The Best and Brightest H1 HID Bulbs | XB vs. XTR

if you're doing a mini h1 retrofit nomatter if you're using a Morimoto bi-xenon projector or an ACME they'regonna need a set of h1 bolt now for that reasonTRS carries a huge variety of h1 HID bulbs from some of the bestmanufacturers Morimoto it's been in our catalog for a long time we've gotseveral different Kelvin ratings xenon Depot one of the newer additions to ourproduct line again several different Kelvin ratings xenon Depot's XTR xv2bulbs an awesome product hasn't really been tested yet we don't exactly knowwhat's going to happen for an expensive bulb so what we're gonna do is we'regonna grab all of these popular options from the warehouse we're going to bringthem back into the studio and we're gonna test them up in a 7.

0 bi-xenonprojector from Morimoto I'll show you guys what the results look like and letyou be the judge which one's going to work best for you alright guys so we'rehere in the studio just walked upstairs from the warehouse and again we'relooking at h1 bold options a little buyer's guide for your here from TRScoming through today we have a variety of different choices for you bothdifferent brands and different Kelvin ratings over here on the left you've gotthe Morimoto the xB 5500 K these have been a standard item in our inventoryfor quite some time really nice bulbs these are available in4500 K which is a warm white the OEM the original equipment HID color temp it's anice clean white color 5500 K which is again a pure white there's no off-whitelike a 4500 K and then of course you have the 6500 K which has a slight tingeof blue not too blue but you know a little bit different and then of courseyou have the xenon Depot which is a fairly new product line here at TRS wedo like these bulbs a lot unlike the Morimoto's these come in a 4k 5k and 6kflat I don't really know exactly how these bulbs are going to stack upside-by-side but we're gonna find out and then over here on the far right is arelatively new option from Xenon Depot one that I'm particularly excited aboutwhich is the XV2 h1 this one is using an actual genuine Philips capsule the XV2 which is one of the best performing bulbs from Philips in the OEM worldrebased to an h1 bulb and of course that makes it compatible with the mini H1 7.

0 bi-xenon projectors which is what we're going to be using to conduct thetest as our control and we'll be using a standard Hilux 35 watt ballast justbecause it happened to be back here but that way we can ensure that theresults for you guys are consistent on our wall well the results are inI've just spent the last 30 minutes burning my fingers for you guys so Ihope you sincerely appreciate the work but got some good information for youhere I'm just gonna get right to the chase and tell you that right off thebat the XTR the philips XB 2 capsule was a clear winner in my opinion I thinkthat the bulb was a little bit yellowish for my personal preference but you can'tmatch the intensity that thing came in at 10:50 Lux which is quite comparableto an Osram d2s CBB in a mini d2s 5.

0 so if solid win there among all of the h1options in the lineup that's the XTR with the philips xtr philips XV 2capsule from here i'm going to compare the 4500 k range the 5500 came range inthe 6500 k k range both from Morimoto and the xenon Depot XT are series sostarting with the XB's the Morimoto's 4500 K those came in at 783 Luxcertainly a respectable number for an h1 based set up there in comparison thoughthe XT are from xenon Depot was 911 Lux so it was considerably brighter than theMorimoto whomp-whomp I'll put that one rightabout there going up to the 5500 k's these were definitely more white bothfrom xenon Depot and from Morimoto on the wall compared to the 4300 K so agood contrast there and it shows for those of you who are looking for a bulbthat does produce more white light color give you a little bit of extra contrastwhile driving at night and they look good again the Morimoto'sxB 5500 K a lot of people complain often that these bulbs look kind of green tothem to me I didn't see any of that I'm not sure if it's an inconsistency thingor water if it's just some of the older bulbs but these ones that we testedtoday were pure white so XB 5500k 764 Lux that isunfortunately lowest one that we tested so far xenon depos xtr 5000 K 883 luxthat one actually comes in above the Morimoto d2s in the 5.

0 and just belowthe 4300 K alright so off to these 6000k bulbs we've got the XB 6500 K fromMorimoto and also the XTR 6000k from xenon depot these bulbs as you wouldtraditionally expect from a bulb that is a higher Kelvin rating did give us alittle bit more of that blue tinted light output again nothing outrages youknow not racy but a little bit more color but the flip side of that is youdo get lice less light output so there is a littlebit of a compromise there that said the Morimoto XB 6500 K is pumped out 660 luxand the Xenon Depot xtr 6000 K put out 648 lux so they unlike the 5500 K inthe 4300 K the xenon depot was actually a little bit lower for the 6000 K so ifyou guys want that color Morimoto's probably your best optionthere if you guys like the 4500 K or the 5000 K the xenon depot one wasbrighter and then if price is no object and color doesn't really matter to youthe XV 2 xt are xenon depot bulb was the brightest contender in this shootout nowI just want to remind you guys that people compare Lux ratings all of thetime people say well you know I mean it could be brighter in the hot spot buthow's the rest of the distribution all of those factors were kept consistentthroughout this test the h1 projector does have a good distribution in itsbeam pattern so that is not relevant herewhat's brighter in the hot spot will be proportionately brighter throughout therest of the beam pattern so that's one thing the other thing is that eventhough we didn't show it or talked about it earlier we did set a timer when weran all these tests so the warm up speed on that Hilux ballast that we wererunning was always 45 seconds and then we took the lux measurement after thatto keep things consistent so there you have it guys we add a little bit moreinformation to our wall here we got the h1 bulbs up here and hopefully thatgives you a little bit of helpful information to help you make the rightchoice what's good for you.

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