The Life Extra: Led By The Holy Spirit In Israel

The Last Reformation: The Life Extra One day we were walking aroundJerusalem and we got lost.

We were not sure what direction to go, so I saw a group of Muslim peoplecoming, some young boys, so I stopped them and wanted to ask for direction, but at the same time it ended upwe were praying for them and two of them got healed.



God, I prayed pain go right nowin the name of Jesus.

– Try to feel the pain now.

– Nothing.

Can you feel the pain? – No.

– Where is the pain? The pain is gone? Yes.

Oh my God! Do you have something? Oh my God! Do you have something? Oh my God! The knee problem? Do you have the pain? Yeah.

In the knee? Can I? You feel the pain now? Thank You for the pain go.

Okay, pain go in the name of Jesus.

So you cannot feel it, but I felt you have the pain in the knee.

We shared the gospel and thenthey told us what direction to go.

But two days later one of those guys who experienced God contacted us again and askedif we could meet again because he had a friend who wouldlike to meet us.

So we met with him and his friendMohamed.

We were sitting in the park and talkingwith them, talking about the difference betweenreligion and relationship.

Before I look up in the sky and say:God, IF You are there come and take me.

Now I look up in the sky and say: Hi! I KNOW You are there.

I do not BELIEVE You are there anymore.

I KNOW You are there, because I have experienced You.

– Have you sometimes problem in the back?- Yes.

– Do you have pain now? A little?- Yes.

How did I know that? – Do you know how I knew it?- No.

Sometimes God speaks the word of knowledge.

When we pray and with God, we experience God is giving us things.

The reason you have the problem in the back is also the legs.

They are not the same length.

Do you have the pain there also now? – Yes.

– Okay.


You didn't tell me? I knew.


This is what the Bible says is a word of knowledge.

Try to sit back.

Go back as far as you can.


Look here.

Can you stand up.

Look here.

God I thank You for healing right now.

Healing, healing.

Can you feel it? Healing right now.

Healing right now.

Healing right now.

Now they are the same.

God we thank You for total healingin the name of Jesus.

Try to stand now.

How is the back and how are the legs now? The back.




– Nothing? It's gone.

– Yes.

The legs? Do you have the pain there? – Cannot feel now.

– Cannot feel now.

Wow! What's that? – It's crazy.

Isn't it?- Yes.

It's kind of magic.

It's Jesus, actually.

It's not the magic.

Jesus, you read about Him in the Bible, in the New Testament, He walkedaround here, He heard from God, the Holy Spirit led Him, and then He laid hands on people and they got healed.

If you repent toward God, get baptizedto Jesus Christ and receive the same Spirit you can do around doing the same.

Same thing? You can go around praying for people.

And God will use you.

But it was not only them God sent us for, because then we went to the birth church of Jesus where they said that Jesus was born.

Bethlehem is a strictly Palestinian territory.

It's only Arabs.

And when you enter into Bethlehem there's a big red sign outside that says: If you are Israeli citizen you are notallowed to enter this area and you put your life in risk because it's protected by lawand you cannot walk in here.

So, it's really strictly Palestinian.

It's only Arabs.

There's no Israeli people inside.

So we got in there and we werereally, really nervous thinking: Okay, what's gonna happen here? I was not sure how much we areallowed.

There was a lot of Muslims.

And can you just go out and what can you do? – Do you want to get inside?- Yeah.

I just go around and see if we can go inside, but also, I think, we will find somebody to pray for.

Ask him does he have something.

You have? What is wrong with you? Nerves.

Her head.


Where? From here?Okay.

How long time have you had it? Many years.


I'll pray for you.

God, thank Youfor freedom.

I command this to leave her head.

Freedom right now.

Healing right now in the name of Jesus.

How is it now? Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Is it gone? And from there it went fast.

Person after person got healedthat day.

And as we were praying and we werewatching around and then three, four, more people said:What is going on? They start looking.

What is happening?And they see that: Oh, so you are healed.

I really, really got healed.

Really? No, no, it's just psychological.

No, it's real.

I have also a little pain.

And we prayed, and we prayed, and we prayed.

And boom, boom, boom, boom.

One after the next one.

Healed, healed, healed.

All right.

You have the headache.


You can help me.

Is it coming from here or from back? No, here.

I feel that my head is heavy.

It is connected with colon.

When I eat something wrong andnormally I feel.



Okay, okay.

Can't do more.




Are you a Christian? No, a Muslim.


I'll pray for you.

God, I thank You for freedom right now.

I command this to leave his body.

Healing right now.

Pain go, pain go.

Freedom right now.

It's going to be a strong testimony.

Healing right now in the name of Jesus.

How is it now? It's good.

It's good? And we saw a group of women, Muslim women got set free from demons.

Some of them saw a big light come over themand something left them.

Demon go, go, go, go, go.




Don't be afraid.

Freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom right now.


Can you feel somethingleft you? Is it gone? You saw it? It was a spirit.

That was a wrong spirit.

And you felt like you breathe it outand it came out of you.

Jesus got born in there and they sayHe died and He got buried.



But what I believe that He rose up again.

He's alive and we can get to know Him today.

And this is what we have experienced.

And you go talk to the Jews that are orthodox and radical Jews, and you see that huge opposition, the huge aggressiveness they have against, and I see what system Jesus had tostep against and how much boldness you need to really take that step because you knowit's gonna cost you your life.

You know that.

And on the other hand today, we went to that Palestinian area, where you think: Oh, they are themurderers, the killers.

But they are people with hurt, with pains, people with normal life, a broken life.

And when they see the life, the real life, they were just thirsty, they were justcoming one after the other, just coming hungry: give me that, give me that, I want, I need that.

Of course, we didn't talking here, we didn't baptize those people or anything, but you see that theyare hungry, they are waiting.

This is the time.

And it's beautifulto see, because it's like being in the time of Jesus.

He was walkingin these areas, in same cities.

And people would just come to Him.

They would just.



like thousands.

We were there just for a couple of hours and we prayed for at least 20 people.

And they brought their family membersfrom home.

They called them: Come.

They came in their cars, just so that we could touch themand pray for them.

It's insane because that's what Jesus did.

It's so different to lay hands on Muslimwomen and command that demon to leave.

But we often get cheated by dresses.

We put them in a box.

But they don't have to be in a box.

We don't know what is behind that person and how much that person is seeking God.




Jesus got born.

But there was no church when He got born.

And this is the sad thing, but one thing, it's one thing to celebrate Jesus' birth, and I think it was what I did before, before I knew Jesus.

I was going aroundthat Christmas tree in Denmark, in a Lutheran country, and was singing:A child was born in Bethlehem.

And I remember as a kid still, I was walking around and saying: And what so? Yes, there was a child that wasborn in Bethlehem, but I want my present, and my presentis laying under the tree.

What shall I use a child for? But I did not understand in my life that time that child did not continue being a child.

He actually grew up.

And this is what we see in religion.

They celebrate Him as a child, they celebrate there, or die, or Him as crucified, but we should celebrate Jesusas the living one.

Jesus is alive.

He is the King.

He came with His kingdom.

He wants to be King and He is living today.

And it's so crazy for me to be here now, as a kid, going around singing: A child is born in Bethlehem, and now I'm inside this church.

People get healed and doo, doo, doo.



And get set free from demons.

– Why? Because Jesus did not continueas a child.

– He grew up.

If He had just continued on the cross, we have also not seeing.

If He had just been buried, we would not see it.

But because He rose up again.

So, to wrap up the day, we were driving back.

We were just heading back to the hotel.

But, there was one more appointmentfrom two, again, Arabic kids.

One of them was tormented by demons.

He had been doing very bad stuff, watching very bloody videos and startsto find pleasure in that.

He just started he was going crazy, loosing his mind.

And he contacted us and asked usfor prayer.

So, on the way back we stoppedin the certain area, Arab area, open area, with some shops and some houses.

Hi! Torben.

What is your name?(.



) What? (.



) – Have I met you before?- No.

Okay, where did you hear about me from? School.

– Okay, because of friend.

– Yes.

– I prayed for a friend.

– Yes.

Are you nervous or are you afraid? Sit down.

– I am.

– Why? I've been getting attracted.



Attracted to.




>From many things I've read.



I've read stories about having meetingslike this.




And I've watched that torturing videos.

– What?- Torturing videos.

When did that start? When I was sixteen.

How old are you now? Eighteen.

How much do you think of it?Is it all the time or every day? Everytime.

Do you see videos now still? To be honest, I like it.

But I know I should stop this.

But I don't know how.

Who's coming? Is this is a friend? Yes, it's a friend.

Okay, who knows your problem? Yes.

Okay, are you Muslim or what are you? I call myself a Muslim.

Yeah, but you don't live it? No.

Do you know about Jesus?Have you heard about Jesus? Yes.

Because I believe Jesus can set you free.

Why would He? Because He loves you.

Why does He love me? Yeah, this is not easy to understand, because we have not deserved it.

I did nothing for Him to love me.



Actually, we have done a lot of bad things.



Now you have that fear and that inside of you.

But do you have physical pain? Yes.

Where is that? It's here in my neck when I.




Do you have pain? – I have it in my chest.

– Your chest.


Is it just there or down there? It's here.


Do you feel the pain now? When I turn my neck back.


Try to turn it back.

Can you feel it? Yes.

God, I pray for freedom right now.

I pray for healing.

Set it in place, God.

I pray for healing right now in the name of Jesus.

Try to turn it again.

He can't believe.

I'm speechless.

What is wrong with your breasts? It started itching.

Then it turned into pain.

You have pain now? When you breathe or.



Put your hands.



When I put my hands here.


God, I thank You for healing right now.

God, heal his breasts right now, Holy Spirit.

Try again.

Yes, still.

We'll pray a few times.

God, I thankYou for the last thing.

Go right now, last thing go right nowin the name of Jesus.

Try again.

Getting better? – Yeah.

– Is it gone? – It's almost gone.

– Last thing go, last thing go.


If we know Jesus, if we know God, we can pray for sick people.

They could not understand.

Said:But why would Jesus die for me? Why would He love me? And we had the chance to explainwhat the gospel is about and why God needed to sacrifice His Son and to pay the price for their sins.

Very special moment.

You're both sinners.

– Am I right or not?- Yeah.

– You make sins?- I do.

When you commit a sin, you have a debt to God.

And you cannot pay that.

Why did He do that for us? Why? Because when God created you, God didn't create you to throw you in hell.

God created you as His son.

God created us as His people.

But we decided to do things our way.

We say: No, no, God, wait.

I have nicer things to do.

Let me do my own thing.

And then Jesus said: If you sinyou become a slave to sin, but if I make you free, said Jesus, then you will be really free.

And that's what I experienced.

I was addicted to alcohol, addicted to all kinds of things.

I could not change my life.

Of course not.

But when I met Jesus, because He paid the price, He paid the debt on the cross, that's why He died.

He didn't dieto build big temples, to build big religions, to see all the thingsyou see here.

He didn't died for that.

He died so that you could be free.

Now I'm free.

I don't need to sin anymore.

And I have contact with God.

God is not for me a religion that teach me the rules: You have to pray like this, and like this, and like that, and go to the temple.



It's not like that.

He is my Father.

I know Him as a Father, as a perfect Father.

And because He cares for me, He sent somebody who could pay my debts.

Then we saw a little bit of danger.

Because they heard we pray for this kid.

It was in front of the house and then the family that lived in the housearrived and they were very upset that we werepraying.

And they asked his friend what's going on.

He said something that it was about Jesus so they really got upset.

And they asked us to leave.

So we hadto stop praying for the kid, to move to the another side of the streetso we could pray farther.

Satan, we command leave him!Satan, leave him! Leave him! Leave him! Leave him! Go, go, go, go, go.

Satan, leave him right now in the name of Jesus! Leave him right now!Leave his thoughts.

Go right now! (tongues) What do you feel? Oh yeah.

Do you feel bad? I saw a light for one second.

That's all.

But you have not seen this light before? I feel something left me butI don't know if it's better.

– But you felt something left?- Yes.

This is good.

This is what we wanted.

And you saw a light.

For one second.

But it's enough.

I want you to have courage now.

Come on! Something is happening.

And then a group of teenagers came by, and a group of little kids.

And they started getting in a very funnymocking mood and when Torben tried to tell themto stay away, one of them kind of get a bit aggressive and went to bigger kids to tell them about that, and thenthe younger kids told me: You have to leave right now.

You need to get out, because this is going to wrong direction.

So, we had to leave.

Nothing bad happened, but this kidthat was tormented was set free from a couple of demons.

He was touched.

Few days later he wrote again to me.

He wrote this: Thanks a lot.

You changed my life.

Really thanks.

I don't know how to be more thankful.

Everything changed.

I'm cured.

I'm better.

I feel like it was a black wall full of dirtythings and demons and now it's all gone.

Since Jesus did those things to me, I like to repay back and start healing.

It's really powerful to see howit can lead from one person to another.

It started with us getting lost and then we met that group of people and two of them got healed.

One told his friends in school.

One of his friends came.

He got healed.

We shared the gospel.

He told his friends and one of his friends came and got set free that day.

And now, one year later, I'm still in contact with him and he is thankful, and he's changed, and he is still seeking God.

So, it's so beautiful to see how it can spread from person to person to person.

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