Teckin SB50 RGB Smart Bulbs Review & Setup | With Alexa and Google Home

hi I'm Geeta I'm from the technology mancom today I'm taking a look at some LED RGB smart lightbulbs from Amazon it can be controlled via an app or more usefully with your voice together with Amazon Alexa Google home and even via a workaround with Apple's Siri so you can say Alexa turn on the lights and you can control the brightness level and color too or with basic voice commands they connect you a home Wi-Fi network you don't need any additional hubs and once set up they can be controlled even when you're out and about using your mobile phones data connection which is a handy security feature we're going to be back later for example together with the smart plugs I looked at in a recent video you can easily configure a basic smart home and by any multiple devices into groups to control them all at once let's take a closer look like the smart plugs I looked at in the last video that I'll link down below these SB 50 smart bulbs are also from Tekken they can be bought singly or in a pack of two or four the 2-pack I'm looking at and cost twenty four pounds or twenty seven dollars which is a similar price to Phillips hue you don't need the fifty pound or fifty dollar hub that's a requirement of that system they come in simple packaging with a multilingual user manual which only really covers setup but should at least get you started it seems odd to describe the build quality of a light bulb but it does feel well-made here in the UK it comes with an e twenty seven twenty seven millimeter Edison screw fitting this won't have cost it all fixtures so you'll need to check most ceiling lights in the UK use a bayonet mount so I've had to use a cheaply available adapter for those it works fine but doesn't look very pretty the bulb is rated at 7.

5 watts which according to Tekken is 800 lumens somewhere between a 40 watt and 60 watt incandescent bulb I'll come to its actual brightness shortly but I did confirm the rated power using the energy monitoring feature of one of the tech in smart plugs you'll need to download the smart life app to get set up and control the bulb at least initially scan the QR code on the box or in the manual or just search for the smart life a from the App Store or Google Play the smart life app is used for many smart home devices from various vendors and is encouragingly well rated I'll be demonstrating the app on an iPhone 10 the app will look a little different on Android opening the app for the first time will be prompted to allow notifications which in this case I would annoyingly you have to register to use the app and set up the bulbs either via an email address or mobile phone you'll be sent a verification code and then you'll have to create a password when you log in you'll need to create a family call it what you like and tap on location pick up your current location you can then define your rooms or just accept the defaults you can change all this later anyway screw the bulb into the lights mount and turn the light on tap on and device smart lighting lighting devices confirm the bulb is flashing rapidly if it isn't turn it off then turn it on and off twice and then on again all fairly quickly and it should start flashing you'll be prompted for a Wi-Fi password and a message that only 2.

4 gigahertz Wi-Fi networks are supported most routers come in dual band configurations so you should be ok but if you've configured your router as five gigahertz only you'll need to run it dual band to use these smart bolts it takes around 20 seconds for the bulb to be added and you'll get a confirmation message when it's done it's HAP on the Edit icon to change the name to something more meaningful and choose the rim you want the bulb allocated to will call this bulb study lamp tap on completed to finish the setup the light will be white and at its brightest setting which is quite acceptable enough for a small room at least the color temperature of the light is 6, 000 Kelvin which is towards the blue end of daylight and I imagine a little cool for most people's tastes from the home screen we can turn the light on and off or if we tap on the light we have further controls with a big button in the middle of the screen now turning the bulb on and off under white mode we can set the brightness level [Music] under colormode we can choose any color we want by dragging around the color wheel or directly tapping a particular color we can also adjust the saturation and brightness unfortunately whilst brightness in white mode is more than acceptable in color mode the bulb is very dim it varies depending on the chosen color but using the light meter on my camera even the brightest color was only a tenth of the brightness in white mode scene mode lets you choose from a number of presets with rather random names night read meeting and leisure aren't configurable and just change the bulb color the next four modes are adjustable soft mode pulses a single color on and off that one edit to change that color and tap on the icon next to it edit the config of saturation brightness and the speed of the pulse these settings will be saved colors switches between up to six colors which you can configure with the edit button tap on the color and tap the plus icon you can tap on the color swatches to change a color and you can tap the leap to remove a color you can again configure the saturation brightness and the speed of switching for a truly psychedelic effect colorful just turns a single color on and off you can change the color saturation brightness and speed the gorgeous mode is just like the colors mode but it fades smoothly between the colors you can again configure up to six colors and change the saturation brightness and speed you can't change the name of these C modes or add anymore finally under schedule you can set the timer for when you want the light to come on and off and you can choose on what days you want this to repeat tap on save to add further events you can delete an event by swiping to the left you can easily add additional bulbs the Wi-Fi password is saved the setup is quicker we'll call this second bulb study light if we tap on the three dots in the upper right corner we can create a group adding the study lamp and study light and we'll call it lights we can now turn both lights on and off with a single tap from the home screen you can filter devices via rooms here we can also see other smart devices like the smart plugs we set up in the video link down below I can tap the microphone icon to control the individual bulbs or a group of bulbs with my voice so I can say turn the study lamp on on iOS you can add a widget to the today view to quickly turn any bulb or group of bulbs on or off and meet your feature of the smart bulbs is that you can control them from anywhere as long as they are connected to your home network you have complete control wherever you have the connection to the internet even via mobile phones data network the tech and smart bulbs are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google home which makes controlling them even easier unfortunately there's no apple homekit support at this price point but you can use Siri shortcuts to control your lights using just Apple's Siri which I'll discuss shortly to setup with Amazon Alexa you'll need an Alexa enabled device like an echo dot or you could use the Elector upon your phone make sure you've completed this setup in the smart life app and everything is working as it should also make sure you have meaningful names since you'll be using these same names with Alexa download and open the Amazon Alexa app tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen and select skills and games tap search and enter smart life then enable this skill you'll be prompted to log into your smart life account to authorize a link with Alexa you'll then be prompted to discover devices which will find all the smart bulbs you've configured with more than one you can configure them in a group or tap skip now you can say Alexa turn on the study lamp or you can control your devices from the Alexa app under the devices tab Alexa understands many commands without any setup – you can say things like Alexa turn the study lamp to 50% brightness or Alexa turn the study lamp to blue [Music] if you add new devices in the smart life app these will be automatically picked up by Amazon Alexa and you'll be able to control them using the name you chose at setup setup is similar with Google home open the Google home app tap on setup device works with Google search with smart life and log in to link the two accounts choose the devices you want to control and choose the device location you can now control the bulb using Google home you will have to remember to leave your light switches on for all this to work getting out of the habit of turning the light off when you leave the room is a bit strange as is having to tell Alexa to turn the lights on when you enter a room rather than just flicking a switch the Philips hue system has accessories like they're smart wall switches that can control the system without voice they get around this issue and then gate the need for physical light switch altogether but it starts getting very expensive quickly if you go that route in the smart life app you can create scenes to control multiple devices not just smart bulbs at the same time tap on smart then scene then add scenario we'll set up a scenario to turn on all the lights and also the heater we set up in my last video on smart plugs add the lights and the heater and tap the switch function to have them turn on provide a name for this scenario I'll call it lights and heating this will be immediately controllable with one button from the smart life app and automatically viral exer so we can say Alexa turn on lights and heating [Music] although apple homekit isn't supported we can easily make this a serial cut to perform this action just using an iPhone or even Apple watch tap on add to Siri on the scene page and choose the shortcut we just created record any phrase you like so for example good evening and then we can say hey Siri good evening and our scene will be activated there's also an automation mode under the smart tab where we can activate the bulbs and other smart devices based on conditions such as the weather or temperature outside or sunrise or sunset in your location if you're after a relatively inexpensive way of adding some voice-activated smart lights to your home I don't think you'd be too disappointed with these bulbs from tech in setup is fairly straightforward out of the box but can be a bit fiddly if you have to manually get the bulbs in their flashing setup mode the 6000 Kelvin white light is quite harsh and rather disappointingly the RGB lighting is too dim to be of any real use for most people but considering these bulbs don't cost much more than the price of a timer switch for your plug socket they are convenient solution controlling the lights for security purposes and you can even turn on your lights when you're out and about when you're going to be home late for instance another useful security feature if you're not concerned with the RGB features or being able to dim the lights you could use a smart plug for your lamps which will give you similar functionality and is a little more versatile it won't matter what fits in your lamp has and you can use your standard warmer light bulbs but these bulbs are a great option for your ceiling lights if you can get used to not using the light switches and if you had lots of them in a group be able to tell lexer say to turn off all the lights when you leave the house could save some energy being LED bulbs they should also last a long time taking quote 30, 000 hours I would like to see the bulbs available with more light fittings and with a warmer color temperature option and some inexpensive Wi-Fi switches for your wall would also be good but they do make a reasonably priced introduction to smart lighting for your home I hope you found this video useful please like the video if you did and if you have any questions please comment down below I'm releasing videos every week on making the most of your technology so please subscribe if you're interested it'll also really help the channel grow and don't forget to tap the bell icon get notified as soon as a new video gets uploaded thanks for watching [Music] you.

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