The 3 LED Bulbs You'll Need For Your F-150 | CSP Mini, S.V-4, and Carbide Canbus LED Install

the 15 to 17 Ford f-150 is one of themost challenging headlights to get a good low beam upgrade in and in thisvideo I'm gonna show you guys what we found to be the best option I'm gonnashow you guys how to install it how to even access it on your truck and moreimportantly I'm gonna show you how much brighter that thing is compared to stockso let's head on over to the truck and get started now accessing your headlight is actuallyas simple as turning the wheel and reaching in here with a 5.

5 millimetersocket and pulling these two screws out there are two screws and then there'sone plastic pin retainer super easy to remove and when you get these things outyou can pull back the liner reach up behind the headlight and access the lowbeam high beam and turn signal in one shot you do not need to remove theheadlight to do this it is an easy upgrade in your drivewaynow our truck is all assembled to my left here but we've actually got aseparate fifteen to seventeen f150 headlight housing just for testing allthese different bulbs if you've tried to shop for bulbs on the internet alreadyyou already know there's three 400 different options out there some of themhave fans some of them don't some of them have flexible heat sinks some ofthem have large drivers pass-through harnesses what do you even pick in thisvideo I'm going to show you guys exactly how you can get a low beam bulb in herethat's actually gonna fit with your factory dust cover now you may or maynot be aware but on the back of your Ford f-150 headlight housing you've gotyour low beam bulb up top you've got your high beam bulb down low and infront of them is this dust cover and this is the trickiest part of this truckthe dust cover pops off like so but as you can see the low beam bulb is offsettoward the top of the housing what that means for you is you cannot install justany old large fan base bulb most of them don't fit you can't install any giantpassively cooled bulb because they also won't fit they'll hit up here we've seenguys trim this out before we've seen guys not even put the dust cover back onthat's up to you honestly we don't like running without dust covers if you gothrough pressurized car washes you go down dirt roads enough you're gonna getstuff in your headlights it looks bad you got a nice truck there's no sense innot putting a dust cover back on so we needed a bulb that would fit with thefactory dust cover and that is the GTR lighting CSP mini bulb the beautifulpart about this bulb is it was actually designed with these trucks in mind theguys of GTR Lighting decided hey we need something small low profile that's gonnafit in just about everything that's gonna still pack a punch and as you'reabout to see in our studio when I face this thing up against the stockheadlights you're not gonna believe how much light comes out of a small bulblike this now removing your factory bulb is as simple as reaching in turning itcounterclockwise pull it toward you press in on this little taband remove it from the vehicle just like that now once again we're doing this allfrom inside the wheel liner of the truck super easy you don't have to pull theheadlight out there's very little difference in sizebetween the original halogen bulb and the GTR lighting CSP mini bulb that'swhy this thing is so great for this application check this outplug the bulb in just like this insert it into the factory opening here alignthe tabs and twist it into place as you can see there is plenty of room for thedust cover to go back on it's not sticking out beyond the dust cover it'sgonna cool effectively and you can still reinstall this just like it was from thefactory now that is the biggest reason why we love these bulbs this is one ofthe only options on the market today that we've tested and we've tested a lotwell over 100 bulbs in this headlight alone this is one of the only ones thatwill fit with your dust cover now when it comes to the high beam on the 15 to17 f150 you actually do have a few different options remove the dust coverjust like so and as you'll see unlike the low beam the high beam is centeredin this opening what that means is you can get away with a little bit moreaggressive bulb and you can actually even run a fan base bulb as I'm about toshow you here and get the dust cover back on so twist your factory 9005 bulbunclip it from the wire harness set it off to the side now if you've been onour channel for a little while you've probably seen the S-V.

4 bulb this is avery very popular bulb today it is unbelievably bright it fits just abouteverything but even on this tight headlight housing here the 15 to 17 youcan't run it in a low beam it's just too wide at the base this part right herewill bump into the top of the headlight housing however when it comes to yourhigh beam because the high beam is centered in this vehicle like it is onmany other vehicles you don't have to worry about that it's centered in theopening the dust cover will go back on you can run the S-V.

4 in your high beamhere's what it looks like compared to the original 9005 bulb as you can seeit's very similar in size it's just a little bit deeper and it's a little bitwider this bulb also has an external driver the sweet part about all of thisis you can fit it all into that high beam opening and get this dust coverback on so take your high beam bulb insert it into the headlight housingTwista clockwise lock it in place go ahead and connect it to your factorywire harness and finally you can tuck the driver and just below the fan herethere's just enough room on these headlights that you can do this andcheck this out you can put the factory dust cover right back on there it'llstill it'll still cool properly and most importantly you are going to have anunbelievably bright high beam in your fifteen to seventeen f-150 now there'sone last thing you can do to your headlights on your f-150 to make itreally stand out from the crowd and that is a turn signal upgrade kit from GTRlighting this is what your factory turn signal looks like it has this brown plugon the end you can reach up and grab it it's right between your low beam andyour high beam on your vehicle so you can still do this upgrade withoutremoving the headlight what we're gonna be installing today in its place are thecarbide canbus 2.

0 bulbs from GTR lighting this is what they look likecompared to stock now what I absolutely love about these bulbs is you do notneed a resistor to get them installed properly without hyper flash that isphenomenal on a vehicle like this where you're reaching up in the wheel lineryou don't want to be stripping back wires soldering things screwing stuff tosheet metal if you can just pop something like this in like so and plugit back in your headlight that's a win for everybody and it really is as simpleas that that was not the case the last 10 years in LED technology you could notget a plug-and-play resistor list bulb to work properly in your truck today youcan thanks GTR lighting now with our headlight completely upgraded I'm gonnago ahead and get this done on this truck right beside me here we're gonna head onover to our studio we're gonna do some before-and-after shots for you guys andshow you just how much brighter this combination is compared to stock sowe've got our f150 pulled into the studio now and we can clearly see whyyou're even watching this video in the first place these came in at 230 maximumlux it's a dim low beam however the beam pattern is good from the factory andthat's a great thing for us we're gonna put a different bulb in there we'regonna brighten it up and we're gonna try not to introduce too much more glare inthe eyes of oncoming traffic that is the goal here brighten it up and not getflash let's see what the CSP mini bulb can do in the low beamnow the GTR alighting CSP mini bulb came in at 1010 lux compared to the 230this thing had from the factory that is awesome we're almost four times brighterin stock and man it's got a clean output we're not picking up any glare abovethose cutoff lines anymore than we had from the factory honestly we've got anice hot spot on the left and right headlights and we've got a little bitmore flood left and right as well so if you're driving on the road you're gonnailluminate those ditches a little bit better than you could before now let'scheck out the high beam the stock high beam on the fifteen to seventeen f-150sis a pretty decent high beam it came in at 660 lux it's not the worst we've seenand the best part is the S-V.

4 high beams should brighten it upsignificantly so let's check that bulb out now the S-V.

4 bulb in thisparticular truck is the real home run when it comes to high beam this came inat 2710 lux compared to the 660 man if you'relooking for something that's gonna give your truck a little bit more punch onthe back roads a little bit more on the open highways the S-V.

4 bulb is theway to go as you can see it installed easily and we've got a beautiful punchyeye beam now as you can see that low and high beam combination on this truck isnight and day different compared to what you came home with when you bought thething now if you need any other upgrades for your Ford f-150 we've got like sixof them in the parking lot out front right now they are all in differentstages of development we've got stuff like the XB LED headlights we've got avideo on those showing you how to take your truck apart how to get theminstalled how they look compared to stock they're unbelievable I love thosethings we've got some of the world's brightest reverse lights for thesetrucks and I'd love to show them to you subscribe to the channel visit headlightrevolution com if you need anything else for your f150.

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