night, you're good to go.

Got a rear-view camera up there as well.

We've got LED spotlights by the left and right gutter brooms also.

Surface mounted our Thin-X right above the factory hazard lights right there.

Again, in thegreen and white.

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Again, this is George at Wicked Warnings.

Thanks again for watching our Flood Brotherssweeper build.

I'm going to show you the control panelin the dash real quick because I thought that was pretty sweet.

I'm gonna nerd outhere for a minute and just show you inside the cab of this beast.

It's apretty cool unit.

It's got a nice rear view camera right there, you can seeeverything behind you, so nobody can sneak up on you from behind.

It's alsogot a nice LCD screen here.

Shows you the sweeper and all the different functionsand you can see those little amber beacon lights that go off when we turnoff the lighting.

We turn the lighting on, they go on to let the driver knowthey're activated by this beacon switch right here and we got a whole slew ofother switches to do all kinds of fun stuff.

So this was an interesting build.

Can bus system is a little bit more complicated than others.

I guess twopeople can drive it at the same time and fight about which way they're going.

So, thanks again for watching Wicked Warnings.

I hope you enjoyed this uniquevideo.

Keep us in mind for everything in your public safety needs, your safetylighting, your emergency lighting, all that good stuff.


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