TCL 40S325 40-Inch Class LED 3-Series 1080p 3 HDMI USB Smart Roku TV

what's up guys review are us here so wegot an awesome review video we got the TCL Roku TV so I actually don't knowmuch about this TV but I'm there excited to go over it with you guysunbox it and show you guys and how it performs and give a full honest reviewthis is not a review that someone pays me money to do even if someone comes tome and gives me a product or ask me to review a product my views are 100%honest so you're gonna get an honest person's feedback so we're gonna getright into this first off I'm going to read over some of the stuff that it saysabout it and then we're going to open it unbox it and go from there so stay tunedguys all right so let's go over some things it's full HD crisp 1080 picturequality simple interface ready for cable or satellite antenna and streaming faststreaming with 8 or 2.

11 and Wi-Fi so if this is the 40 inch one looks like weget a Roku TV remote looks like you can actually use their app with this as wellso that's pretty cool Netflix HBO ABC Nick CBS all access500, 000 plus movies and TV episodes now I assume you have to probably maybesubscribe to Roku whatever you know I've never really looked into Roku before soDolby audio HDMI looks like the back is the same on the side it's the sameYouTube ESPN and a whole bunch of other stuff guys I want to point out that Iwill have this video in my video description for you guys to check out soI'm gonna try and find this TV for the best price I possiblycan but from a safe seller because sure I could find a dirt cheap TV the same TVand give you guys the link but the seller could not be honest or somethingso with that being said I'm gonna try and find the best price from sellersthat have good feedback in high scores and good reviews so check out mydescription where you can get this TV and others like it as well because Idon't just give one product I give a whole bunch within the same price rangeit's some higher some lower to give you guys like you know those who you knowyou can't afford a 300 400 500 600 dollar TV so you want $100 or $200 TV Itrying to find you guys those TVs as well alright guys so let's get into theunboxing oh here we go so they actually just has two legs inhere so we're gonna actually set the TV down and we're gonna go over what's inthe package alright guys so here's a nice little package of everything lookslike you got your manual in there there we got one of the legs so it's not umanything sophisticated it's just two little legs here which will take themout so here we go let me get up closer sothat's it just two of those legs there we got the end no manual looks like we got the power cord so notexactly sure what this would be for you know audio/video cables never got theremote very basic very very very simple so an extremely simple remote came withtwo batteries there looks like the screws for the legsthere's just the very very basic plain and simple batteries so guys let's show you guys the remoteup close that's pretty cool so here's the remote right here you canmute the sound just by there and here looks here's a volume so up and downthat's actually pretty cool it's an interesting design not sure what everall the buttons do but it looks like you're getting go right to Amazon HuluSling never heard of that and Netflix okay Wownow let's show you guys the TV up close it's estimated it costs $11 a year usingthis TV based on 12 cents a kilowatt and five hours I use use a day so if you usethis TV five hours a day at 12 if your electric is 12 cents per kilowatt youonly use 11 bucks a year well I bet you this sucker is using more than that soon the side there's nothing on the side and their side mounts right here iswhere you got all so on the side of the TVwe got a reset button a USB port to HDMI well it actually looks like three HDMIboat the third one says a RC cable antennathere's adapter audio out for headphones and optical which not sure what that oneis if you guys now you can let me know alright let's put this bad boy upso this part is for those who really care and need help so this is justputting the legs on it's very simple you're gonna want a smaller screwdriverthat's gonna fit in the screws so what you're gonna do is you're just gonnaplace it on like this lift it up and screw both screws in andthat's gonna be it that's all it's do it for the legs speakers um I just noticeor underneath here so you can kind of see them looks like you got two speakersnot sure how good they are you know my vizio had speakers at face frontso we'll see we'll test the audit audio and everything so stay tuned guys I'llalso add for those who need help you probably can't see it but on both sideswhere you put the stand or the legs there's an arrow pointing a certaindirection and then there's also an arrow on the top of this pointing in a certaindirection line up those arrows if you want the legs on how they're supposed tobe on so line up the air is going this way and then make sure your leg arrow ispointing that same exact way alright guys okay so guys setup got it turned onor at least when I plugged it in it came on so this is what came one so we willgo through the motions here let's see volume that's pretty handythat you can put the volume on the side or if you need a quick mute it and I'munit that is really awesome I'm liking that feature so before we get anyfurther into it the height distance there's enough room here for my DVDplayer and enough room to get my finger underneath it so you know you can fit athin DVD player under there if you're like me who still have a VHS player youwill not fit a fee just player under here unless it's a really slim model soPlayStation I'm not exactly sure if you can fit a PlayStation under here youmight be able to I think there might be enough room for the slim PlayStationmaybe an Xbox it's all it'll be depend on that so that being said it seemssturdy it's very lightweight the power cord goes in this side and to the leftof the screen and everything else is to the right so it seems decent we're goingto continue with setting this up alright guys so once I set it up for automaticconnection its donuts updating and it's restarting so now we will go through theprocess here and see so far I'm really liking this controller I mean thisremote is really really nice remote controller buttons are nice the nice andlarge I mean it's simple it's a simple TV controller but its remote is but it'svery nice I like that see we're gonna do that later so we're all done yeah thisis in the trim affordably gaming and everything else get to know your new TVin about a minute we'll show you how to use your remote add channels search forentertaining this is pretty cool interesting let'sstart with your remote press home at any time to return to the home screen that'score preview screen ok and star shows additional options that's coolit's easy to add channels at any time select streaming channels from the mainmenu to add to favorites browse categories including free channels andchoose the channels that's pretty cool and all roku devices include the rokuchannel featuring 3 hit movies and TV shows to watch anytime so that'sinteresting select search from the main menu to find movies shows actors ordirectors can't believe you get all this see allthis stuff quality I love it great quality so far um right now Igotta give it an eight point nine out of ten videos and music to your TV searchfor entertainment using your voice crazy guysthis is really cool have you screaming Wowthat is awesome I love this TV so far oh cool so what happens if we have whileyou recommend interesting we're not going to do thatjust because for now okay so let's go back so let's turn the DVD player on I forget which port we have it in so mightbe number two oh there we go so it's probably gonnaplay the Avenger movie so we just hit back oh that is so coolguys that is so cool so you get to it so cool Netflix and all all these thingsthat I added and then it just goes down and starts oh it's more I think no it'sall the same stuff yeah that is pretty cool so let's go home featured free guysI I don't know I think I'm up to nine out of ten maybe even higher so let'sjust even see let's see what happens if we click this I don't know we might haveto sign up okay so I added a pin so hold on guys so I added the channel so youcould create a pin oh my word so so we got something vibrating it's my DVDplayer no way free movie just like that so we can zoom ahead by pressing thisthis arrow key okay so let's go back wow that is so cine crackle see you gotyou just have to add like this is HGTV so you just gotta add the thing but wowthis is so cool so so cool guys so let's see about duck dynasty sweetiealright guy I gotta give it a 10 and 10 I honestly have to I don't think I cangive it any less than a 10 out of 10 so I don't know how I had the participationflight 8 28 know how I added the audio okay so I don't know how but I gotta gointo our options because I accidentally add it up okay guys so um I found itunder audio so we're going so um yeah I'll go back to show you guys how I gotthere if you need to it right here oh by the way I changed my theme you canactually change themes on this TV so that's under settings and you get therethen you go down and then you can change all kinds of stuff like I mean the stuffthat you can do here is just crazy so let's see what we want so that's pretty cool you can change thelighting hi I'm really enjoying this so let's actually check out how thisworks like for a TV show like will it just literally go and play it like Ican't imagine without signing up for stuff no way so the quality looks prettybad oh here we go picture mode so so you can change the picture size thequality of does look kind of bad on here so with the TG you know so I'm guessingyou know it can't oh no no no now it's getting better because it it had to loadokay that makes sense so now it's really clear now so it just had to load um andbuffer out to get better quality I'm guessing I've never seen this TV show sobut if you press the little star icon here you can go to options and see allthis stuff change all this okay so Wow just like that just just like that Ilove this going to the back button so cool everything is so awesome I mean Ireally love this guys I really I can't this is the best TV I've ever got andit's cheaper than any other TV I've ever bought got brand-new so Wowokay um before 10:00 and here's Episode four oh one Episode four four four fivesix I know skip six going to seven so that'sa little confusing I think if I'm gonna watch something I'm just gonna watch ityou know seasons unless it's a movie so back to him very awesome very happy youguys will be till.

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